Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Week of the Tramp Disaster

First of all I want to thank Brooke for a couple of reasons: 1. because she is the reason I decided to start this whole Blog thing going 2. She took time out of her busy day just after a stressful time defending her questions for her masters to help me make this blog so darn cute. 3. oh and of course for letting Ty and I play with her darling chickidees (Oakers, Con and Londyn)THANKS Brooke for showin' me the ropes!

Second I want to thank Dan for coming over Monday to help us with our tub drainer and sink. Your amazing we love you.

Ok so for the past week it has been a crazy, eventful and fun one, let me tell ya.

Thursday 4-10-08
Ty and I rushed up to Syracuse after our classes. As usual I slept all the way (poor Ty-so lonely in the car..sorry hun) so it wasn't a bad ride for me. Oh but I did wake up a few times saying, "Ty why do you keep hitting your brakes and swerving?" Well he wasn't really driving that bad I just get nervous a lot when I sleep in a car after my accident a couple years ago. So to get to the point. We went up north for one of my best friends' wedding! Oh man was it weird. It was so awesome she just seems so little ;). It was a beautiful reception and Ashley of course looked absolutely gorgeous and all grown up. I just love this girl to pieces. She has the biggest heart and I don't know what I would do without her. The best part about this wedding was that Ashley married an amazing guy (her best friend) in the temple. Wow! Can I just say amazing! I am so proud of her and Braden for making that big decision! They will be so happy because of it. That was such a beautiful moment for Ty and I 7 months ago. I love you two!

Friday 4-11-08
This was kind of a lazy day. But MAN we had so much fun with my family. Ammon is the cutest little man, I loved playing with him all day. Zach has such a big heart he gets so sad every time we leave to come back home. Emi is like my little twin. She is so sweet and loves being girly! Ok so Adam is the shiz. He is the coolest little brother and so unpredictable. Friday Night we went to the U to see him break-dance at a battle. It was so much fun and he was excited I was finally able to watch him at his best. After watching that I wanted to start break dancing. It really is an art the way they move knowing the exact beat of the music knowing exactly what to do next to show the opponent what its all about. To say the least I was a very proud sister, he is so talented. (I'll put a video up soon).

Oh and of course I can't forget I am blonde again! yay I feel like I'm back! Thank you Niki for being my personal hair dresser.

Saturday 4-12-08
Oh man what an eventful day. To start off Ty and I took Amanda to the rec center to help her with cheer stuff. Haha that girl is so funny. Amanda is my pal. Being best friends with your little sis is so much fun. I love hanging out with her...and it is always entertaining. I am so excited for her to try out for cheer at her junior high and loved helping her. The only this is she decided to start practicing only a few weeks before tryouts so we had some work to do. Just from the hour we were there I saw the improvement. Ty was so funny. He came with me and manda and he was totally getting into it. He turning into the cheer coach. He even showed her the correct way to do the toe touch and it was impressive. He also sported some cartwheels, handstands and round offs. I have such a talented husband. :)hehe. I wish I could have helped her a little more before tryouts. I wish you luck mandaloo love you!

Ok so this was the adventure of the day. Well Ty and the boys were outside jumping on the tramp. Fun right?! Emilee and I decide to join them. All on the tramp: Ty, Whit, Em, Zach and Ammon. I'm sure you could guess where this is going. haha. We decided to play a little game of deadman. It was all fun and games and all of a sudden before I could even think Ty and I were on the ground with bumps and bruises. Yup we broke the tramp. Embarrassing!!! Springs went a flying across the yard and across the fence. haha. The good news is that we are safe and sound now, no serious injuries. My poor siblings were like terrified then we had a good laugh.

Mom and I went to Roberts with the Kiddos while Ty went golfing. My mother is amazing. I really have the best mom in the world. Ty tells me we are very much a like in many ways haha. 1. We both have bad dreams about our husbands leaving us... i know 2. We are both perfectionists 3. We like to decorate and scrapbook 4. we both do this thing that when we are sitting on the floor and our husbands take our hands to pick us up we turn into what i like to call "floppy girl" 5. We are very emotional 6. We are very hard on ourselves 7. We love being with family 8. We are ticklish 9. We are night owls 10. We love to watch chick-flicks together and with our husbands.

I love when Ty goes golfing with my dad and brothers. Ty and dad get along great. You get them talking the conversation is offf...... I love that they are able to go out and do things together and have fun. Ty really is a son to my parents. They absolutely love him. Heck, my mom knew I was going to marry Ty before we were even dating :) We had so much fun with the fam and can't wait to be back up.


  1. Welcome to the blogging world!! Love your post. It's so fun to get to know your family a little better! love ya tons!

  2. Oh thank you for the comment and welcome!! What a week!! So sorry about the tramp :) Love u guys!!



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