Tuesday, April 29, 2008

St. George Getaway

So Ty and I went to St. George for a little weekend get away before finals. And let me tell ya Ty and I really needed it. I was getting so stressed and even let my stressing out ruin our first part of Friday night. Bleh sometimes I just freak out about school way too much. I've just always been a worry wart about everything. Sorry honey! But at least he knew that about me before he married me so he must be ok with it enough right. So to cheer me up after my stressed about finals meltdown Ty took me to the Olive Garden for dinner. So tasty I love Olive Garden and Ty was being so dang cute. Then we didn’t know what to do because it was late so we went and rented Juno and went to Wal-Mart and bought Guess Who. You should have seen us in the game isle! We love games and Ty loves guess who I could tell that’s the one he really wanted. When we got back to our room we watch the PA video and Ty and I were voted cutest couple it made me so happy. Cuz I know we are so cute together and so happy. Juno was a good movie I really liked it. It was very odd but it ended up being really touching. I recommend it.

Saturday was so fun! Ty is the best husband in the world! First thing first we went to fiesta fun and we drove the go-carts. How fun was that! I just wanted to do it again and again. I was pretty good at staying in the lead but Ty caught up and past a few times I was just too good and knew how to steal the first place back. Haha. My go-cart was yellow that’s my favorite color so that just made it even better…it was the lucky cart. Our plan was to just ride the go-carts at fiesta fun and then go do something else but we got sucked into that place. Really we started out with two dollars worth of tokens and then it turned into oh just one more dollars worth and more and more tokens. I was addicted to the skeeball and the basketball game. We got enough tickets to get starbursts and two laughy taffys. Yup that’s right in other words we spent about $4 for laughy taffys and starbursts. We are crazy.
This is us at fiesta Fun go-carts see we are having fun :)
The Fun Go-carts. Mine was the yellow one and Ty's was red
Skeeball is so much fun and addicting

Look at all the tickets Ty won. He is so proud
These were our prizes we got with our tickets. $4 worth of coins to get Starbursts and 2 Laughy Taffys. Expensive Candy

MMMM on of the best parts of the day was Café Rio for lunch. Yummy yummy. Even though Café Rio and Costa Vida pretty much taste the same I gotta say I’m still a rooter for the Costa Vida. But yum either way sweet pork salad was what I needed that day. AS you can see from the pictures we had fun there too.
Sooooo Hungry
Ty is a good multitasker.
Next on the adventurous day’s list was hiking up to the Dixie sign, because it loved doing it with my family a few times and Ty had never done it before. It was awesome sharing something that I love doing with Ty. I just get a satisfaction out of it that I can’t get anyway else. I guess that is what makes marriage so great. Sharing the things you love with each other. Ty loved it up there and it was a beautiful view. There is just something about the red dirt in St. George that I just love hiking on.
We are so in love!
Ty loved the hike and the beautiful view. Thats the view of st.george behind us.

The rest of the day was shopping! Well window shopping. Looking around is my favorite part of shopping at the outlets. And my wonderful husband let me get a way cute outfit! Yay isn’t he the best. The black dress capris I got that were super super fancy cute were only $7 that’s right they were on sale for $7. And they had the perfect yellow and black shirt to go with them. I just love Rue 21. Don’t worry I let Ty get some things too! We like to shop too much. Hehe. He got some awesome sunglasses, swim trunks and flip flops. Ty is the pickiest person I know when it comes to flip flops so it was a very exciting thing to find some he liked and were comfy enough for him. Of course we couldn’t go to St. George without going to Cold Stone! Mmmm I really do have the best husband in the world to give me such an amazing weekend. Thank you baby. All that in one day and still back home at ten.

Sunday we were lucky enough to have Chris, Em and little Parker face over for a BBQ dinner we have been wanting to do for a while. We are really going to miss them when we are gone for the summer so we thought we would hang out for a while and make dinner for them. They always invite us to delicious dinners so we wanted to thank them and give them a good dinner. It was so fun to play with parker man. He is so cute and is going to change so much in the 3 months we will be gone. Poor Em was sick but was a trooper and still came to dinner and to hang out for a while. Hope you are feeling better em!
We are going to miss you cute little Parker!


  1. Yay, I love you guys so dang much. It is still kinda weird that you are married.. It seems like yesterday we were talking about Ty huh Whit? By the way, I am sad you will be gone our first summer back in Cedar. Just promise us that you will come back so we can play. I miss you guys a lot! See ya at Graduation.

  2. Looks like you guys had amazing time!! I miss St George!! AHHH!! Thank you for the text and the message on my post:) Love the pic on your blog...super cute



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