Monday, February 28, 2011

February Catch Up

Why am I so bad at this blogging thing? I need to stay caught up because since it is my journal I want everything on here and it just gets tiring to catch up sometimes haha so my goal is to stay on top of it. I am also going to be sharing some of my crafting ideas on her every so often. Since I am a stay at home mommy now I keep myself busy, while the little "M" is napping, with my new love of crafts :) Well for now here is our eventful February.

Valentines Day
First of all we had the wonderful day of LOVE to celebrate. Man I love valentine's Day now that I am married. Although I would like to think Ty and I show each other every day how much we love one another V-day is just another fun excuse to show that love to my hubby and get some yummy food, presents and dessert out of it.
Ty took me out on our Vday date the Friday before. We dropped Maddux off at his grandma and grandpa Ulrich's and we got to enjoy some dinner and a movie just the two of us. We went to my favorite Olive Garden for dinner and of course we polished off our yummy meal with the black tie dessert. mmmm my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

After our yummy dinner and feeling like we are going to explode from our full tummies we headed off to the theater and saw a fun Romantic Comedy "Just Go With It." What a sweet hubby to take me to a chick flick, he is such a sport. It was a good movie for me because it had the love story in it but it was good for Ty because it was hilarious.

On the actual V-day, the 14th, we celebrated again at home as a family. I woke up to a happy valentines note in my bedroom and a huge love note written with Dry erase maker on the bathroom mirror. It was sooooooo cute! While Ty was at school Maddux and I went and got Ty's present and also made some chocolate covered strawberries for him to come home to. We first went to dinner at Ty's parents house with his grandma Ulrich and had some yummy sugar cookies for dessert. Then we headed home got our cute little bugger to bed and relaxed together. We got in our comfys and snuggled up on the coach with a blanket and watched Just Friends. Ty had never seen it and I love it so that was a fun movie to watch together. Especially since me and Ty were 'Just Friend' before we got together haha. I told Ty to not get me anything because he took me on a date on Friday but of course he broke the rule and got me a card from Maddux, a card from him, a forever rose (these are so cool because they last two years and I just love seeing it everyday in my room), a stuffed animal, and one of my fav style magazines. Isn't he so cute? :) Me and Ty got him a card and a massage! He has never had one before so we thought it would be a fantastic treat for him. He is always so busy with school and taking care of us that I thought he deserved to relax. Thank you for loving me Ty!

Also can I just say how wonderful it was to have two valentines this year. I love you Ty and Maddux you are both my entire world and couldn't imagine life without you both here with me. 

Ty's Birthday
On Thursday, February 17th it was Ty's 26th Birthday. He had to go to school on his birthday but luckily he only had school until noon that day so the rest of the day was spent with us. He woke up to sticky notes all over the house telling him happy birthday and a sorts of things that we love about him I think there was at least 50! There was also 3 happy birthday signs: one in the bathroom, one in the kitchen and one on the front door. When he got home he came home to a Big happy birthday sign on the wall, balloons everywhere and his presents sitting on the counter ready for him to open.

He wanted some subway for lunch so he brought that home for us and after we ate he opened his presents. Maddux got him the 3rd season of Arrested Development, I got him some new shorts and the big present that Maddux and I gave him, that we were super excited about, was a blue ray player. He was so surprised and excited for that one :) The rest of the day we just snuggled, relaxed and played with Maddux. Then that night we went to dinner with Ty's parents to Tucano's at the Gateway. Ty loves this place and it was the first time I had ever been. It was really good. I didn't used to be much of a meat eater, but since I have been married to Ty I have learned to really love meat. They also had a yummy salad bar and the BEST grilled pineapple I have ever had. We had them sing to Ty for his bday in Brazilian and he got a yummy dessert out of it that he shared with me and Maddux. It was also a really cool atmosphere I can see us going there again fairly soon. Yum. After dinner we headed over to Ty's parents to have some birthday cake and ice cream and to visit with Mike and Jess and there kids while they were up here visiting for a few days.

I hope my baby had an amazing birthday. I tried to make it very special for him and spoil him because he deserves it more than anyone I know. I love him so much and I am so grateful to have him in my life. I am grateful to be married to him for eternity. I am so grateful that he is such an amazing daddy to Maddux. He is such an amazing example to me and I just couldn't live without him.

