Monday, May 26, 2008

I love my husband

So I just have to say my husband is amazing and I don't feel like I thank him enough for how amazing he is to me. He is the best husband in the world. Sometimes I feel like we are complete opposites but then I think maybe that is why we are so in love because we compliment each other and Ty has the qualities I don't have which makes a whole in our relationship. This job Ty is doing out here in Phoenix isn't what either of us expected at all. We heard it would be hard but nothing like it is. It is hard for both of us to even stay here but because of Ty's great attitude we are going to give it a few more weeks and give it a chance. I just feel it is hard to have my husband out there busting his bum ten hours a day and not getting much out of it. I am so proud of how hard he is working I just know what else he needs to do. I for sure need a job so that I know the bills are getting paid and so I feel like I am helping him, because I just feel so helpless out here. I am so thankful for everything Ty does and for staying positive to me. I am so grateful for his smiles and kisses everyday. I love that he makes me laugh and that he has a sense of humor. I am so grateful for his example and for his beautiful spirit. He really is perfect and I tell him all the time that he deserves better than me. Here are some cute pictures of my babe!

I love that Ty is so adorable with kids he just knows how to win their little hearts. Ty and Max.
Ty knows how to treat me and even treats me better than I deserve. I love when he whispers sweet nothing in spanish in my ear. Spanish is so romantic. We have a spanish phrase of the dayto help me learn. Tu Eres mi favorito. I love you sweetheart.
And he really knows how to make me happy. And is a very GOOD kisser. I love you this much. and I truly thank you for everything and for your love. Just remember..never stop kissing me.

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  1. you do love him don't you. Read back through these....I love you and it seems like you are doing fun things.



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