Sunday, April 20, 2008

The simple things

Isn't it funny that the simple things in your day are what make you happy? I had that this weekend. The simple things that made me smile....
1. Seeing my husband with his best friend Brandon made me happy
2. Going to a BBQ at Dan and Brooke's with friends and fam
3. Having one of my classes canceled on Friday
4. Getting comments from my sister in-laws on here
5. Going to Wingers
6. Listening to Dan and Ty practice their musical number in the chapel with only me and them there. It was beautiful and it makes me proud
7. hearing all the complements given to Dan and Ty at church today
8. Playing matchmaker this weekend
9. Bowling
10. Seeing the smile on Ty's face when I told him he can get the new golf clubs
11. Getting a call from Jess
12. Snuggling
13. playing at the park at one in the morning
14. Watching the kiddos
15. Waking up to seeing my husband right there beside me
16. And when Ty told me I looked beautiful today (he tells me that a lot because he is sweet but sometimes it just makes me so giddy to hear it when I feel "bleh" like today)

1 comment:

  1. Well, it makes me happy to hear from you. How do you make your blog so cute. I need help! I miss you Whit!



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