Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chic n' Fresh #3

 It is time for Chic n' Fresh #3
and this week our theme is 
Extensions- Clip in style
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So I have had a lot of people compliment my hair 
when I had the long A-line
and would get a lot of questions about it
Well guess what the front was extensions
Yup the clip in kind

I have had the beaded extensions in the past and I LOVED them
and they were so much cheaper in Cedar City
But up here in Salt lake they are about double and almost triple the price
so NO thank you that is too much for me
I needed another option

So I tried the clip ins out
And I loved them
I just bought them at Sally's
They are real hair that you can curl, straighten, blow dry
It was the Euronext Straight human hair
then I had a friend cut them for me 
and I would just put them in everyday

So right now my hair actually look a little bit more like THIS
I got really brave one day and just chopped it all off
It was damaged and it needed to go
But I am so excited that I have my clip ins 
because I can use them
when my hair is a little longer again
That is what is so awesome about them 
You can use them for length, for volume, for color
and much easier than any other kind
So let me now share with you
A much cheaper option to extensions 
that I used to do and LOVED and that
I am know I will use again in the future

This used to be the length of my damaged hair that
would not grow
I would just wash it, blow dry it
and straighten it like normal
and this is what it would look like
All ready to put my hair in :)

This is what the extensions look like
Because my hair was short and I was just using these
for a little length
They were each cut a certain way
and needed to go in the same spot every time
so I color coded them with different color nail polish 
so I knew which layer went where
Easy Peasy right?!

Once you are all ready
You section your hair and clip it up
so It is ready for the first layer

Then I use this beauty
my teasing brush
to help the clips adhere to my hair
What I do is tease the hair a little bit and then clip the clips 
right to the teased hair and then it stays all day long
and won't slip out

There is the first one all clipped in 
it takes about 20 seconds
I swear it is so easy

There is a not so good picture
close up of the clip ins right up to my own hair

Then you will just continue to do all the other layers
I had four layers on each side 
and the back of my head was just all my own hair
Creating a longer A-line look

No one ever even knew I had extensions

And viola done
So fun, so easy
and it made me feel good
and that is what us moms need right!
And guess what I promise you will feel oh so Chic and FRESH :)

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You can also Email me or leave a comment for any questions
I will be completely honest tell you my experiences with the clip ins and answer your questions

Thank you for all your support and for reading
Stay tuned for some more hair ideas with this length
and then I will be sharing my new hair with you all
There isn't much there anymore
Hope I rock it ok


  1. Super cute!! I would have never
    guessed that they were extensions! You'll have to teach me all of your hair secrets when I get to Utah! :)

  2. You can pull off ANY hair style, you know that! I love it all! And I totally had clip ins while I was trying to get my hair to grow out--for over a year. I got so fast at putting them in each day. I sure love this little posting series of yours!

    Ps--are you ready for tomorrow?? It's going to be exciting!

  3. I love love love your hair... at both lengths!! :) So cute... you are adorable!



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