Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chic n' Fresh #2

 It is time for Chic n' Fresh #2
and this week our theme is 
Exercise- Insanity style
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Exercise has always been a part of my life
I have always been or tried to be active
As a kid this was easy
I was a gymnast for ten years
Working out 20 hours a week

Oh how I miss those days
Eating whatever the heck I wanted
with no consequence
and of course I miss the 
super low body fat %age
But since gymnastics just can't last forever 
I had to find something else that
would work for me
depending on the stage of life I was in

I am also a Physical Education
and Health Education major/minor
and will be teaching them shortly :)
(All I have left to do is student teach
can I hear a holla!!!)
And that is exactly what I want to teach the youth
how to be active after organized sports
I want to teach them proper 
exercise, how to use equipment 
how to eat healthy and much more
I am so excited and I hope 
I love it and am excited to teach
after student teaching
but man am I nervous

I like the gym 
I really do and I go often
in fact I am getting a new membership right by my house
for only $10 a month woot woot!
But sometimes I go in stages that I
need something different or I get bored
so sometimes I run
sometimes I do classes
and recently I did DVDs

I love love to run now 
I never thought I would but there
is just something about it
It clears my head,
it makes me feel strong
and it gives me some goals to accomplish

I am still hoping to be doing a half marathon this year
Now that I have posted that goal
I feel like I am obligated to do it now
I like that :)

And if you remember from this post
I jacked up my knee from running a couple
months ago so to give it a break
I decided to do Insanity

Have you ever heard of it?
Well let me tell you a little about it

I started Monday May 9th 
and finished on Saturday July 16th
I seriously can not believe I did it
I got through the entire workout everyday for 60 days
I am pretty darn proud of myself
and what better way to reward myself then to go to Disneyland
Yup my adorable & oh so sexy hubby is taking me and Maddux to
Dland next week with some friends
I am so excited right now I can hardly stand it :)


 Everyone meet Shaun T...Shaun T meet everyone
He was my 2nd best friend everyday (except Sunday its my rest day)
for the last 60 days
He is hard core
He got me to do things I didn't think I could
He pushed me
He made me stronger
I hate him and love him all at the same time
Thank you Shaun T


 Shaun T took traditional interval training and flipped it on its head—you perform long bursts of maximum-intensity exercises with short periods of rest. Each workout keeps you constantly challenged as you alternate between aerobic and anaerobic intervals performed at your MAX. The result: burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour 


It is as simple as that
You just follow the calendar
It tells you what DVD to do each day

I put an X through each day after I complete the workout
Thursday were my favorite days because that was the recovery day
which is a much more relaxed workout but I was still doing one
Sundays were also awesome cuz that was a rest day :)

The best part about this workout for me
Is I got it for 1/3 the price that they normally charge you
I hoped onto KSL classifieds (my best friend)
and found a never been opened brand new 
Insanity package Including
10 Workout DVDs
The calendar schedule
The Elite nutrition plan
and the fitness guide

for only $40.00 It is so worth it
That is about how much I would spend at most gyms for two and half months 

Watch this video you will be hooked
To learn more about Insanity go HERE

So the reason I put this on my chic n' Fresh series is
because hello this is a perfect workout for moms
It got me back to my pre pregnancy weight
I feel stronger
and the best part I did it at home
While the little one was napping
and you don't need any weights or other equipment
all you need is the DVDs (check KSL)
a TV, DVD player, Tennis shoes and yourself
oh and a little bravery
wusses do not get through this baby :)

oh oh something else that I suggest
that helped me so much to get through it
is find someone else who wants to do it
and start the same day 
and use them as support and motivation

My cute friend Elyse and I did it together
She is in Cali for the summer
but we just did it in our own homes and started the same time
and we ended up being a little off
from vacations and sicknesses
but we still used each other as support 
and got through it

Also cute cute cute Kaysi 
was another one of my Insanity supporters
and motivators
she was 2 weeks ahead of me
but she asked how I was doing all the time on facebook
it seriously helped so much to have that support
I don't think she even knows how much she helped me
Take my word for it

I will probably doing round 2 of the 
whole 60 day insanity program 
in about 3 months :)

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  1. you rock!! insanity sounds intense.

  2. I miss gymnastics and wish it could last forever! haha! I still play around in my basement every now and then. :) Good job for doing instanity ... i'm way to scared to even think of trying it!

  3. You are so good. Insanity sounds intense! I need to find time with the three little ones to work out--on a regular basis!

  4. Congrats on finishing!! That is awesome! And how cool that you are a PE/Health Ed major! I graduated with my degree in Elementary Ed, but my emphasis was Health and Wellness. Such a fun major! :)



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