Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pedi by Hubby and 25 weeks

This Mothers day (well the night before after M went to bed)
 my oh so sweet hubby
gave this grumpy, chubby pregnant lady the most 
incredible at home pedicure 
I have never had anyone else give me a pedicure before
and can I just say having your hubby do it is the 
sweetest most romantic thing ever
I don't even think he knows how much I enjoyed it 
and appreciated it even after my millions of praises 
and thank yous that didn't even begin to explain how
much I loved it!

First I took off my old yucky nail polish and trimmed my nails
then we borrowed my mother in laws foot bath and lavender foot soak 
and hubby got me hot water and bubbles
and we watched some TV together while we let them soak 
and I got all relaxed

Then I got to use my new homemade Lemon Foot scrub 
that I got from one my cute roommates at Breathing Space Michelle
Thank you Michelle I love it and it smells so FRESH!

Hubby scrubbing my feet
then he rinsed them again in the warm water 

And dried them

Then it was time for my favorite part
The lotion and foot massage
Hubby gives the best foot massages and 
I am really spoiled cuz he rubs my feet just about every night 
I know I know he is a keeper!
But this time it was extra special :)
and after my feet felt amazing

Last step painting my toes 
He did such a good job 
and it was so nice to not have to try to 
get past my big pregnant belly to reach my toes to paint them 
I think I will be recruiting him to paint my toes the rest of the pregnancy ;)

I even got to use my toe separators :)
we used this really pretty coral color I got from 
another roommate from the retreat Amanda!

My freshly pedi feet and painted toes 

My feet were sooooo soft 
They have never been that soft before 
I am a barefoot or flip flop kinda gal so lets just say these
rough feet needed a little pampering 

Like I said there is nothing like getting a pedi from your lover
Thank you hun!
Ready to do one for me every week? ;)

It has been a while since I have posted a belly pic so here you go
I am 25 1/2 weeks now 
I can't believe I only have 101 days to go!
He has been one active baby 
And I love being able to feel him moving all over
I love him so much!

And a few stats 
I will hopefully be going to the doctor
again the beginning of June
and hopefully will be able to see our little guy again!!!
and yes that is my sweet little Maddux's foot in the picture
He was rollin around on the ground happy as can be 
but insisted on being by mommy. 
Oh how I love that little man

Now ladies go and ask your hubbys for a little at home pedi
You will not regret it 
We like to be pampered and they like to pamper us and make us 
feel special
We all need it especially when we are pregnant :)

Thanks for reading, for your support and for following


  1. That is so sweet of him to do that!!! You look great in your pictures. I love your cute little belly!

  2. SUCH a cute pregnant lady you are AND that IS the sweetest thing ever! Looks like maybe I will leave your blog post up tonight on our computer as a HINT to my husband!



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