Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{Day 3} Setting Goals

 {Day 3}

 New here? Make sure to check out day 1  and my introduction to my 
31 day of Health and Exercise series for the month of October
Thank you for reading and coming along with journey with me
I hope to inspire and motivate you through this series 

Today I am going to talk about goal setting 
Goals are so important in health and fitness and
I believe what keep us going and motivated to stay healthy
and to make it a lifestyle not just a fad
Goals are also very important just for life in general 
so this is a good over all post on goals as a whole and specifically for your health

A goal is something that you work toward and hope to achieve
In order to achieve your goals you have to put in some sort of effort

Goals are directions for your life or for your health and fitness journey
Setting goals can help you stay focused  

There are two types of goals: Short term and long term
Short term goals are goals that can be achieved quickly such as in days or weeks
Long term goals are goals that may take months or years to achieve 
Long term goals consists of a series of smaller short term goals
It is important to have a long term goal in terms of your health and fitness
Your long term goal could be to loose 20 lbs, to lose your baby weight, 
to be able to run a marathon, or just to be healthier.
To be able to achieve these long term goals you should also 
set a series of short terms goals. 
If you want to lose all your baby weight you have to set smaller goals
such as working out 3-5 times a week, work out 20 min a day, 
drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables through out the day
and so on. 
you get the point right?
So long term and short term goals are important and build off each other

Suggestions for setting goals 
**to help you remember these 6 suggestions think of the 6 S's
Goals should be:

Now lets break each of those down for you a little bit

Is the goal safe?
Ask if this goal can harm you in any way
If your goal is to lose weight, how are you going to do this
There are a lot of ways to lose weight the safe ways 
would be to eat right and exercise

You should feel good about yourself when you reach your goal
Your goal should challenge you and give you a sense of 
accomplishment once it is reached 

It is important that your goals, especially short term, be sensible or realistic
Make sure the goal is something you CAN achieve
Don't set yourself up for failure 
But you also want a challenge find that medium
Know what you are capable of and push yourself to your abilities

 Your goals should be similar to goals you have set in the past
New goals should not contradict your earlier goals 
For example, if you have a goal to finish an Iron man competition, that is a great goal.
If you complete this goal, your next goal should not be something
like to be on the television show the Biggest Loser. 
These are not similar 

Good goals are specific
and the steps to achieve those goals are clear
If your goal is to be fit that is not very specific 
you should create goals such as I want to exercise this many day a week
or I want to be able to run this far without stopping 

It is important to have a support team to help you reach your goal
Surround yourself with people who will help you with your goal
and support you in your decisions 

Action Plan
 The next step is to create an action plan 
This is the part that you actually write down your goals
and the plan you are going to follow to achieve these goals

Reward Yourself
 And the last step is when you reach your goal reward yourself
It is important to give yourself a reward 
this also gives you something to help motivate you to get to the end
some great rewards could be: A massage after a race, a pedicure,
a new outfit after losing your baby weight
your reward doesn't have to cost money
it can be to give yourself some free time to watch your favorite movie
or read a great book 
anything you can think of that will help to motivate you 

Now that you know how important goals are in our lives
and in health and fitness 
I now challenge you to go and write down at least one health related 
goal that you want to achieve within the month of October
Ready, Set, Go....Set some goals :)

 Come back tomorrow for another Health and Exercise Tip 
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  1. Completely agree with you 100%! You definitely need to set some goals in order to be successful in your weight loss:)

  2. I need some cardio goals! I'm good at going to my weights class but i've completely fallen off of the fat burning and it's so true I haven't had a goal to keep me going



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