Monday, May 5, 2008

My Amazing Wife

So I decided that I wanted to publicly thank Whitney for everything she has done for me in the last week. We had such a busy schedule last week and if it wasn't for her nothing would've gotten done. We had finals to start with, and if that wasn't enough we still had work and we had to pack for Phoenix! She did so much for me, she is seriously the best wife ever! It was really hard to pack because I had to work the last two nights we were in Cedar, so she did pretty much everything as far as getting everything ready to go for the summer. I don't know what I'd have done without her. Pretty much the only thing I did was pack my clothes, and the only reason I could do that is cuz she was doing laundry all day. With everything she did for me, she was still able to get all of her projects and studying for tests done, too. To top it all off, she let me go golfing with a good friend of mine who is heading to Ohio State for grad school in the fall. So yeah, she's freakin' amazing and I just wanted to say thank you honey, you are so awesome and sweet and I love you with all my heart!


p.s. Happy cinco de mayo Whitty, one year since our first kiss!

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