Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The most intense Bachelor...

Although last night was putting us all through a roller coaster of 3 hours of drama I was absolutely thrilled of how it all turned out. Everyone knew he was making a mistake when he picked Melissa. He even said himself in a previous episode that Melissa reminded him of his ex wife and DeAnna. What? Hello was he listening to himself. He really wanted to get into a relationship with someone that reminded him of his ex and Deanna the people that he fell in love with and hurt him the most? Duh Jason. Smart one. Anyway there is something else Melissa was really fake the whole time. She would act so different around Jason where as the other three of the top four were genuine and honest. Jason Learned. He learned when it was just them together that Melissa wasn't really the person that he had fallen in love with. That will happen if you are being fake to win. I wasn't much of a fan from the very beginning (if you couldn't tel hahal).

I absolutely love Molly I think she is such a doll and just seems so honest and real. She was a goof but so sincere. I was so sad watching it when he picked melissa. Then when the next hour came on I couldn't believe it. It was so much drama. I just believe Jason was really following his heart. While Melissa just embarrassed herself on national TV. She had a right to be upset but the way she acted and some of the things she said were embarrassing and then in the interview in the car she went right back to her fake pageant answers.
When he picked Molly her first concern was Melissa. She asked what about Melissa. She really is a genuine and sweet person. I think they are adorable together and she was so cute with little Ty and I can't wait to hear about up dates. Thanks for letting me vent I'm just way way way too into this show when I watch it. Also tonight's one last hour was so cute with those two love birds with all smiles and flirtiness.

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