Sunday, April 3, 2011

11 months old

I'm sorry but I just have the cutest little guy ever. He is so much fun. He smiles more than any baby I have ever seen, he laughs all the time, he is adventurous,  he eats everything and anything, he is daring, he gives me kisses and loves all day long, he is a little social butterfly, and he is just so good and fun to be around. He makes me want to be a better person so he is proud to call me his mama. He makes me want to be more creative so I can teach him to be creative. He makes me want to be smarter so I can teach him everything he needs to know. He makes me want to love more, be more patient, be more outgoing, be more kind, he just makes me want to be better. And I love that so much about him. He is amazing and I just want to be worthy to be his mom and to call him mine. He turned eleven months on March 28th. I can't believe he will be a year this month. What the? Anyway...

Here are some things about little "M" at eleven months:
 **He is just as smiley as ever.
** He loves books. We go to the library every week and check out 7 books for every night before bed. We will also go to story time at the library sometimes and he likes to open and look at the books himself too. He will pretend he is reading by flipping through the pages and babble to himself. 
**He really has the hang of his sippy cup now and like his water and apple juice in it.

 **His daddy is seriously his hero. He loves him so much. He gets so excited when he gets home from school or when he is home all day during the weekends.
**He likes to go on walks 
**He still loves cords and is always getting into them.
**We started brushing his teeth with those little tooth brushes you put on your finger and the baby tooth paste and gums cleaner and he does pretty good with it. I think he likes the flavor for the tooth paste.

 **He is wearing size three diapers still and probably will be for a while. He has room to grow into them still.
**We went over to my friends Amber's place so Maddux and her cute little girl Anna could play. They are in our ward and we were so happy when they moved in. Maddux is just in love with Anna he would follower her around all day long if he could. He will wave and point at her in church. 
**Dux says ma ma, da da, no no, na na and has said what sounds like duck a few times.

 **He loves his feet. He is constantly holding them and playing with them. He likes to pull off his socks and sometimes sucks on his little toes
**His new thing is pointing with his cute little chubby pointer finger. He points at everything. 
**When he is tired he rubs his eyes, holds his ear and flaps his fingers in front of his lips making raspberry noises.
**He does really good taking his baby Tylenol for when he is teething or sick. I think he likes the grape flavor he gets a little too excited for it sometimes. 

 **He still fits into some 6-9 months clothes, some 9 months and a few 12 months now.
** He has started to lean toward the person he wants to hold him. 
**Maddux will stick out his tongue when I do and starts laughing

 **He has his first St. Patricks day and wore the cutest green shirt that said "Mom's Lucky Charm"
** He loves lights and fans. He will stare at them, smile at them and point at them. 
**Dux still loves seeing himself in the mirror and waves at him self and gives the mirror (himself) kisses

 **He loves the camera and is always cheesing it up when he sees me pull it out. He also likes to try to grab it. In this picture he looks like he is taking a self-portrait but no he is just trying to steal the camera
**He started making big circles with his arms when he does so big now
**He likes to go shopping and run errands with me

 **He loves his mama and spends all day with me. How lucky am I? He runs errands with me, he snuggles with me, reads with me and plays with me.
**He has a major sweet tooth like his mama. Yes I know I am a bad mom I give him sweets already. But h eats his fruits and veggies just as well. 
**He is always giving us kisses and hugs

 **He LOVES his binkie and I have a feeling it is going to be hard to take away when it is time. It soothes him and it is so cute when he puts it in his own mouth when he is sad to comfort himself.
**Dux is the most active little guy and never stops. He keeps me so busy :)
**Maddux loves anything electronic and likes to put it in his mouth, play with it and push the buttons

 **He loves to act like a big boy. I don't like it he is still my baby.
**Maddux thinks that no no is funny and will smile and shake his head. 
**He has started watching movies in the car on our portable DVD player and loves it...he likes it mostly at night when we are driving cuz he gets tired and restless and it is able to distract him for the ride home.

