Sunday, July 27, 2008

The start of our summer fun! Catch up....

So I know it has been over a month since I have blogged. I can't believe it I think it is just us being really busy and a lot going on. I know there are no excuses but I'm sure no one reads this anyway. For those of you who do here is some of the things we have been up to. First off we have been living back in our home in cedar for almost two months now and love being back. But this pictures of Ty are when we shaved his head the day before we moved from phoenix back to Utah. It was so much fun. I love the way Ty looks with a shaved head. Very sexy ;) and I had fun shaving it.

So Shinny and smooth with those deep baby face dimples.
He loves me!
I love him!

After we moved back from phoenix we came up north for a week and worked. Ty helped his dad all week and I tought swim lessons part of the week and we earned some extra money to be able to pay the bills with no jobs yet in Cedar. We also went up because my sister and her two boys came to visit from Canada. It is so much fun when they come visit and I miss her so much when they aren't here. Whenever she visits its for a long time since she can't do it very often. She stayed for three weeks! It was fun to go and hang out with my cute sister and cute nephews.
Ammon and Ben playing a game on the tramp. They also liked when I was on there with them because I was their tunnel.
Such a good pictures to show their personalities. They are so fun.
Ben loves basketball. I think Stephane is drilling it into his son's brain that basketball is the best sport in the world.
Lil' Juilen (JuJu) He is so cubby and I love to squeeze him. He is so funny because since he doesnt get to see us very often he just stares at us oh and if he likes you he hugs you and then wacks your face so watch out for that wack after his cute loves.
While we were visiting up North on of the days we were up there my little brother and sister had a scottish dancing competition in Lehi at the Scottish Festival. My cousin Niki has done scottish dancing since she was little and is so talented and now she teaches little Emi and Zach. It was fun to see how much they have improved since the last time I had watched them practice. This was their first competition ever in scottish dancing so they were very nervous and did awesome.

Ty watching the kiddos dance. It was very hot!


Isn't his little bowtie so dang handsome?!

Ammon loves Ty's sunglasses and knows he is cute.
So Ty is going to kill me for putting this on here but its funny. I told him he needed to borrow one of Adam's (my brothers) bandanas so his newly shaved head wouldn't burn and I put it on him like this hehe. I'm so funny. Did you know I'm funny honey?

Ok so yeah thats right this is Tom Green. He was sitting right in front of Ty and I at the Scottish festival watching one of his many daughters dance. She was way cute though. But crazy huh Tom Green. He is famous and Crazy. Everyone thought it was funny that I kept saying "he is famous I need a picture." He probably heard me too. haha. Creepy guy.

This is me helping Stacy out and teaching swim the week I went up North. It was a blessing she needed someone to help her out and teach that week because Ty and I were in major debt from living in Phoenix for a little bit and we needed to pay some bills. Thanks Stacy. I miss this job it is what I used to do every summer. I miss the tan!

Random pictures of my little JuJu
Haha ok so one night Ty and I spent the night with my family and played games. We played this game called Buzz Word which we love and now my family loves it. But anyway we played it until like 2 in the morning on night with my parents and some of the older kids in the family and we were way tired. The best was my mom was so goofy I have never seen her get the tired goofiness like this before and I was laying on my stomach and she drew this little stickfigure cartoon on my feet. On one foot she drew me saying I love you and then on the other foot she drew Ty saying Hi, I love you too!

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