Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So of course I am a crazy and had to go to the midnight showing last Thursday. It was so much stinkin fun! There is just something about going that first showing I don't know what it is but it is so exciting and I was just counting down the minutes to see how everyone else pictured the books that in my mind was one the greatest sets books I have ever read. I was so excited I wore my twilight T-shirt to school all day and of course everytime someone would ask about it I would just beam and brag that I was going to the midnight movie. People would tell me that they tried to get tickets two days before and were stund that they were sold out. Silly gooses I got my ticket three and a half weeks in advance. :) Anyways so it was fun to wear the shirt all day. Then when I got off work the T-shirt went back on and I was off to Runge's Twilight party! Her house was so cutely decorated with twilight all over and of course there was a lifesize Edward in our presence. That was my favorite part. I just wish it was mine. But anyway the food was delicious (red punch (blood), red velvet cake, and other delicious treats), the twilight trivia was fun and the vampire teeth were my favorite.

My vampire teeth!

After the party we went to the fabulous movie. It was really crazy and there weren't a lot of seats empty thats for sure. Runge and I talked to this guy that worked there for a while, while we waited for Ty to get off work. This guy was like the manager of the theater or something and he was telling us that his wife was the one that decorated the entry way of the theater. The decorations were awesome by the way. I for sure got my picture by the Forks sign. Anyway he was really cool and said that he read the books and liked them and that he had already seen the movie. Lucky! He totally thought we were cool too and talked Runge's ear off about Forks, because she had gone there just a few weeks before. And he gave us each a cool twilight button! Sweet I of course wore it the whole time. Wow! I am a Total Twilight NERD! So then Ty got to the theater at about eleven fifteen. Ha ha yup I totally made Ty come to the midnight showing with me and the other girls.

Eating popcorn with my vampire teeth. At this point there was like 20 minutes to go
I am so grateful I have an amazing husband that was so cute and willing to go to this movie with me. I owe him big time Maybe I should take him to 007. Thank you baby I had so much fun :)
Wow! then the time finally came for the movie to start! I can't even tell you I just loved it. I went into this knowing there was no way it could be as amazing as the book and have everything in it, but I loved it and I hated when the two hours were up I just wanted it to keep going. Some of the things were different from what I pictured. But oh my Gosh some things I swear were the exact same as I pictured.
Here are some things I pictured the same as they portrayed in the movie
1. Her truck
2. Her mom
3. Her house except I pictured her room on the right side of the bathroom not the left
4. the inside of the Cullen's house
5. Alice, Rosalee, and Emmett, not so much Jasper he looked at people weird haha
6. The scene in the ballet studio was perfect it is exactly the way I pictured it I swear
7. Billy
8. The baseball scene was pretty close.

A few things I pictured different
1. charlie, just a little different
2. Edwards piano, I pictured it white
3. The La Push scene with the boys
4. The way edward moved when he was going really fast

All in all I LOVED it though. Oh and I have actually seen it two times. I went and saw it with some of my friends yesterday. So I really really think that I liked the movie even MORE the second time. I don't know why, but I did. In fact after the movie was over yesterday I called Ty to tell him that I liked it even better that time. It made me feel slightly like I did when I read the book, it made me laugh, when bella left charlie it made me way sad, I got so freakin excited when they kissed finally haha. Love it loved it. I wouldn't be suprised if I saw it again. I will for sure be owning all of these movie and I can't wait for the others to come out. And until then I will just continue to read.

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