Friday, July 8, 2011

This Weeks Pinterest Loves #8

Yay! It's Friday
And We all know what Friday means!!!
It's time for me to share my Pinterest loves for this week
For all my new readers out there 
I had this fabuloso, unique (at least I had never seen it anywhere)
idea about 8 weeks ago
I do a post every Friday with some of my favorite 
things I have pinned

It is so fun for me to share with all of you 
the awesome projects, ideas, rooms, fashion
photography and so much more with all of you

To learn more about Pinterest go here
So have any of you gotten one since I told you about it?
Add me if you did
Pinterest friends are the BEST :)

So here are my Ten for week Eight
Week 8 on July 8th!
What a fun happenstance :)
and I am sharing them with you because....
My Readers are awesome! and I am Pretty Cool I think :)
so enjoy and make sure to check them out

Don't you all just love this wall Art?!
I knew you would
The coolest part is that she made it
out of styrofoam, fabric, and mod podge

When I first saw this I thought it was canvas
But was way excited to see it was styrofoam since that is much cheaper

She gives you an awesome step by step tutorial
It doesn't even look hard
And it looks so pretty in her yellow and grey guest bedroom
Yeah that is only her guest bedroom
and it is beautiful!

But you could do it in any color scheme
with any fabric in any shape
The best part of creating is making it your own
and letting your personal style shine through

This is one of the most creative things I have ever seen
These earring are made from paper clips
an earring hook and string
Crazy huh

I think they are so cute
The color possibilities and designs are endless
Source: Evie S.

I loved this idea right away
Isn't that so cute for a party
It really could go with any year
but I love it for 50th birthday party
with pictures of the birthday person 
from baby to 50 and in between

Or I also like it for an anniversary party
with pictures from their wedding day until present
with all in between
How fun 
And you could do any color scheme
I love the black and white photos with the grey and yellow
 Source: Martha Stewart

Wow I just realized my first 4 items on here
are yellow and grey
I promise I did not plan that
Crazy haha

I have seen the little tie onesies
but this one with the stylish 
button up vest is by far my favorite

I would love to get this or make this for my little man
He would be so fashionable but oh so comfy 
She has got so many cute things for boys and girls
check out her shop

I love the message boards everyone has been making lately
I always thought it would be so fun when 
my kids get older to have them and their 
friends leave little messages on it

But it would also be fun for hubby and I to write each other
notes or a thought on one
That is why I love this one
Today is awesome because....

You could have so much fun with this
She just used a frame, mat board and alphabet stickers

I want this kitchen
I love the white cabinets
with some black and a black island
The backsplash is so fun
The counter tops are pretty
and the molding is beautiful
I think my red and yellow kitchen decor 
would go perfect in there

Who knows I may just have to copy when 
we buy a house :)

There is so much about this room that is simply amazing
The first thing that caught my eye and that is my favorite
is the chandelier  

I need one I want one
in my room and I don't know where to find
an affordable one I can just paint
So if any of you know of a place to get them
or need to get rid of one let me know
and I will take it off your hands :)

I also love the colors
the & pillow
well all the pillows
The bench at the foot of the bed
the patterns
and the headboard

Want is your favorite part about this room?

Do you see this porch swing?!
 Isn't it the best you have ever seen?
I think I just about died when I first set my eyes
on this beauty!

and exactly what I want at my house one day
It can go in the back it can go in the front
It would look pretty anywhere
and it looks so comfy

I would read on it 
people watch
watch maddux play
take naps
eat snacks
take pictures
have amazing conversations with my hubby 
and blog on it
EVERY chance I got
(Sorry I can't find the original source
I will keep looking and update)

Watermelon Lemonade
Gotta try this delish drink
Doesn't it just make you thirsty looking at it
I would enjoy

With summer in the air and BBQs
you gotta have a good punch right?!

Well cute Alison tells us how to make it
Isn't that so nice of her to share
and the best part
It is so easy
and Pretty!
And who doesn't like a pretty drink the tastes amazing?!
 Source: Oopsey Daisy

This is cute Kimberly Caldwell
and I love her hair
She always looks so beautiful
I would like a little bit of that please

This is about the cut and style
that my hair looks like now
only a tad longer in the front
making the A-line longer
and a bit more fierce
Who doesn't like some fierceness in their lives?
I sure do
and its darker blonde
I LOVE it!

As much as I do change my hair
I always seem to go back to this style
It is what looks best on me
and what I enjoy
It is fun, different and cool
(cool as in the temperature...but it is pretty RAD too)
for summer.
Source: Google Images

Remember: If you see something you love
don't hesitate

 Don't forget the
Click to get the details, see the review and enter  
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and it could be YOU!
why not?!
so enter!
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I promise you need it and will love it
who doesn't like cleaning
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email me or leave a comment with your order
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I need your orders by Thursday July 14th
Have a fun Friday!
I will be doing Insanity,
meeting up with my cute friend Brit,
Running to target and hobby lobby for
materials for some fun projects I have up my sleeve,
working on projects,
finishing up laundry,
making some delish dinner for me, M and the hubsters
hanging out with some friends tonight
and maybe renting a good movie with a little popcorn
and a slurpee on the side
while snuggling my Ty



  1. Pretty pretty things! Thanks for sharing! We now follow you on pinterest ;)


  2. Love the idea of sharing your Pinterest pins on a Friday. Love your colourful blog xx Ava

  3. thanks girl! i feel so famous. :)

    i haven't commented either... :( but i really haven't been on the computer much either. been so busy!

    very cute post!

  4. Thanks for highlighting my earrings!

  5. Cute blog! Don't know if you have a Habitat for Humanity Restore nearby you. But, they always have chandys for cheap. Then you just spray paint it whatever color you'd like :)

  6. Love all of these ideas! I SO want to make the little onesie for my little guy! Thanks for sharing!

  7. You find the greatest stuff on Pinterest!!! I love it! Thanks for sharing all your great finds!!

  8. I am heading over to your Pinterest now to follow you! :)

    Happy weekend,
    LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

  9. I just love pinterest! it is so addicting. I am ReMarkable Home on there.

  10. I love love love that bedroom! Thanks for sharing! Stopping by from Tatertots and Jello!
    Modern Wivelyhood

  11. Thanks for posting such great ideas. I love the photo 50, I think I'll be using that idea for a party next week!



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