Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Flex Till You're Famous {Day 2} of Leggings

Leggings: Wet Seal // T-Shirt: Flex Till You're Famous // Shoes: Toms //
Hat: Italia Granite stolen from hubby

I have fallin in love with another fitness clothing company! Surprise, surprise, but this one is different. Not only do I love it for the clothing, which is amazing, but for the amazing owners Chris and Codee, and their story. I just hope to be able to meet them one day. The company is Flex till You're famous. First off I love the name, second I love their sayings and styles and you need to go check them out right now and then go follow them on instagram @flextyfamous

This company literally started from the ground up and with amazingly hard work their company is growing more and more everyday and I think it has a lot of potential to get as big as they are wanting. They are so humble, personal and hard working and that I don't think will ever change no matter how big they do get.

An adorable fitness loving couple started flex till you're famous, a motivational fitness clothing company that helps us all find our inner beast, on July 23, 2012. They literally started with 3 designs in their kitchen just shy of two years ago just a cute couple and their little baby, they have since added a couple friends to help out but they like to keep it small, humble and well it is their baby they worked so hard for. They are very successful I can see that just by how extremely fast their clothing gets sold. They have a very unique system that has been working for them and is kind of an exciting process. They call them drops. Once or twice a month the company has a "drop" this is just when they release new items. But they sell out quick, because well they are that awesome. So as 9:00 pm eastern time, on the announced Friday nights, the drop or release is live. If you want to get what you want you need to be on right at that time and order as quickly as you can before all those items are taken. Its kinda crazy but it works and its so excited when you get all you want. I actually love that they do it this way because your items you get are unique since there aren't many others out there that have that same item. Anyway it rocks, the company rocks and you will fall in love with their clothing. I have their #FTYF t-shirt, this Weights before dates t-shirt, and I just ordered the Flex till your famous tank and the I see you mirin bro t-shirt and cannot wait to receive them.

Now that I've told you how rad and hard working this company is let me tell you just how rad and cool I think the owners really are. They are so personal they really try to connect and talk to their customers. Our opinions matter and I love that. On insta they are always giving shout outs and commenting back on pictures of their products. They answer emails right away. And they even fix your shipping address minutes before they go out to be shipped, in all the hundreds and thousands of orders going out. Remember this is a small company that they are packaging, and emailing all with just a few of them. I love them and want to send them cookies for being so cool and hard working, just so I can feel awesome in their clothing. I seriously hope to one day meet these beasts!!! Until then I look forward to each drop. Hope you are ready for the next one, you will not be sorry. Remember to check out their insta to see all the awesomeness they create @flextyfamous

Now let's see your leggings! What are your favorite? How do you style them? I want to see!!! Take a picture post it on Instagram and then tag me @whitneyulrich and hashtag #30daysofleggings remember if you use the hashtag you are entered into the giveaway happening at the end of the series.

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  1. That is a super cute T-shirt I'm happy to find out they are a home based company I love those kind of stories. Thanks for sharing



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