Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tissue Paper Pom Pom Tutorial

Today I have my first subbing job
I just got done student teaching 
but do not want a full time teaching job right now due to being due with baby #2
at the beginning of the next school year and because right 
now I just feel like I am supposed to stay home with my kids
So I signed up to sub to earn a little extra money but will 
only be doing it here and there so I will be home almost all of the time still

 So while I am kickin it with the Murray High kids today
and missing my little man 
 I am going to be leaving you with a fun party decor tutorial 
so enjoy!

Tissue paper Pom poms are so fun and can be used for so many different occasions
I have used them for birthday parties and to decorate M's room 
They are also cute for wedding receptions, summer parties, Christmas parties 
well all sorts of parties really. 
They are also super cute in baby nurseries 
And the best part they are so EASY to make
and super inexpensive 

What you will need:
-Tissue paper 
(how ever many packages you want pom poms and whatever colors you want)
-String or fishing line string

What I did:

1. first you want to take your tissue paper out 
(you will want at least 8 sheets I just used all that came in the package which 
I think was 12 that made it more full and fluffy looking)
And lay it out flat 

2. Then you want to start cutting your deign on the two long ends of the tissue paper
You can do these triangles like I am showing here
I also did little arches on one 
and I did bubbles on another
It is fun to have the different shapes 

Once you cut out your shape on both ends it will look like this

3. Then you are going to start folding on the end that wasn't cut
You will fold the whole thing accordion style
until it is all folded to the other end

4. Then you are going to tie the string around the middle of the accordion style 
folded tissue paper

5. once your string is tied and knotted fan your paper out 
like so

6. Now comes the fluffing part that makes it into the pom pom shape
You are going to gently pull the sheets apart fanning it out

7. Continue fanning out and shaping as you go doing both sides 
make sure you do this gently so your paper does not rip
Tissue paper can rip easily so do this part slowly

Then you are done!

Once you are done just hang them by the string that you knotted the middle with

Super Easy, fairly fast, cute personalized and 
best of all CHEAP!

Now go and make your own for your summer parties!

Thank you so much for reading for all your support and for following!

The pom poms are linked up HERE

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