Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a blast and it was so fun to be able to have my entire immediate family in one home at the same time. This doesn't happen very often because my sister's family lives in Canada and my brother's family lives in Cedar City so of course we embrace the holidays and all the family time it brings. The night was filled with food, pictures, last minute presents, music, stories, laughter, PJs and playing Santa for the first time. :)

So this year for my parents we got them a gift card to a fun place that they like to go laser tagging or bowling at for family to go together and then I found a cool idea here for the next present we did for them. We seem to like to do sentimental presents for my parents for Christmas and this seemed perfect since we were all together this year. Each family held a letter spelling out MOM and DAD and the frame I got had a space for the MOM together on the top in the center in had room for two pictures which is where we put a picture of my mom and dad and then a picture of all the kids, and then the bottom of the frame had three more spots for DAD. I think it turned out really cute and they seemed to really like it.

M- Traci's family: Stephane, Traci, Ben , Julien and Seb
O- Chris' Family: Chris, Emily, Parker and Ella
M- My family: Ty, me, and baby Maddux

My mom and dad at temple square the night before, and all their kids on the front porch on the next picture. 
Me (24), Traci (29), Chris (27) , Adam (20)
Emilee (12), Ammon (7), Zach (10) and Amanda (16)

D- Adam
A- Amanda and Emilee
D- Zach and Ammon

So after we took these pictures on Christmas Eve while dinner was being made Ty and I ran over to Walmart to the insta photo center and printed these out and put them in the frame and wala! Talk about getting a present done at the very last second. But when siblings don't live by each other you do what you gotta do :)

This is our cute little nephew Parker just being himself. Ty was trying to get him to smile but he just wanted to be silly. But hey I think he looks pretty happy don't you?!

After dinner we continued to snack and gathered in the living room to sing together, read stories, work on Christmas Mad libs, laughed and chatted it up. 

Then...Edwin the Elf came with all the Christmas PJs, Edwin the Elf is Santa's little helper that brings the new PJs for everyone to wear on Christmas Eve night. Thanks Edwin we loved all our new comfy Pjs and I especially liked my new slippers that I got with mine (in fact TY makes fun of me because I bring them along with me everywhere I go. If we go to his parents or my parents to hang out they come with me)
Zach and Parker are getting all the Pjs off the front porch after they heard the door bell ring. They were so excited find them and bring them all into us. 

Everyone finding their Pjs and changing the little kids into theirs. 
Ty got U of U bottoms and a red top. I got white bottoms with black snowflakes, a white top, and red slippers, and Maddux got red and white Pjs that said first Christmas on them

Daddy helping little M open his first Christmas jammies

My sweet boys all comfy, red and as cute as ever!

Little sis Amanda and mom all comfy! My mom was sick on Christmas eve but was such a trooper and still spent the whole night hanging out with us and partying with us.

My cute sister Traci and her hubby Stephane in their new PJs ready for the kiddos to go to bed so we could get all the Santa stuff ready for them

My dad can always get cute baby Ella to sleep when he bounces her on his knee. It is soooooo cute. 

Baby Maddux as happy as can be gumming it up for Grandma. 

After the kids were off to bed it was time to play Santa and it was so much fun to do it for the first time. Santa got Maddux a bouncer so we decided to have it all put together and set up for him for in the morning. The rest of his stuff was wrapped or in his stocking I had a lot of fun stuffing his and Ty's stocking this year too. 

Maddux, Ty's and my loot :) all set up before we got to bed

We spent the night at my parents house so we could be there late that night and early the next morning it just made sense. Well when it was time for bed our cute little monster named Maddux decided that he wanted to wake up at 2 in the morning. (He has been sleeping through the night since he was 6 weeks old and hasn't woken in the middle of the night since then until this night) well he was in the room with my sisters and Emilee was sick and coughing and woke him up and since he wasn't used to waking up in the middle of the night he didn't know what to do and it was a nightmare he would not go back to sleep and just kept crying. I tried holding him....cried, I tried nursing him...cried...I tried just laying him back finally Ty had to go and take him on a half hour drive to get him to sleep and then transferred him into the port-a-crib when he got home and he ended up sleeping the rest of the night. Poor baby. I fell asleep while Ty was out on the drive at about 2:30 am and I got woken up by Ty getting into bed at about 5 am apparently him, Stephane and Adam stayed up late playing card games downstairs. Silly boys....but I'm glad they had fun together.

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