Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Easy St. Patrick's Day Topiary

I can't believe St. Patrick's day is only one day away. Well since it is almost here I thought I would share my topiary that I made for this month with a green St. Patrick's theme of course...and since Easter isn't until April this year the Green decor is staying up for the rest of the month of March then the Easterie stuff will go up April 1st. I need to start blog hunting to get some good Spring/Easter ideas. You can leave some links in my comments if you know of any. Thanks :)

I got the idea to do a topiary from cupcake liners from Craftomaniac. She did a really cute one for Valentines Day but I found it too late so I decided to make it for March and it ended up being just what I wanted. Anyway this was super easy and this is what I needed and did.

These are the supplies you will need:
-Cup cake Liners (I go the Shamrock one's from the party store Zurchers) Also I got 3 packages because I liked mine really tight
-Styrofoam ball
-Glue gun and glue
-Two dowels (one painted and one just to help put the cup cake liners on with)
-A little pot
-And ribbon or other embellishments
-Paint (if you want to paint the dowel)

This is what I did:
-First I painted the dowel green
-After it dried I stuck it in the Styrofoam ball and glued it so it would stay in nice and snug
-Then you start putting on the cup cake liners
-I wrapped the cupcake liner around the dowel giving it a flat surface
-I put a little dot of hot glue on the flat surface

-I pressed it on the Styrofoam ball and held it there for a few second using the dowel (This gives it a good shape and it prevents your fingers from getting burned)
-I just continued doing this until the ball was completely covered (I did mine really tight and close together because I liked that look, but you could do them looser and farther apart)

-Then a put a piece of foam in the bottom of the green pot that I chose to use and stuck the topiary right in it
-To give it it's finished look I put white shredded paper in the pot and put a green ribbon around the dowel

-And tuh-duh here is the finished product.

-What do you think? This is another project that could so easily be transferred into another holiday or color scheme. Get creative. Make it your own.
 -FYI-This is easy like I said but it can be time consuming so like me just work on it with your favorite show or a chick flick on in the back ground and it seems to go by much faster :)

 Here is a little somethin somethin I used to make my house a little more green and festive for the St. Patrick's holiday. Gotta get into the spirit now that I have my little man right?!

This is on top of my entertainment center. The tile, U, willow trees and plaque stay up pretty much year round so to add a little festiveness (is that a word? haha) to it I just added my topiary that I showed how to make above, and some framed printables. I painted two dollar store frames two different greens and I already had the white frame. Going from left to right I got these printables from Crafts and Sutch, Today's Fabulous Finds, and for the life of me I can not remember where I got the adorable one on the right but I will put it in here when I find it. I also put the middle printable on a stack on two old vintage green books that I had. Do you like the topiary there? I thought it gave that section good height.

-My lucky sign that I showed how I made here. I Love this table I know I have said that before but it just means so much to me. I can't decide if I want to paint it.

This is another cute table that my mom gave me when I got married. It is a good side table that I put next to my love seat. It is perfect for a lamp. I just added a button to the lamp and used an old vintage Sprite bottle as a vase.Just enough green to brighten that area up.

-This is the hall way into my living room. I showed how to make the wreath here. Then I added a flower and some shamrocks here and there in some vintage bottles and vases I already had. I made the luck sign with some dollar store frames that were already black all I did is put green scrapbook paper behind the glass and put dark green vinyl on the top of the glass. I used my love silhouette Sandra Dee to make the vinyl. The cute printable I got from Itsy Bitsy Paper and put it in a dollar store frame that I painted green.

My hall way. From Valentines all I did different was replace the red and pink frames with green and white, put some shamrocks in the vases, used printables, from left to right, from Anything But Perfect, Its A Crafty Life, and The Hands on Housewife (don't you love the Keep calm and pintch on ? I think it is so adorable)  put some green ribbon on my vase of branches and added the word Lucky and some Shamrocks to my vintage windows with some green vinyl using my Silhouette.

On my Faux mantel I put the green grass balls I already had on my candle stick, filled my glasses with green candy (oops it is all gone...not a surprise in my house. They were green m&ms and chocolate covered almonds...heaven I tell ya), spelled out Lucky You wit scrabble letters and put some green shamrock garland in a glass vase that I got from the dollar store. I am seriously loving all the green in my house it makes it feel so springy and not so cold.

-Marchy Calendar...decorated with some vinyl to spruce it up a bit. I think that is cuter than just having dry erase marker everywhere but it is still temporary.

I needed something here but ran out of ideas so I kept it simple First I wrapped a red candle I had in green paper and taped the back and then glued on a cute glittery shamrock to give it some pizazz. Then I cut out a big shamrock and the word lucky in a fun font on my silhouette on green paper and then I glued the negative to some white paper, framed it and wala cute and simple.

Make sure to check out the free printable links and print them out for next year. They are so fun and add a little somethin somethin to your home that is so inviting.

My cute hubby working so hard. So this being his first year of law school he is a pretty busy guy but there are two weeks in particular this past year that have been pretty grooling for him. Both semesters he has had a huge paper due in his methods writing class that takes up all his time and although he works on it pretty much the whole semester it seems like the week before is when he really polishes it up and makes it the best he can make it. It makes for a long, stressful week with long nights working on it pretty much constantly with exception of some break to enjoy some TV and dinner with me and M of course.  This is how I have found him pretty much every night this week. He works so hard and I am so proud of him. I just can't wait until Friday when this paper is turned in and it is his Spring Break. Then it will be me, Ty and Maddux time for a whole week! Yay!

Hope you all have a beautiful St. Patrick's day!
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  1. I love all the St Patty's stuff! You really go all out! I have a hard time doing anything for the small holidays. I'm your newest follower!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Your decorations look great:)

  3. your blog is so cute i hope that is okay if i follow it

  4. Love the topiary! I'm so glad you did the tutorial - I was planning on making one for spring, but didn't know where to start! Who would have thought cupcake liners?!

  5. Great job mama! And cute St. paddy's decor!! Thanks for linking up and grabbing a button!

  6. Whitney! I just love your blog :]

    & you are adorable! i love crafty, cute home deco ideas & these are so cute!

  7. I love all your St Patty's ideas. Can't wait to see your ideas for Easter.

  8. I love this! I would never have thought to do that with cupcake liners! I featured it here!, feel free to link up more posts!



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