Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chic n' Fresh #1

I am really excited to start something new
Something Chic 
and Yes Fresh

I  just came up with this exciting and fun idea 
That I can't wait to share with all of you
I will be dedicating a post each week to
pampering us moms
Yup mom's need to feel pretty too
Any woman does
So really it is dedicated to all woman
But moms especially because I am a mom

Before I was a mom 
it seemed easy to feel pretty
I had the time, the money
and the energy to do so

Then I had my sweet baby Maddux
and sometimes I don't shower until 1 pm but 
I did and I get ready
My husband laughs at me
But I feel so much better about myself
when I try a little

I will be honest it is so much easier to 
have a sweats day
But I feel so much better if I do a little somethin
even if I do wear sweats
I pretty it up in the hair department

I am by no means a hair stylist, fashionista, flawless model
or a beauty but
I do feel like as moms we just need to feel good
to find what is simplest for us
the fastest way
and it is possible 
and that is what I want to share each week
fun and easy ways to feel good
on a regular old day
as a regular old person
 Because I am a real person
I am a mom
and I don't spend hours and hours getting ready
I just do what works for me
and keeps me lookin good for the hubster

So Chic n' Fresh posts will include:
Modest Fashion
Chic style
I will share ideas I do that have worked for me
and ideas I find that I want to try

I want your feedback, your ideas and comments
I always looking for chic and Fresh ideas
that will help me 
in the beauty department :)

 Now on to my super fun first 
"Chic n' Fresh"
Today I am going to share with you the hair products I use
some daily, some weekly 

I wash my hair about twice a week
Yup you heard that right twice
(Yes I shower everyday...just keep the hair in a shower cap)
It is actually much better for your hair 
your natural oils will do wonders 

I use Dove shampoo and conditioner
I love it 
I know its drug store shampoo
But I used to use the salon shampoo 
and it drained my pocket 
and my hair feels just as soft and healthy with Dove
I have tried other Drug store shampoos 
but dove outside of salon care is my favorite

I got them at Costco
and they are huge
One shampoo bottle lasts me 6 months
and the conditioner has lasted me a little longer than a year
They come with a pump
I love the pump seriously it is awesomeness
and they only cost about $6.00 each
Hello amazing

While my hair is still wet
I put in these products...

A leave in treatment for distressed ends
Provides heat protection,
reduces friction from brushing and 
helps prevent breakage and split ends

Because I have damaged hair 
and am trying to get it back to its healthy self
this is my hairs love potion
I use about 3 or 4 pumps for my whole head
applying it to all the ends 
and massaging it throughout the rest of my hair
getting all the layered ends

The girl that I bought this from at the Salon
told me it is her favorite product they sell
She had bleached hair and it saved it
from frying off 

I have been using it for a few months 
and for sure recommend it

Thickifier – adds body and volume
Energizer – gives life to limp hair
Stylizer – defines, separates and controls. Blah, blah, blah… 

Adds shine and controls frizz
Thermal protectant
Light to medium hold and manageability 

I love the lift it gives to my roots
it just does so much in one small bottle
that lasts FOREVER
I am telling you 
you will feel like you are using it forever and 
it looks like nothing is gone

(I love when the bedhead fairies come and 
fill up my bottle in the middle of the night :) )

Then I blow dry it
Blowing the roots dry first
Giving it some good volume 
then moving to the ends 
brushing as I go
I know it looks like it would
take me no time at all since it is short
But I have some freakishly thick hair
It is very deceiving
 But still takes less time then towel and air drying ;)

I would love a fancy shmancy hair dryer
but something like that just isn't in 
the law student budget
and lets be real here most people don't spend 
a load of money on a dryer
So I use this one 
that does the job drying and actually works pretty great
for it not being a $100+ dryer
I think it was about $20
And it came with a couple attachments
I got it for Christmas one year 
and has lasted and lasted
what more can you ask for?!

Hello frizz
I have thick, wavy 
(the ugly kind not the pretty kind)
hair and this is what is looks like 
after I blow dry it straight
still Frizz tastic 
partially from damage and partially from 
my naturally course hair 

So I straighten it
and since I straighten it and feel like I HAVE to
I figured I better use a good heat protectant
And Abby over here suggested this
so I figured I would give it a try

I have been using it for a couple months now
and feel like it is slowly making a difference
I was hoping for a little more 
since it was pretty expensive 
but since I am desperate for healthier hair
I will use this until I find something better
if there is anything 

I will keep you updated on my favorite 
heat protectant out there 
hopefully for a better price

My straightener on the other hand I LOVE
I have had it for about 3 years 
and recommend it to everyone

My friend that does hair told me about it 
so of course I got it 
I don't know where she got it 
because she got it for me with her discount
but you can find the exact same one I have HERE

Then my adorable hair dresser and Friend now 
(she is amazing...let me know if you need someone
I think she is moving to Salt Lake soon)
uses the same one in her salon and for her hair
and loves it so much too
She told me it is much better than the chi 
which is saying a lot!

