Friday, June 27, 2014

JULY BANNER {Tutorial}

Well it is here again one of my very favorite times of year. If you follow my blog it is no secret how much I love summer, the forth of July and this beautiful country. And I like to celebrate by decorating my home in red, white and blue decor. I also love banners, so of course I had to combine the two and it turned out so cute I had to share it with you all so you can make one too. It is so easy and it will only take an afternoon. Here is how to make your own Patriotic banner.

{Materials I Used}

-Wood Banner Pieces- The Wood Connection 
-Wood Letters and stars- The Wood connection
-Wood Glue
-Sponge brush
-Bakers Twine
-Sand paper

{How I made it}

First I cut out the paper I wanted to use on the banner piece to a smaller section.

Use your wood glue or mod podge to adhere the paper to the banner piece

Place something heavy on top to let it dry so that it doesn't bubble and dries evenly. Then I painted the edges of the banner white. After it was all dry I took the sand paper and sanded off the extra paper around the edges so all that was left was a perfectly fit paper to banner. Then I mod podged over the top of the paper then let it completely dry until it was clear and glossy. This is to help protect the paper and it will last longer.

While the banner pieces were drying I broke out the red, white and blue paint and painted the letters red, the small banner pieces blue and the stars white. I did two coats on all of them letting them completely dry between each coat.

Once everything was dry and all the paper was on the banners I glued the letters onto the large banner pieces and the stars to the smaller pieces. Then I strung it all together with some red and white bakers twine.

This is the perfect banner that will last year after year for the patriotic holidays and will go great with your summer home decor. This was such a simple project that only took an afternoon. Now go make one for your home! Make it your own change up the colors, the paper and make it fit you. Get creative and have fun doing it.

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