Friday, March 6, 2009

So Proud

I am like such a proud mama right now! I have to take this time to brag about my cute husband. Last week he got his results from the LSAT (the test to get into law school this fall) he took the beginning of February.
Yes, that is right everyone he got a 162! That is in the 86th percentile. If you don't know about the LSAT scoring a 162 is GOOD! It is out of 180. Yay Baby! He has had so many schools emailing him wanting him to apply to their school and because of his score is getting fee wavers so he is able to apply to all these schools throughout the U.S. for free. Sweet huh?! He is so smart I am excited to see what schools he gets accepted to with his 3.9 GPA and 162 LSAT. Sorry I just can't say that score enough I am so happy for him. Doesn't he look so hunkish in this picture. I think so ;) He is so embarrassed that I made him take this picture with the sign I made haha. Thank you for being such a good sport.

This is me being the proud wife that I so am.
I wrote up this sign and I think it is totally
refrigerator worthy.
And this is me being surprised of the news and excited!

...And this is Ty being silly. He is so relieved and seems much more relaxed after finding out his score. He is so excited but shows it by being silly. He thinks I am crazy for posting this and I think he is a little embarrassed but he said I could because it means so much to me. What a cute hubby huh?! I love you baby GREAT JOB! I can't wait to see what those numbers bring to us.

Now we just can't wait to see who has accepted him so we can decided where we will be living and going to school this fall. AAAAAAAAAAh so exciting. We will keep you all posted on where we end up going....


  1. Dear 31,
    I'm not surprised...You will now be called 31 (dash) 162.
    Love you both,

  2. Ty...WAY TO GO!!!!!!! I'm just wondering where you got your "smarts"?!?!?!? For sure from your Dad! Love you a TON and good luck on the school selection!


  3. Haha, that's totally not stalkerish-- it's blogging. I'm glad you found us. LOVE your blog. And congrats to your husband for doing so well on the LSAT. It's crazy that we live so close and never see each other... Anyways, I will certainly let you know if I need a babysitter. We're going out of town next week but after that, I'll be sure and get you to watch her.
    FYI, lunch group is at my house this coming monday, the 16th, 1pm. Come!!!



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