It is totally worth the money because it
has a 2 year warranty and it lasts FOREVER
I haven't had any problems with it
Plus I got a discount so that was nice

Because I have short hair and layers
I gotta straighten it in sections
Just straightening the top layer will not cut it 
with short hair cuz unlike long hair
you see it all

So to section it off I use these clips
I got them at Sallys for super dee duperity cheapo 
and once you buy them you Never need more

Once it is all straightened
I give it a little tease to the back and sides 
with this teasing comb I got for about 2 bucks
at Sallys and voila...

Much less frizzy, straight hair
(sorry the pic is so blury)

Yes...the front/sides of my hair
are a bit longer all of a sudden
don't know if you noticed?
and yes these pictures were taken the same day
as the pictures at the top of the post
I'll tell you all about that 
in a future "Chic n' Fresh" post

After my hair is complete and I know 
I am going out and want it to last all day
I give it a little sprits with this hairspray
I just get it at Walmart for around $6
Love it 

I don't need the fancy stuff as long as it does the trick
It just needs to hold and not stiffen up my hair too much
and this stuff fits that criteria!

This is a product that is for sure
not a must have
but I do like it
It is a wax stick that is good at taming flyaways
or for using to texturize your a hair a bit
depending on your hair cut and style

I bought it from my friends salon in Cedar 
But I found the same thing HERE

There is my 2 cents
that is what I use
Take it for what it is worth

I do not suggest buying everything at once
But if something sounded awesome to you
try it out
If you have ANY questions about any of the products 
email me or comment
and I will get back to every single one of you

These were all my opinions
and what I like 
and I just wanted to share the love with you amazing readers of mine

I am usually doing my hair when this little sweety 
is sleeping
which makes it so much easier to get it done,
I feel good that I got ready for the day
and then when he is awake I have all the time in the world
to play with him, snuggle him and give him a million kisses the rest of the day
You would too if he was yours 
He is the cutest baby in the WHOLE WORLD 
and I tell him that everyday :)

"ahhhh mom I am so embarassed"

"Sorry baby but I have to share your cuteness with all
Because I just feel so lucky to have you!"

Hope this post helps a little
(even if it only helps one person I will be ecstatic)
Thank you for reading, commenting, following 
and for all the advice I LOVE it all

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  1. I can relate completely, all the things we just have no time for anymore.... but I really liked the hair demo you did, I have almost the same cut and blow dry it to a frizz and usually just go out like that! UGH! I now know I prolly shouldn't do that anymore. Thanks

  2. I am super exited to read all of your ideas. i totally feel the same way. we all need just a little something to keep it fresh. it is 5 and i am still in my sweats with my sick kids in their pj's. so i am way exited to see what you do to look so cute!

  3. What a fun new idea! I am going to love reading these. You do such a great job on your blog, I really love it!

  4. you are such a cute momma! seriously, loved this post, so fun!! it looks like you were having fun with it too, so good! have a great day with that fab hair!

  5. So many great tips! I am learing that my hair looks a lot better if I go a few days between washing every once in a while.

  6. What a cute hair cut! I also JUST started washing my hair a few times a week- saves soo much time.
    One item I LOVE that is super cheap is Garnier Fructis Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk. It is great for us Texans who have WAY too much humidity in the air for a decent hair day. :)

  7. I love posts when people share their favorite products! Man, I miss the days when I only had to wash my hair twice a week!! Something happened when i got pregnant with my 2nd child & now I have to wash it EVERYDAY! Yuck!

  8. great idea!

    come check out my giveaway i'm having! :)


  9. love your haircut, mine is very similar. i've never heard of that straightener, i use a chi, but i'll be looking into your kind. love all the progress shots!

  10. What a great idea for a weekly post! ;)
    Thank you for linking up to {nifty thrifty sunday} last week!

  11. Okay, I just barely found this post and I am loving it! You are so cute! You have great hair by the way and I am so glad that you shared your secrets on how you get it that way!! I am going to have to try those products . . . immediately! :)



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