Sunday, March 1, 2009

Be my Valentine

So I am finally getting around to writing about our Valentines Day! It was our second Valentines day together. There is just something about this day that I just love. I am a mushy person and do not think it is over rated at all. I love to celebrate the love Ty and I have for each other every chance I get. I know that isn't just on Valentines but it is just another fun day that you get to spend together and do nice things for each other. I love this holiday and always will. We were up North this year for Valentines because we needed a break and to go up also for Ty's Birthday which was the same week.

Ty surprised me with the most wonderful present he could have given me. He took me ice skating. We have talked about going ice skating together forever and neither of us had been for years. It was so much fun after I got over the fear and got the right size skates. We skated until we got kicked off it was so fun to share this moment together, to hold hands, talk and just skate. We decided when our time was up we had so much fun that we wanted to go again the next time we are up north. There isn't any places to go ice skating near cedar city so we can;'t go until we are up there again. Thank you for my surprise it was so romantical.

This is us at the Olympic Oval! We were kissing and taking a pictures while still moving on the ice. It was interesting and very talented may I add. Turned out cute because we love love love each other.

This is my man showing off his skills. He ice skated in hockey skates because he thinks figure skates are for girls. haha. Good job baby you did awesome.

Throughout the day we gave each other our presents. We gave each other our cards in the morning when we woke up. During the day we gave each other one of our presents. I gave Ty the new Dierks Bentley CD and he gave me some beautiful flowers with lillies, Daisies and Gurber Daisies There were so beautiful and I love flowers on valentines. After Ice Skating we went out to dinner with Ty's parents to Pei Wei. It was such good food. That was our first time there and we loved it we are grateful Mom and Dad introduced us to this great Chinese food. Their lettuce wraps were to die for and everything else was amazing as well.

After some good food we exchanged our last presents for each other. I made Ty this really cool (well I thought it was really cool) canister with some love notes inside. It was a canister that I had decorated with valentine scrapbook paper and mod podge. On the inside it had 20 chip board squares that I also mod podged with scrapbook paper and made all cute. Each square had either a note on it saying the different things I love about him on it or it had different candies that he loves attached to them. I told Ty that this wasn't just for Valentines day but anytime that he needs a little pick me up to read them and he will know how much I love him and am grateful for him. I put a lot of work into it and he seemed to really like it.

Ty of course surprised me with ice skating and he gave me this cute teddy bear with chocolates and some adorable earrings that I absolutely LOVE! It is like a tradition for Ty to give me a stuffed animal for Valentines day. I love them. I just think it is so sweet. Thank you baby.

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