Monday, August 4, 2008

Howdy ya'll! Well since Whitney has done pretty much all of our blogging we decided that I needed to take another turn. She has put in a lot of time to making our blog look cute and has done a lot in keeping it up to date, so it's definitely my turn to post.

So we made a very exciting discovery this week. So anyone who knows my family knows that we have an obsession with a drink called Manzanita Sol. It's a Mexican apple soda that we all LOVE! The only problem is that you can't find it in Utah, so every time my Dad makes one of his thousand trips to California for work he stocks up with a ton of it, and they still seem to only last for a very short time. Well Whit and I were shopping the other day and walking down the soda isle at Walmart and I saw out of the corner of my eye a Walmart brand soda called Apple Manzana. With a name like that we figured it was probably the generic version of our family's favorite drink, and sure enough it's exactly the same! I know this may sound like a lame thing to blog about to some of you, but those who know and love this drink will surely appreciate it.
The nectar of the Gods

Anyway, as every woman in the world knows the final Twilight book was released Friday night at midnight. Like the majority of you girls, Whit loves the books and is in love with an imaginary vampire named Edward. Well she was way excited and wanted to go get the book right when it came out. The funny thing is that with her extremely busy schedule right now with work and school, she hasn't had the chance to finish the second or third books. But she thought it would be fun anyway to go get it so we got to Walmart at 11:30 and there was already a huge line that went through half the store! Luckily they were well stocked and Whit got her brand new copy of Breaking Dawn! She has been really good though about doing her homework too :)

I will admit that I think the cover art to these books are pretty sweet
One last note... My cousin Adam and his wife Leslie came over for dinner tonight and brought their XBox 360 and Guitar Hero for the after dinner entertainment. Well Whit has been way scared of trying it and she didn't think that she would really like it anyway. After some encouragement from the rest of us she tried it out, and now she loves it! And for her first time she is doing way awesome! She really surprised herself about how much she is enjoying it, so thank you Adam and Leslie for bringing it over and letting us borrow it!


  1. I discovered the apple drink a few months ago at good ole Wally's and I actually think it's better than Manzanita Sol, it's a little sweeter, so it's defintely a winner!

  2. I'm miss those type of drinks! They have zero mexican drinks here! Have fun reading Breaking Dawn - let me know what you think when you're done!



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