Sunday, June 14, 2009

ThE laTeSt HaPpEnInGs

So here is the update clear from the first of May. Wow I kinda stopped blogging for a while a lot has happened since we graduated from SUU. The day after graduation we drove up to Lehi for our niece Ayla's baby blessing. It was so beautiful. Chris and Staci had it in there home and it was perfect. The spirit was so strong and little Ayla was adorable no one could keep there eyes off of her.
All the boys and Ayla

Staci, Chris, Ayla, Roxy and Mia-They are one good lookin family

Ty and Ayla he loved holding her. Doesn't she look beautiful

All the Girls

Jess, Brooke, me and Staci. The sister in-laws

Painted Toes :)

After Aylas baby blessing we hung out with Dan and Brooke the kids and mom and dad U. in Murray for a night and played some games of course. The next day we were off to syracuse. We tended my siblings while my parent were vacationing in Vegas for the week. I tended the kids during the day and Ty helped his dad at work for the week and at night Ty and I hung out with the kids together. It was a fun and busy week with the kids and I am so happy my parents could get away for a little bit together. So while ty was helping his dad out the first night Me and my sisters went to the Hannah Montana Movie! Oh my gosh we had a blast. Emilee 11, Amanda 14, Me 22 haha and we all sang along and would see it again. I love sister time. While we were up there we took them to school, play practice, soccer practice, soccer games, baseball practices, had ice cream together, went to Emilee's play The Wizard of Oz, took all the kids to salt lake for my cousins wedding reception and just hung out and had so much fun together.
We honestly have so much fun together. I can't wait to live by them again

Putting Emilee's hair in curlers. She is such a girly girl and i love it

Zach at baseball practice. We all went to watch him it was a fun warm summer evening full of baseball gotta love it

Me and the sisters again at Zach's practice.
Ammon was so cute at his soccer game. This is him throwing it in. Oh and he got a GOAL I was so proud of this little five year old. His team won! Go Blue sharks haha (thats the name you get when you let five year olds make up their own name)

My cute brothers both had practices the same day. Ty and I had to split up to get them to them both to practices on time. My mom said it was good practice for when we are parents and have to split up for all our kids different events.

Emilee also had her play the same day as the boys sports. Emilee was Aunt Em on the Wizard of Oz she did her lines perfect we are proud of you em and we are so glad we were there to see it. All the other kids came too and were entertained. Gotta love those elementary plays :)
Thanks mom and dad for taking some time to yourselves and for letting us help out it was fun for us.

My friend Kati Powell from high school and her husband Jason came down to Cedar to visit some friends and Ty and I got to meet up with them for ice cream one night. it was really fun to see her again. I hadn't seen Kati since high school graduation in 2005 she is so sweet and looks amazing! Funny story Kati and I went to high school together at Layton high and Jason (her husband) and Ty went to high school together at Murray. Isn't that weird. Apparently Murray is the place to find husbands :) Thanks Kati it was great to see you and hopefully we will hang out a lot when we move up there.
Ice cream at Maggie Moos. Yum Yum i love that maggie moos

okay so I have to tell you that Mine and Ty's new favorite late night dessert together is cantelope and vanilla ice cream. yup you cut the cantelope in half seed it and use it as your ice cream bowl. I am telling you you have to try it! Let me know if you like it as much as us.

See how happy it makes us

Parker and I chillin at Discovery park I love this little guy

Our next adventure was of course Dans 30th Birthday party that Brooke put on for him. It was so much fun. My sister in law Brooke is THE party planner she always goes all out. His party was an 80s theme. So here we all are all decked out and ready to party like its 1980s Prom!
I had my crimped big hair, bright make up, leggings, skirt and the shirt off one shoulder all in bright colors. It was so much fun getting ready and Ty was Miami Vice. Ty had the best hair and I think looked the best out of the guys
Ty, Me, Brooke and the Birthday boy Dan

Jenise and I at Sand hollow. Jenise, Ty, Jared, Joel, jessica and I went jet skiing at the lake. It was so much fun! thank you Jenise for inviting us. Hopefully there will be more summer lake adventures for us

A coupe weeks ago Ty, me and Jenise all went to 2000 flushes and went shooting. Ty and I just love going up there and shooting old bottles Ty gets from chilies it is so much fun and I am a pretty good shot if i do say so myself

Jenise and I
After we went shooting we were exploring up there four wheeling for a while and found this trashed van it was kinda creepy oh and it still turned on the keys were still in it

I just love this boy and we have so much fun together.

Ty is on a softball league this spring/summer and it has been so much fun watching him hopefully he will find a team up north for the fall!

Kari, Runge, Corbin Allred and I at the Grind for Runge's Birthday.
Corbin performed at the Grind the day before Amanda's birthday so of course we had to go. I love going to hear Corbin (heis famous after all :) ) he is so good I could listen to him all day in fact I bought his Cd haha. Thanks Runge for the dinner and concert fun.
More of Runge's birthday is to come on the next post...Kanaraville....stay tuned


  1. wow you have had a busy but fun summer! hey how do you get your header to be so cute? i want to do somehting like that with ours but i dont know how.

  2. It looks like you guys have had a busy week! I will have to try that cantelope and ice cream, it looks really good! Have fun in Kanariville, we just went to the falls there on friday and we had a blast!!

  3. aw yay for high school friends!! remember how crazy we all used to be about funky socks?! lol

  4. It looks like you guys have been having a ton of fun! I really want to try the cantelope and vanilla ice cream. It sounds interesting!



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