Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Revisiting 31 days of Health and Exercise

If you have been here before you know that fitness is my passion. It has been a part of my life since I was tiny. I always loved family bike rides, took dance tumbling and tap when I was a toddler. Then when I got into Elementary I got into Gymnastics which became my love and entire life for 10 years until I got injured as a level 10 my senior year of high school. I was devastated my dream of doing college gymnastics was taken away so suddenly but I stayed involved by coaching and found other ways to stay fit. It was so easy when I was a gymnast I worked out 20 hours a week but it was fun, as soon as I was done I had to educate myself and find other ways to be active in the real world. I loved it so much that I then started my degree in Sports medicine and athletic training, due to getting married and moving up north for hubby's law school I changed to getting my bachelors degree and teaching license in Physical Education and Health Education. I wouldn't have it any other way I love sharing how important being physically fit and healthy really is. Since I am not teaching right now due to wanting to stay home with my littles I like to share what I do or what you can do to stay fit on my little blog here now and then. 

Now that I am a mom I like to do workouts that I can do at home or at my local gym {planet fitness is only $10 a month my friends and open 24 hours}. I have a passion for running {I just ran my first half marathon last Saturday} you can read about my ragnar experience HERE,  and now I am loving Crossfit out of our garage gym that is coming together and it is sooo exciting. To read part one of my crossfit gym go HERE, more to come.  I love crossfit so much because it is a lot of the same movements and basics that I used as a gymnast. I know not everyone had a crossfit training living with them, or the money to build a crossfit gym in their garage and that is why I am going to be sharing with you some modified crossfit based workouts that you can do at home very shortly. So stay tuned for those coming this month. 

I know how crazy and hectic life can be as a mom. Trying to find time to cook dinner, while holding the baby, entertaining the toddler, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, hemming some pants, playing, grocery shopping, crafting, teaching and everything else we do as busy moms it is really hard to find time to workout. I know this first hand. I have worked out before the little wake up the morning, I have workout during nap time, preschool time, or at night when they go to bed. You can find the time and it will be so worth it. 

Last October I participated in a really fun series that The Nesting Place hosts every year. It is called the 31 days link up. I thought since I love fitness that I would share 31 days of some fitness and health advise, tips, tricks and workouts with my readers and her readers through the link up. It was a lot of fun and the response was phenomenal. It was great to hear that you were applying the tips in your own crazy busy lives.  

I know I have gotten some new readers since last year and I have had some people ask me for these again so I thought that I would share with you my last years 31 days of health and fitness from A mommy's life with a touch of yellow. Since last year I have had more experiences and more advise that I wanting to share with you all. I have also lost all of my baby weight from baby number two since this series, so stay tuned with some new and fresh workouts and tutorials that helped me kick the baby weight, gain muscle, tone and tighten it all. But for now enjoy these babies, they will help you to get motivated and ready for the awesome workouts that are coming your way....

Make sure to pin them and use as reference and motivation when ever needed. Share share share

Day 1: Intro
Day 4: Water
Day 6: Running
Day 15: Pushups  
Day 17: Abs
Day 25: Breakfast 
Day 27: Crossfit 
Day 30: No Excuses 
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  1. This is awesome! Thank you. I really need to get in gear! PINNED!

  2. Ok so I commented in Facebook lol this is great thank you so much. I know everyone tries to get healthier this will help

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