Studio 5 and Discovery Gateway
 Well first of all to start this section off I have to say that I LOVE studio 5 and watch it everyday. If I am busy while it is on I always have it recorded. I love all the cute ideas they are always showing on their crafting segments. I am often inspired by what they show, say and do on this show. So I was watching like I always do and they were talking about how they are going to have an ambush week I thought it was cool but didn't think much else about it then as it got closer and closer I thought it would be so fun to go to one of the locations that week and meet Brooke or Daren. The day before they would be doing the photography ambush with Laci I decided on a whim to go to this one. They would be doing a free photo session at the children museum at gateway and you would get one free print. I thought I would LOVE to meet Brooke and I LOVE Laci to pieces. She is so talented as a photographer and is just as cute as can be. I would love to be this girls friend she is just as adorable in person. That morning I got Maddux all ready dressed and fed and we headed off to the gateway to Discovery Gateway Museum where we would be able to meet these two beautiful ladies and get a cute picture of Maddux for free.

We got there, found where they were set up, got in line, and signed up for a slot with the cute intern that was as nice as can be. So I was just standing there in line waiting my turn and watching Brooke in action when they would come to her on live TV to show what they were doing and it was so fun to see everyone on TV and I just couldn't wait to watch it at home later on my DVR. Well, as I was standing there about to go up to get Maddux's picture taken and being able to meet Laci, Brooke came up to me and asked me if I wouldn't mind being on live with her and they would show Maddux getting his picture taken by Laci while she was giving tips on photographing babies. I was really nervous but I said yes. I found out about 2 minutes before we would be on. I was so nervous. I was just scared I would look dumb or whatever.

Me and the intern getting us all singed up and our info to get the pic sent to us.

Laci in action. Hard at work. She is seriously so talented and I am going to hire her in the future to do our family pictures. You can check out her blog here. Seriously go take a look at her talent you will fall in love too.

 Laci, me and Maddux and Brooke
It was a lot of fun and it wasn't too bad being on live TV either. Maddux was such a cute little stinker. He kept running away and for sure stole the show. Daren kept asking about him. It was so cute. But it was really weird to come home and watch me and Maddux on Studio 5. I am such a dork but I just love this show so much so it was really exciting for me. Especially to meet these cute ladies.

This is one of the cute pictures that Laci got of him. I am in LOVE with it. I am just amazed that she got this cute of one with how wiggly he was and how much he was crawling away.

My handsome boy. 

Studio 5 also sent us this one. It was fun to get a mommy Maddux pic. Even though I was not prepared to get my pic taken. 

Here is the video with me and Maddux. This is the whole episode and we are on about 26 min 30 sec into it. They also showed his picture the next Monday for a recap on ambush week.I was seriously so excited to meet Brooke and Laci I can't say it enough. I know I am a complete nerd but don't just too harshly I just get really star struck especially when I admire the person.

We are also in this highlight of ambush week video at the end when they are talking about the photo shoot. Did you see when they were at the gym. I was hoping to go to that one too but Maddux was napping at it wa sin Bountiful so I didn't make it. darn oh well I'm glad I went to the one I did.

Since we were already at discovery gateway we decided to stay a couple more hours and play there. I had never been there before but it was so cute and there were even areas for the little little ones like Maddux to play. He was in heaven with all the toys and little kids around he was just loving every second of it. We for sure need to go here more often maybe even get an annual pass.

Play with the plastic balls. It was so cute there was a little girl that was like 4 that gave him a bucket to put his balls in. She wanted to play with him and was so nice to share. It was so fun to watch him explore. 

playing in the house. He decided he wanted to vacuum with the pink one. He actually does love vacuums every time I do it at home he chases me around the house and smiles the whole time.Guess I need a pink one :)

This was his favorite toy there. We would go play with something else and he would always come back to this one. He loved the music it played. "Daddy it looks like I am going to follow in your footsteps when it comes to playing the piano!"

He loved staring at the kids he is absolutely fascinated with what big kids can do.

Look at that adorable face. He is so concentrated. He was seriously in heaven when we were at this place. I thought he would be to little to like it there but I was so wrong. 