 **Maddux loves the Cat in the Hat, Olivia, Sid the science Kid, Elmo, Baby Einstein, Super Y, and Dinosaur Train.
**He LOVES his voice and screams all the time eek. 
**He has started to give me a huge love (hug) when I pick him up out of his crib after his naps and in the morning

**He had fun down in St. George and Cedar City during daddy's spring break and loved visiting all our old friends and our family down there. 
** he reminds me of a puppy. He crawls everywhere, he begs at our feet and lately he wants to open the toilet lid and tries to put his hand in the toilet....don;t worry I catch him before he does but hello gross

 **He is such a fast crawler. I seriously don't know how he moves so fast on his knees. No wonder he don't want to walk yet, crawling is faster. He also does a cute elephant crawl lately that he goes on his feet and hands with his bum in the air.
**He still loves to clap his hands and when I start to sing patty cake patty cake he will clap his hands without me telling him to.
**He really likes to be held lately he doesn't like s out of his sight much anymore and is a lot more clingy especially when he is tired. 

 **He walks while holding onto furniture and is starting to walk with the help of this cute hippo walker. He does so good with it I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't just get up and start walking any day now.
**He loves music. 
**He is the biggest wiggle worm ever
** mommy likes to put his hair in mohawks

 **Dux still loves bath time in fact I think he loves it more each time. He would stay in the bath for hours if I would let him.
**He just started dancing. When he hears music he will hold onto something while standing and bounce up and down over and over again.
**He likes to hang out in just his diaper

 **He likes to get into everything. He likes to open drawers, cabinets, papers, soap bottles in the tub, my sock drawer, CDs...he just loves to play with anything.
**He loves when we sing to him and sometimes when he is sad it is the only thing that will calm him down.
He likes when I am vacuuming and will follow i around trying to get the cord from it

 **He only nurses two times a day the morning when he first wakes up and at night before he goes to bed for the night.
**Dux has eight teeth now! Wow!
** He sleeps better with our bathroom fan on because he likes the white noise and it make sit so he can't hear background noises when he is trying to sleep like us talking or the TV.

 **Dux is in a new forward facing car seat now and he LOVES it! He loves to be able to see around, stretch his legs and see us in the front.
**He loves all of his grandparents and gets so excited when we visit them
**He loves string cheese and gogurt with his lunch

 **Me and Maddux went with my mom and sister to watch my little brother at soccer practice and poor little guy got his first wind burn. Look at those sad red cheeks. He looks so worn out in this picture too. Tired guy.
*8He will follow his little uncles (my little brothers) around like a puppy dog he loves them and always wants them to play with him. 
**He hate having his nails clipped. He goes in phases. He hated it when he was tiny, he didn't mind it a few months ago and now he hates it again. He scream and tries to wiggle away.

 **M takes 2 naps a in the morning after breakfast and after lunch. He also goes to bed around 9 pm (if we are home) and wakes up around 9 am. Such a good little sleeper.
**He loves getting spoiled by all his aunts and uncles
**He has gotten another cold in the last month it is so sad to see him sick and not himself
**puppy's are his favorite and he even lets them lick him and when he doesn't want the too he will push them away

 **He got to meet his new little cousin Creed. Creed is nine months younger than him. He is fascinated by him and I think they are going to be great buddy's
**He screams like a girl (at stores it is a bit embarrassing) I am trying to teach him we don't scream like girls but he is just too little to understand so that is awesome.
**He is starting to stand by himself in really short spurts
**He loves big kids
I just love this little guy so much. I can't believe that he is eleven months old. He is growing up so fast. I miss when he was a tiny baby but I love the stage that he is at now. He is so fun, he is learning new things everyday, he makes new discoveries and is so so so entertaining. Thank you Maddux for being you for making me feel so lucky to be your mama. Your daddy and I feel so so blessed to have you in our lives. To get to hold you, teach you and love you.


  1. He looks sooooo much like Ty in the picture where he is reaching for the camera. So cute!

  2. Just saying that he's so cute and if you can join us in our linky party called Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop, that will be awesome :)



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