Thursday, June 5, 2008

The New Job

So today was my first day of the new job at target. Wahoo I have a job. It doesn't pay as much as we need but it is so much better than no job and I am excited to have one and to wear the kaki and red :) Today was training and I followed around a really cool lady Jo and she helped me and let me learn by hands on experience (best way to learn something). Her hunsband rebuilds motorcycles and stuff and her and her husband are going to be on a tv show I think on cable. So cool she is totally like a celebrity now. She is 53 and acted like she was 21. She was so nice too. You would think a job at target wouldn't be too complicated but in-stoke is a lot of information and a ton of memorization and she helped me a lot and made me feel comfortable there.

I was there for 5 hours and I started with Rigs which is when I take a PDA and look for the product on it scan it and type in how many are on the shelf. Kinda takes a while to figure out the target lingo and find everything but I think I will get the hang of it. Jo and Angie my, trainners, said that I did really good especially for my first day. That made me feel much better cuz I felt like a lot of the info was going over my head. I also had to do research in the intiment section and make sure there was everything there that the labels said and then I did stock out. Stock out was the easiest thing to do because all you do is scan what is out of stock.

I have to be to work most days at seven oclock and I'm not getting many hours yet but I really like it and I hope to be a very hard worker and catch on quickly. I worry when I first start a job that I wont be good at it and the people over me wont like me. But I will go in there do what is to be done and hopefully that is good. Oh and I get a 10% discount so that is pretty cool. I have a feeling I'm going to miss this job when its time to go I'll only be there two and a half months thats gonna fly by.Now I'm gonna go be the best Target Team member ever! (hehe I am an official team member. Can you tell I love Target?)

Besides the job not much is new. Jess and Max are gone and I am watching daisy. I really like her company especially when I am alone. I'm gonna miss them its weird without them here, but they are having fun and visiting family which Jess was so excited for.

What else in going on?
1. Ty is working really really hard out there! And I am proud of his work ethic and love.
2.Ty and I started exercising with each other which is so much fun and he can't stop talking about how good it is for us and he is so right.
3. Another good thing going on in our lives is Ty and I have met some really cool friends out here. We were just saying last night what a nice and great team we have here. They are just all really cool people. We instantly clicked with this newly married couple Trevor and Keesa Mooney and they are a lot of fun. I feel like we all just became instant friends which is so awesome and needed

4. So You Think You Can Dance has started and if you know me at all you know I absolutly love this show it is my favorite reality show and I can't wait for the summer because that is when it starts each year and it is here. My brother Adam is an awesome break Dancer and I mean awesome. Him and some others from his crew wanted to go try out when they were in Salt Lake. So Adam and Tristan went and waited in line for a long time and they didn't let him try out because he wasn't 18. But this was a huge bummer because he would be 18 two weeks after that audition and they still wouldn't let him. So I just want to say that I am so proud of Adam and I love his and he talents. Good luck bro this weekend in Vegas.
5. Jessica has introduced me to Days of Our Lives and I love it I am so addicted and I get so into what is happening. Good thing I got a job or I would have to go get some Bon Bons. :)

6. Last thing is I Love Dirty Dancing and I have just discovered how amazing this movie really is and all the work that was put into it. I bought the movie for $9 and Ive watched it alot and loved the special features DVD. I wish I was Baby sometimes :) It makes me want to Dance and take classes with Ty. Watch out everyone Im gonna be the dancing queen. I think Ill take up a new hobby.
Miss you all, Love you all!

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  1. Hey, sorry I am just getting back to you now. I don't think you are weird at all for looking at my blog. I always check your guys' out. I like to see how the life's of the summer sales crews are doing. I don't know if you know, Sam and I did Living Scriptures for four years, and I know all too well the 'fun times' you're going through but trust me, it is worth it if you make it through. In the end it makes life so much easier. Hard to see now, I know. But anyways, you and Ty are so cute! You seem really happy together. Feel free to take a look anytime. I keep updated on yours. PS Congrats on the job. That's always a relief!



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