Monday, July 29, 2013

Ikea Kitchen Table Makeover {Tutorial}

I am so so so excited to be sharing this with you all!!! This is one of my favorite transformations. I think I say that about them all, but they just keep getting better. So back when My husband and I got married we got this cute little Ikea table from his adorable grandma and grandpa Kjar as a wedding present. Awesome right! We were really excited and for this little newlywed family is was perfect! Almost six years later we still have the same table and yes it has been shown some beatings with our two boys and yes I needed a change, so I finally mustered up the courage to refinish it. Of course I want a new, and bigger table one day but right now while our just out of law school little family is on a tight budget this is going to serve it purpose for just the four of us for a little longer. So of course I had to make it chic, stylish and perfect for the new place. Lets See this Drab to fab Ikea table transformation and tutorial....

{Supplies I Used}
-Ikea Jokkmokk Table & Chairs $149 {but this could be done to any wood table and chairs}
-Electric Sander & Sand Paper {I highly recommend investing in an electric sander I use mine a ton and I just got it at Walmart for about $20 and it still works great}
-Wet cloth and a couple Dry cloths
-Drill {I used my Ryobi Drill HERE}
-little baggies
-Drop cloths
-Zinsser Bullseyes 123 primer {the best spray primer you will even use much smoother than Kilz I promise you will fall in love. Found at Lowes}- I used 2 cans
-Valspar {paint in primer in one} Satin White Spray paint {Lowes}- 7 cans
-Minwax Polycrylic Water base protective finish in spray and or can- I can on spray paint for legs and bases, one can of the canned for the stained table and chair tops
-Paint brush
-Minwax Wood finish stain- Early American {Home Depot}
{What I did}

Very first thing I did was detach the table top from the legs and frame and and the seats from the chair legs and frames. Then they looked like the above picture. This was a really quick process. I just took my drill put it on reverse and took all the screws out that were holding the tops in place. And I set these aside {These are the pieces I will be staining}. I put all the screws that go to the table in a baggie and labeled it table and did the same with the chairs in a separate bag labeling it chairs so that I didn't misplace the hardware. 

Now it was time to really get to work! Next I took the table legs and base and the chairs outside and sanded them down until all the finish was off. Again I totally recommend an electric sander if you are going to be repainting and refinishing furniture. Once everything as sanded down you are going to wipe them all down with a wet cloth and then with a dry cloth getting all of the residue off from sanding, this gets them all prepped and ready for painting.

Lay out your drop cloths or tarps and get ready to prime these bad boys. This was my first time spray painting a big piece of furniture {I've rolled the others} and I loved it, it was so simple and fast. This is the best primer you will find out there. It is a light mist, cover incredibly and is really smooth, much better than Killz in my opinion.

Go ahead and prime the table and all the chairs, making sure to shake the can first and every few minutes. One coat is all that is needed. After everything is primed and has dried {drying time was really fast 20 minutes tops} then you are going to take some really fine sand paper and lightly sand over the primer to make it extra smooth before painting over. This primer goes on really smooth and misty for a primer but it still needs a light sanding.

After you are done sanding you are going to again wipe them all down with a wet and then dry cloth to get everything off and ready for the paint.

Next up spray paint all of the chairs and the table legs. I did three coats letting it dry completely and lightly sanding and wiping clean between each coat. This creates the best coverage and smoothest results.

Once all of your coats have been dry for 24 hours and you are satisfied with the coverage you can go ahead and seal them with the Minwax polycrylic clear satin spray. I did two coats of the finish letting it dry between. I love this finish because it does not yellow your white paint. It is a little pricey but worth it for the results you will get. You don't want to work so hard on painting and then have it turn yellow in the end so get this stuff if you plan on sealing white paint.

Let your finish dry at least 24 hours and you are done with all the legs and bases wahoo! now onto the staining of all the tops! I used the early American stain.

-You are going to simple brush it on the surfaces of the chair and table tops in nice even strokes, over lapping each stroke so you won't see the lines of the brush. Then you are going to wipe off the excess stain that didn't seep into the wood. Let it dry and do as many coats as needed to get the color you are going for. I did about 3 coats.

Once you get the color stain you are going for you are going to take your canned Minwax Polycrylic and brush it onto the pieces again with nice even stroke and over lapping each stroke. I did 3 coats and let it dry, lightly sanded and wiped between each coat. You really want the table top to be protected since it is used and abused multiple times a day and to protect from spills and cleaners.

When everything is dry, it is time to put it all back together. Grab your baggies with your hardware in them and your drill and drill all the tops back in place and you are done!!!! It is time to bring it into your home and enjoy. Doesn't it look so much better, homie, modern and chic?! I am in love with the results. There is so much more life to it than the drab boring wood color it was before. See that sofa table against the wall in the background? Yeah that one! It is ugly right? Has great bone but needs some love. I got that beauty at the DI for $10 and I have some fun plans for it coming up so make sure to stay tuned for that post!!! eeek.

So clean and crisp. The country, barn wood feel it brings with the white just speaks to my soul and looks perfect in its place in our new home.

 Lets look at another before and after shall we?!!!!

It looks completely different and much much better! I love transformations, lets be real I am a complete sucker for them, and although it took some time it was really easy and I believe if you follow this tutorial you can all do it too!

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  1. That looks amazing! I might have to try something like this with our table since we have too much dark wood in our kitchen, some white legs will help lighten it up.

    I did a project this weekend with that exact kind of Valspar spray paint and it was the best spray paint I have ever used so far.

    Great Job! I love your blog too!

  2. Oh I just love it - I need to do something like this with my table!

  3. Love this!! This is exactly what I'm planning to do to my just to get it done. :)

  4. Good job! I love Ikea furniture. I never would have thought to re-purpose it. Fits well in your home :)

    Yvonne @

  5. lets count how many times she says law school...

  6. this is such a great tutorial, and it looks brand spankin new! hoping i can find something similar at a thrift store to do a similar repurpose. thanks for posting this!

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  8. I am trying to stain this same table and running into trouble! How much sanding did you do? We sanded off the finish and used a pre-stain conditioner along with the Minwax Jacobean stain (even darker than yours) and barely any of it soaked in! I am worried we should have sanded down until it was bare wood. :\

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