Thursday, December 10, 2009

ThAnKsGiViNg 2009

Thanksgiving was different this year. Ty and I actually had two Thanksgivings. It was my parents year to have us but since my little brother Adam was graduating from basic training in Kentucky the day before thanksgiving they spent some time with him and we had thanksgiving dinner with my family the Saturday after when they got back.

Our thanksgiving break started when I got off work Wednesday at 6:00. I got home we finished packing we got some Wendy's for dinner and hit the freeway at 6:30 pm. We had such a fun ride up. A lot of times I sleep pretty much the whole way and Ty drives. Poor Ty. Well this time I stayed awake the whole time we jammed out to the Glee soundtrack and just talked. I loved it I love talking on our rides up North. Thank you Ty for such a good ride up, it was good you and me time. We got to my parents house in Syracuse at about 10:30pm pretty good time considering we stopped in Nephi for a potty and treat break. When we got there my parents weren't there they were in Kentucky at Adams graduation. We stayed at my parents and watched the kids while they were gone.

Thanksgiving day my Mom wanted the kids to pretend it wasn't thanksgiving because they were doing it Saturday haha my mom is funny. Well Ty and I decided to go to Ty's grandma and Grandpas with his mom and dad for thanksgiving dinner since my parents were out of town and we didn't want to leave the kids at home so they came with us. I think they had fun and liked the food. Whats not to like about having two thanksgiving dinners. Ty's family made a delicious dinner thank you for letting us come and bring my siblings. After we ate we went downstairs to hang out and I had my thanksgiving nap of course. Ty said his nap was turkey coma and my nap was pregnancy tiredness. I think he was right I get exhausted soooo easily being preggers.

After we woke up from our naps we went over to Tys mom and dads house to hang out for a while. It was soooo much fun Dan and Brooke and the kids were there, Chris and Staci and Cute baby Ayla was there and Mike and Jess and the kids were there. We were all there and I loved it that doesn't happen very often since some of us live in southern Utah and some in northern Utah. We had a blast with everyone there we played games, talked a lot and Ty and I played with the babies and puppies. My siblings were entertained too since other kids were there to play with. I even watch Brooke play rook so maybe someday soon I will join in. Ty wants me to learn how to play rook soooo bad because its the Ulrich thing to do :) I just don't think I am smart enough for that game. After hanging out until about 9:30 pm we decided we should probably get the kids back home and in bed although we were sad to leave. What a fun day. Thanks mom and dad Ulrich for letting us hang out.

The next day on Friday the kids and Ty and I made sure the house was all clean before mom and dad got home. then me, Amanda, Emilee and Ammon went shopping. Yes it was crazy because it was black friday but I really needed to get some Christmas shopping done and it was the only day while we were up here I could do it. So we pushed our way through crowds, got bad parking spots and stood in long lines but I got almost all of Tys presents so it was worth it I think :) When we got home from shopping mom and dad were back home. The kids were so happy to have them back and Ty and I were excited to see them and hear some stories that Adam told them from his experiences at basic. At 4:30 we all went to the movie Planet 51. My family has a tradition from since I was little that we go to a movie on thanksgiving so since my parents were out of town that day we went the day after. It was fun to all go to a movie together. Thank you mom and dad for taking us all! It was a really cute show I liked it a lot and I think Ty did too we both laughed a lot and there was adult humor in it too which is always good! The rest of the night we just all hung out together.

Saturday was our second Thanksgiving and it was such a good day. We started out the day getting all ready and cleaning up, watching the movie Home Alone, then mom and dad started making dinner and I helped too while the kids played and watch TV. Ty played with the kids too. My mom decorated the table all cute with decorations she had around the house and she made cute leaf name place cards that I wrote our names on and tied to the rolled silverware. At about 2:30 It was time to grub It was all so delicious! One of my favorite things on thanksgiving is my moms cranberry salad and Ty's favorite was the noodles and potatoes. It was so much fun to have most of the fam there.
The pretty table my mom decorated.

Ty, Amanda, Parker, Chris, Emily and Zach watching TV while dinner was cooking and being prepared.
This is what Ammon did while he waited for dinner to get done. Gotta love olive fingers.

Ty and I so happy right before the thanksgiving feast.

Later on that evening my mom and sisters and I went shopping. Mom and I wanted to go to Roberts to get some Vinyl for some projects we wanted to do with her cricket that night and Amanda and Emilee wanted to look at clothes at Rue 21 so we went to roberts and my mom got some new cute cartridges (which I was happy about cuz I can use them :) and we got the vinyl we went out to get then we went to Rue and Seagull book and tape. When we got home we played a game before the kids had to go to bed because Zachy really wanted to play a game before Ty and I had to leave. We played his spy game it was really fun! I am glad I had Ty as a partner because he is a smarty pants but I did feel like I was just doing whatever he said instead of being a team so now that I understand how to play we will have to be a better team next time athough we did win so that was cool. After the kiddos went to bed my mom and I did some vinyl projects. She made some Merry Christmas vinyl for me for my front door and then she made some snowflakes vinyl for my windows. Thank you so much mom for doing those for me they turned out so cute. (pictures to come on the next blog about decorating for Christmas). It was fun hanging out with my mom and just talking all night while we made those on her cricket. After mom went to bed Ty and I packed up all our stuff and put it out in the car so it would be ready for when we had to leave in the morning.

The next morning on Sunday we left at about 8:15am after saying our good byes to the fam and drove back to Cedar. Usually we would have stayed and gone to Church with my parents and leave later that night but this time we needed to get back to Cedar to go to our ward at 1:00 because Ty plays the piano for choir and they were performing in sacrament that Sunday and then he also had to work that night after church. We got back to Cedar just in time to hurry and change and fix our hair before church started. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving break and loved all the time we had with both families! Thank you family!

This is a picture of the fall sign that I made in September to put in my living room for all of fall. I loved how they turned out it was the first time I had ever done mod podge on something like this before. First I painted the letters then mod podged paper on the front and then embellished them like so. I loved how they turned out and I am going to make one for every season. (I already made the winter one picture to come)

Yes that is a picture of a scrabble board. There is a story behind this. A couple weeks ago I had a day off and Ty had the morning off so we decided before he had to go to work we wanted to make the most of the time we had together and we would play a game. Ty picked scrabble. I like this game but I am not very good at it because all my words are three and four letters long is all. haha I don't have a very big vocabulary. But this game of scrabble was soooooo much fun I am so glad we had this time together. We were talking, laughing and being silly the entire game. The reason why I took a picture of the board after is because we were able to use every single tile without cheating, combining letters and still took turns back and forth like you normally do. It was awesome that we used every tile! We were very proud of ourselves at least. The last two letters I had were 2 g's so I thought we were doomed luckily ty found that e and the last word of the game was egg. haha. Love you honey thank you for playing scrabble with me and for always making me laugh I love you! Oh and just for the record Ty killed me this game I can't remember the exact score but he for sure won haha. Good job babe!

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  1. love the fall sign! did you modge podge with normal paper or cardstock? I just might have to copy you :)



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