 Lovin' the huge Legos 

After played for about an hour and a half it was time to go home eat a snack and take a nap. He wore himself out. It only took me getting out of the parking garage before he was already sleeping soundly in his car seat. So cute. What an eventful day for mommy and Maddux.
Ten months Old
I can't believe my little man is ten months old today 2-28-11. What the heck? I didn't say he could grow up this fast. It makes me a little sad but I do love to watch him learn and discover new things. He is so smart and it developing the cutest most fun personality I have ever seen in such a small little body. He is always the life of the park and my heart just melts every time I see his smile. Developmentally he has changed so much this month he is learning new things everyday and loves to copy cat what mommy and daddy do.  Here is a little bot about little Maddux at ten months old:
**He had his first sugar cookie on Valentine's day
**This little mister has seven teeth now and almost eight. This month he got two more top teeth next to his front teeth and he also got another bottom tooth next to his middle teeth on the bottom and has one more bottom tooth on the verge of breaking through
**Maddux has started to really like apple juice from a sippy cup and has even started tilting it on his own
**Dux loves cords and it is so hard to keep him away from them

**He loves to play and to learn and discover new things. He has a new love of toys and books.
**He loves food. He will eat anything. He loves his baby food especially peas and apples. He loves big people food especially bread, peas and potatoes. He also loves his snacks such as baby cheetos, baby puffs and nilla waffers.
**He sleeps with his little glow worm sea horse that he got from us for Christmas. He sleeps with him at night and every nap. He loves him. It is so sweet.
**He loves all the little girls at church and follows them around the whole time.

**We go to the library almost every Wednesday for story time and after the story time and play time we check out some books for little Maddux as bedtime stories for the rest of the week until the next Wednesday and then we return them and get new books for the next week. He is really starting to love his story time. Daddy reads to him while mommy feeds him right before night night time. The first time we went to story time was with his cute little friend Anna and her mom from our ward.
**Dux is such a good little sleeper and sleeps about 10-12 hours straight at night
**He has gotten really good at giving 5s especially to daddy since he is the one who taught him this trick
**He likes to do this new high pitch squeal in stores or when he is mad I do not like this very much he is such a spoiled stinker. Good thing he is adorable.

**He does "So Big" now. Whenever we say so big he lifts his hands above his head. I have been trying to teach him this forever and then he did it for the first time in front of his daddy and aunt manda when I was at Bunko but I did get a picture of it so I guess that is ok. Here he is showing us So Big. His favorite place to do it up in his high chair though I don't know why but that is where he does it the most.
**This little guy loves the mimic us. He loves to learn new things.
**He will still do his fake cough when someone else in the room coughs
**Maddux flaps his arms and slap the ground when he is excited and it is so fun to watch. 
**Here he is doing another new trick of his which is doing the raspberries with his lips as he moves his lips with his finger. He learned this from daddy.
**Another cute new trick that he learned this month is shaking his head no. There was one day at the store he was screaming and I shook my head and said no no no and he smiles and shook his head and he has been shaking his head no ever since. He does it every time we say no no no with a big mischievous smile on his face like he know he is being silly. 
**Dux likes to click his tongue and show people that he can and he is so proud of himself when he does make the noise
**He loves his grandma and grandpas and loves to show off for them and play with them.

**He burrows his head in soft things like blankets, pillows, or our neck when he is tired. He also will pull on his ears, rub his eyes or do raspberries with his lips and finger when he is tired.
**He likes to sit in the bog boy basket of the shopping carts on his own now without being in his car seat it is his favorite thing to do because he loves to watch all the people at the store and smile at them
**When he is getting a new tooth in he will rub his tongue over it over and over again I think it feels good on his poor sore gums
**Little M loves his aunts and uncles and especially loves it when they sleepover at our house and are constantly giving him attention

**Dux wears size 3 diapers, 9-12 month clothes, 6-12 size socks and size 3 infant shoes
**He is baby babbling and jibber jabbering so much more now and even says "da da da" all the time. He loves to say da da. That is how he has a conversation with us. 
**Little M takes 2-3 naps a day but he is making a slow transition into taking just two naps a day. Sometimes he takes two and sometimes three I think we will be down to two naps permanently this next month.
**He loves to see himself in the mirror and smiles and waves to himself every time we walk past one

**He also learned how to clap his hands this month. It is so cute he will clap when we say yay and after he does so big.
**He is such a busy body and is all over the place he never stays still and just has to be moving. It is fun to have an active baby but boy oh boy does he keep me on my toes and busy all the time.
**He loves remotes but he wants the real ones not the ones that we let him play with (How does he know? the little stinker)Same with phones he wants the real ones and he knows when they are not the working ones that don't light up and call and text random people. Sorry if he has done that to any of you.
**He gives kisses to us and we just love it so much. He opens his mouth and leans toward us.

