Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gatorade and Pedialyte

Why would I need to go to the store for these two products today
Can you guess?
Well they were in our home today
but will hopefully not be needed tomorrow (cross your fingers)

My boys had the tummy flu today
My poor little baby woke up with puke in his crib at 10:30 this morning :(
I was in the middle of Insanity when Ty found the ugly sight
So I paused cleaned him up 
and finished while Ty snuggled him with some juice in his sippy cup

Hubby also woke up not feeling well and 
it only got worse as the day went on

After giving M a bath, washing everything
and after getting him back down for a nap
and hubby down for a nap
I was able to shower, get ready, do my nails
and go to the store for these two supplies

Of course I called my mom since I had no clue what to give a sick baby
This is the first time he has ever had this
And she recommended giving him very light things like apple sauce and jello
and some Pedialyte to keep him hydrated
So of course after talking to her I got my supplies

I also had to get some grape Gatorade for my sick Ty
that is his favorite thing to drink when he is sick

I got grape of both drinks
like father like son

If any of you know me you know I do not do so well around puke
In fact I hate it
In fact I hadn't puked for six years until I got pregnant
and even then it was only once at the very end
I talk myself out of it
it is not worth it to me

So one of my biggest fears of being a mom 
was having to clean that stuff up
and I was scared I would be a horrible mom not being able to snuggle her sick baby

Well I was pretty proud of myself
Even though I may have gagged a few times
I did pretty well with the situation
I helped clean it up

And I snuggled the Bahgeebies out of my little Baby
and I LOVED every second of it
He was already seeming like he was doing better by tonight
But was very tired

I think I took pretty good care of my two boys 
and lets hope they are feeling better and refreshed in the morning

And guess what????????

Tomorrow is the MY FIRST GIVEAWAY
and it is so fun
so make sure to check it out :)
I am so excited
I hope all of you are too


  1. I am the exact same way with puke. I had gone quite a few years without puking until I got my gallstones and I couldn't help it!

  2. Abbie had some nasty bug where she puked multiple times, throughout April. Sick little ones are the worst, but Abbie was happy to dink the pretty blue gatorade.

    I hate puke too, especially when Abbie puked on my face and in my talking mouth:(

  3. Oh my gosh...we had that same weekend too, pedialyte and sprite! It was the first time our 1 yr old was sick, it was soo sad!
    Love your blog btw!



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