Thursday, November 6, 2008

ThAnKfUl tHuRsDaY!

Since I am using this as one of my journals I wanted to try something new this month Since it is November now I am going to write a blog everything Thursday about something I am grateful for. I know I have more than just four things I am grateful for but this will really allow me to set a side some time to really count those blessings. I am so grateful for a comfortable place to live with my wonderful husband. I feel so blessed to live in these townhomes. Thank you Dan and Brooke for helping us get in. I am so grateful for a garage (especially in the winter). I am grateful for a yard. I am grateful for a spare bedroom so we can have visitors. I am gratedul for planter shelves to decorate. I am grateful for everything our parents gave us to furnish and decorate our home. Here are some pictures of our home I am going to miss it when we have to move next year.

Gotta love those planter shelves. :) I don't know what we are going to do with all those decorations up there when we move.

I finally got that huge wall decorated.

Hopefully we will be getting a bed frame soon :)

office/lounge/Ty's closet/scrapbook supplies/guitar storage room

Guest room I know it is kind of boring right now we are still trying to fill up our walls.


  1. Yeah, Joe was still sick. Do you guys work tomorrow? We were maybe thinking of going to St. George! If you're not busy, we should do something! My number is (801)891-0335. So give us a call!

  2. Whitney your pictures you guys took in St George are so cute!! really they are, who did them? they are really glad and I love that your so happy with Ty. I remember reading your frustrated myspace blogs long ago about boys. I am excited for you!

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  4. Hey Whitney this is Mandy Barben from your ward. I saw your blog on Karli and Joe's. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you how cute your house is! you will have to come help me decorate my home!



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