Monday, March 30, 2009

RacQuEtBaLl - BuNkO - cOrBiN aLlReD

This is kinda a this and that type of a post, but hey that is exactly what has been going on in our lives: just a little of ThIs and a little of tHaT.

Ty and I took a class together last semester called fundamentals of individual and dual sports. I had to take this class for my major (I am a Pe MaJoR if you didn't know). Ty took it with me just for a hEcK oF iT because he thought it would be fun. The class consisted of golf, tennis, badminton and racquetball. We just got to learn about the sports, play them and get tested on the skills we learned. Well the racquetball unit was not my favorite to say the least. I didn't like it, I was bad at it and I was afraid of the ball it just bounced all over the place and I was constantly getting hit. haha. Well I actually did grow to lOvE it! Ty and I got each other racquetball equipment for Christmas and didn't even plan to get it for each other. Ever since Christmas we try to play together every Tuesday and Thursday or at least one of the days each week. We have so much fun and I have improved so much I am actually getting kInDa good at it now. Sometimes I even WIN! Sometimes our friend Runge plays with us too. So we can play iron man that is when three people play at once.

Playing a game after in between Ty's classes. It is a good break for him and me too ;)
We really have so much fun

Ty is just about to serve I caught him in a good moment. He was in the ZoNe

I am just about to do some practice hits. See how concentrated I get haha

Thank you my cute husband for helping me learn this new to me sport and for having so much fun with me. It is a fun way to do a little change in our exercising routine and to do something active together. Thank you for playing with me! I hope we carry this on for a long time


A couple Weeks ago my cute friend Natalie asked me if I wanted to sub in one of her Bunko groups that she was hosting at her house. I was so super excited. I have been wanting to play for so long and have been asked to sub before but never could so of course I said yEs this time and made sure to ask for work off that day. I have heard only good things about bunko and bunko groups and what a good time everyone has at them.

On Tuesday March 24th the day finally arrived. I felt like such a dOrK though because I was way too overly excited about it. It was over at Natalie's house and I actually knew a lot of people in the group that I didn't know were in it. Everyone was very welcoming of me and made me feel included in all of it. I have to say I was slightly intimidated at first to play because I have heard from many that people take this very very seriously and you have to roll FaSt or else haha. No, but it was really fun. We had dinner (Yummy Chicken, yummy cheese cake stuff haha, and a green salad) first which by the way Nat was delicious and thank you for the left overs ;). I need the ReCiPeS. After dinner they were all so kind to teach me how to play. Well my mom explained it to me a few weeks before but I couldn't remember so they refreshed my memory. It was so much fun. All of it. I loved the fast pace, the food and the best part was ChAtTiNg with everyone. Thank you Nat for inviting me and thank you Runge for coming and being a last minute sub. I will do it again anytime if subs are needed :)

CoRbIn AlLrEd!

Yes, That is me and Mr. Corbin Allred. What a freakin nice Guy. If you don't know who he is he is an actor is such movies as: Saints and Soldiers, Take a Chance with kirby, and he is the kid in Robin Hood Men in Tights. Ok so the sToRy. Well my friend Jenise did a battle of the bands type thing to raise money for a girl with Cystic Fibrosis in the community. Cool huh. There was music, other entertainment, raffles, and food all of it going to this cause. So Ty and I went to be volunteers and help with selling the PiZzA. I was so excited the whole time and looking forward to one particular person that would be there. Yes, ladies and gentlemen he is not only an actor he sInGs too. I know I am a dork. But I get so so sTaR sTrUcK it's not even funny. I have seen Corbin around town and I get all flustered everytime. Ty thinks it is so funny. But I honestly am just at aw.

So back to the story. When it was his turn to sing I was excited because I heard he was good but I had never heard him. He was SO GOOD! He was just so easy to listen to and he played the gUiTaR and everything. He sang some really cute songs and one was the one he sang to his wife on their wedding day. Sweet. Afterward my Friend Jenise went to thank him for coming and she put in a good word and said I wanted to meet him. I got a picture with him and he gave me a big hug and after he just stood there for like fifteen minutes and talked to me and Ty. He is such a NiCe guy. We talked about his singing, acting, his family and school and how he ended up in Cedar. It was so fun. I totally want a CD of him. I was just very impressed of how sweet he was and that Ty and him acted like they could talk for hours. Well now I want to go watch SaInTs aNd SoLdIeRs.


  1. what a cute post my love!! i'm so glad you were able to come to bunko.. thanks so much!! i'm glad you had fun.. on the other hang that so cool you got to meet corbin.. i want to hear all about it so im texting you right now about it. haha loves
    p.s you will probably be the first person i call if we need a sub for both the groups i'm in.. haha

  2. Corbin is in our ward, so just come to church with us on Sunday.

  3. We will have to have a craft night sometime and make the magnet boards. they are really easy to make. and I am taking the abs class on Monday and sometimes Tuesday. anyways that is awesome that you guys play raquetball! I'm not really good at it but jordan and i use to play before we moved to Cedar.

  4. Your so funny! I KNOW who you are!!! I am totally a blog stalker! NO worries! Thanks for your comment. I didnt think many people looked at my photo blog so it was nice!

  5. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! I love getting to know my readers, and it's fun to get to know new people through the blog world. Let me tell you, you are absolutely darling! I love your blog. So cute!



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