Monday, August 22, 2011

Chic n' Fresh #4 and Giveaway Winner!

We have a winner 
chosen through of course

First of all I have to thank you all for entering
For reading and for all the support
This is why I do these giveaways
Because I LOVE you and want to thank you 

so I will not beat around the bush any longer
the lucky winner of the feather clip extension
to Lady Bird is:

 Number 30 is: Amie

Congratulations Girl! I will email you
Email me back to claim your prize :)
And you will squeal when you get
your adorable feather goodness in the mail
They are all that cute!
Thanks again to Nicole from Lady Bird
For sponsoring this giveaway!

Now it is time for Chic n' Fresh #4
and this week our theme is 
Affordable and Fashionable 
Boutique quality clothing
To learn about my Chic n' Fresh series go 

I Love fashion
and I love boutiques
but guess what sometimes I just can't plain afford
boutique prices with a baby and a hubby in law school
There is no way I am spending $50 for one skirt or one fashion top
But I want to feel good
and feel confident in what I am wear
and how much I am spending

Have you ever heard of Bella Bird?
Well if you haven't I am sure you are not alone
My little family and I went up with my in laws
to stay at a family friends condo in Midway, Utah for a couple
of days before Hubby starts back up at school

While we were there we ran to the new Walmart in Heber City
to grab a few things
and I saw something so fun and surprising
They have a new section in select Walmarts in the
Utah and Idaho areas
and Heber was one of the lucky ones that get this new clothing line
called Bella Bird
It is modest and sooooo cute
Seriously I was in love and couldn't believe that I was not in a
Boutique but just a Walmart

I am tellin ya Walmart is really step in it up here people
And do you want to know the best part?
They are soooo affordable
That is what it is all about here at chic and Fresh
We want to look beautiful, fashionable
but want it at a reasonable price
and that is why I am so excited to tell you all about this new line

About Bella Bird:
 -The Bella Bird collection features on trend styles for a price
conscious consumer who craves a boutique look at an affordable price

- They have easy layering pieces made of soft jersey knits and fun cotton prints

- They are designed to coordinate with basic Tees and camisoles
for a complete outfit under $50
(what are you serious? YES!!!!!!)

- Bella Birds skirts and dresses reach the knee or below
and fashion tops are modest enough to be worn alone
or with a cardigan top
(Modest is huge to me, it is part of what I stand for
what I believe, and who I am
Click here to learn more about my religion
and what I believe)

-Perfect for the office, a special occasion, shopping with friends,
my student teaching coming up, church, or just for us mommys who
want to be fashionable, fell good, and pay less

- Bella Bird is the brand where modesty meets fashion
at everyday low prices

Bella Bird is very Chic n' Fresh indeed :)

Check out some of what they have:

Tuxedo Tank

One of Many Flowy skirts

Basic Tee

Love this Red Dress

Lace Cami

Cute Tee

That is just a few of the things they show on their site But
here is a little glimpse of what they have in the store
This will get you much more excited I think 

That is the skirt show above with a cute tuxedo tank 
and basic tee underneath tucked in and oh so cute
Would you ever guess this was from Walmart
That is cuz It is Bella Bird and they are chic

What about this Fresh look?
I will be doing student teaching 
Jan 2012
and when I see this outfit I
just think PERFECT for a fashionable new high school teacher
Wouldn't ya say?
Love the colors, the belt, the cardi 
love it all

Here is the skirt again with a new tank
I just love that they are right on trend with
the ruffles
and flowers

I am so in love with that YELLOW ruffle skirt

cute and modest dresses for church
that are comfy enough to wear and move around in 
for my calling in the nursery
And perfect for chasing Maddux around 
during the meetings
Comfy and cute nothing better than that

I Love this vintage look
Vintage patterns 
and colors are so in right now
if you didn't know :)
And I am so diggin it
I would love to wear this teaching too

Don't you just love that skirt
and how you can get a totally different look
with an affordable ruffle shirt and lace tank
How stinkin fun is all of this?!

And I left my Favorite for LAST
Yeah I am for sure diggin this whole thing!
Love the skirt, the belt looking elastic, the loose tucked in tank
with a basic underneath to make it even more modest
I am kind of freaking out right now 
I really want to go get this outfit before it is all snatched up

I was so excited when I saw this for the first time last Thursday
and I still am 
I just had to share it with all of my amazing readers

When I got home I got right on the site to find out where there was one near me
And they have two close by me on their list
so make sure to check out where the closest one is near you at
in the where to shop tab

Make sure to check out their products, the about them section
and outfit combinations at
But you have to go in the Walmarts to 
see all the amazing stuff they have 
and to try on and purchase
You cannot order online

Also go and like them on Facebook HERE 
Yes they are even cool enough to be on facebook 
and they have some fun pictures and info on their facebook page too
so make sure to check it out
I am tellin ya you will not be disappointed and will probably be hooked!
And guess what I promise you will feel oh so Chic and FRESH :) 

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You can also Email me or leave a comment for any questions
I will be completely honest and answer your questions the best I can

Thank you for all your support and for reading
Stay tuned for some more fun this week
including a tutorial, a link party, features from last week,
a giveaway and my pinterest loves
Get excited cuz it is gonna be a good week

 You all really mean so much to me
and I love the comments I have been getting lately
they put a huge smile on my face
everyone of them so thank you


  1. I bought a cute shirt from this line at Walmart about a month ago!! I love everything about this line especially that it is AFFORDABLE!!!!

  2. yay I WON!!! I never win anything, so excited. im looking at the site now! ps we have the bella bird at our cedar walmart and im just dying to buy some of there clothes! :)

  3. I SO wish I could get some of these adorable clothes. There aren't any available where I am at though. Guess I'll have to wait until I go back home for Christmas!

    Loved this little series of yours. :)

  4. i love all the new stuff!!! thanks for sharin girl!!! you rock:)

  5. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Go here to see my post, where you are listed! Love your blog and have been following (stalking) you for a while!! (btw you have inspired me to use more yellow in my decorating!)



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