**Maddux still loves his binkie and it is always attached to him
**His favorite game is still to throw the CD cases and I clean them up every time he goes down for a nap and then he does it again and I clean them again
**He likes lemons. No seriously he does. He will bit and suck on it and make a really funny face but then he grabs for more.
**When he wakes up he has started to reach for things that are outside of his crib to keep him busy looks like mommy needs to make sure certain things are not in his reach. 

**He crawls soooooo fast and loves to pull himself up on everything.
**He still likes to sneak into the bathroom and even discovered the toilet paper roll
**Maddux gets so excited when his daddy gets home from school and just wants to be held by him. He is bored with me since he sees me all day long. Also when mommy goes to the gym at night M plays with daddy for a few hours just the two of them and I think they both just LOVE every minute of it and then I am able to get a break and some exercising done as well.
**Sometime he will wake up earlier in the morning and his daddy will peak in on him in the morning before he goes to school and he is sitting up and then we will look later and he goes back to sleep for a little bit. 

**He likes to get into our kitchen gadget draw and loves to play with the measuring cups and spoons.
**He loves knobs and likes to open anything with a knob, especially drawers and cabinets
**Dux loves buttons anything with a button on it catches his eye and he loves the pull at it with his little fingers luckily he can't break them off yet.
**He loves his crib he will not sleep in our arms and only sometimes in his car seat now but when he is really tired he just sinks into his bed and loves every minute of it.

**He is the smiliest baby I have ever seen. He smiles at least 500 times a day. He smiles at me, at daddy, at strangers he just loves to smile and show off all his teeth.
**At grandma and grandpa Ulrich's he loves to climb up the one stair from their living room to the kitchen and he has gotten really good at it
**He has been a little more clingy lately and like to be held a lot more. Which is ok with me....I love it actually.
**Dux loves his picture taken and smiles every time he sees a camera 

**He is starting to like to walk while holding onto our fingers. He is getting really good at it. I wonder when he will walk or stand on his own?
**He loves to crawl on wood floors at both of his grandparents house because we only have carpet and he likes how fast he can go and how slippery it is
**He leans toward us now when he wants us and will be right at our feet when he wants us to pick him up
**He loves daddy's guitars and has figured out how to flick the strings so they make noise. 

**He always smiles after he sneezes...He thinks it is funny which then makes me laugh and then he laughs more and it is a big fun
**This little man still loves baths and he had his very first bath in the big boy bath by himself and loved it. He loves his bath toys, he loves being naked, he loves the water and he loves to splash.
**Dux loves to follow me around when I am vacuuming the house.
**He loves music and is always so mesmerized by it. He even likes my singing which is scary it just shows that he loves music and songs. He just loves to learn and I couldn't be more proud of that as him mommy.

 Ahhhh he has the sweetest little face ever!
**Maddux got some new sunglasses today. I found them at target for $1 when we went to get him a new swimming suit and couldn't pass them up. If you are asking why we are getting a swimming suit in February it is because we are going on a play date with my cute friend Amber and her daughter Anna tomorrow at an indoor splash pad and we are so excited. I am glad maddux gets to sport him new cute swimming suit He will have a blast.


  1. ITWAS SO fun to see the clips of you on studio 5.. how fun!!! maddux is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  2. What a ham! He totally knows the camera and how to cheese-it-up! I think you officially have the cutest baby boy. I'm so glad he likes lemons now - when Ty was feeding them to him at dinner a few months ago, he was making the funniest faces!

    You're totally inspiring me to decorate for Dan's birthday. It's coming up this month, and I was wondering how I could make it special. I love the post-it note idea!



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