Monday, May 5, 2014

Agnes and Dora GIVEAWAY- 30 Days of Leggings

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The last 30 days, the whole month of April I shared and styled all sorts of patterns, colors, and styled leggings. Because well I had over 30 leggings in my closet, so why not? It was a fun little challenge I gave myself and I loved getting creative with it. Winter, Spring, summer and fall styles. Dressy, casual, workout, and lounge styles. It was fun and I loved showing you all the diversity this staple item can have in your wardrobe. What was your favorite style from the series?

Now let's see your leggings! What are your favorite? How do you style them? I want to see!!! I have loved seeing all the ones put up so far...keep them comin. Take a picture post it on Instagram and then tag me @whitneyulrich and hashtag #30daysofleggings

My very favorite Leggings company, Agnes and Dora, and I have teamed up to bring you a fun Giveaway to end this fun fashion series. We are giving away 1 pair of Agnes and Dora leggings of your choice to 2 A mommy's life with a touch of yellow lucky readers!!! I CANNOT wait to see how you style them! Simply fill out the rafflecopter below to enter.

No body leaves empty handed use the code YELLOW15 to receive 15% off of your Agnes and Dora purchase. These leggings are the softest, cutest and most comfortable leggings I own. Plus they have some amazing Maxi, and pencil skirts. You NEED some I promise.

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  1. Day 17, I am a sucker for anything red, white, and blue.

  2. I could see myself wearing day 10, but a lot of them are super cute!

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  3. I love day 11. I have those leggings and I absolutely LOVE them.

  4. Day 14! BEEEEETLE JUICE!!! Oh my gosh, just too cute!

  5. Day 20! I love those leggings!!

  6. Day 21, day 1 basically all of them :) wish i could pull off leggings as well as you do :)

  7. Day 5, I am such a leggings under a dress kind of gal. It's my standard flying attire.

  8. I was not a huge patterned leggings fan til I saw how well you styled them!

  9. I love day 15!

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