Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Black Island Farms

There is just something about this Year that I just LOVE
the Crisp Fall weather, Halloween (espcially now that I have Maddux),
My birthday, Pumpkins, Farms 
and of course the fact that it is the start of the holidays
and to me the holidays means FAMILY
I love the family time and all the family activities this time of year brings

A couple weeks ago Me, Maddux and Ty
went with my family to Black Island farms for Family night

They had so many fun squashes, produce and all different shapes, 
sizes and colors of pumpkins

My little sister Em and Maddux

M loves the pumpkins 
He calls them ball but he is trying to say pumpkin now
We went over to them to take some pics while Ty and my dad bought our tickets to get in

My little brothers Zach and Ammon

Don't you just love that Mohawk beanie
It is pretty much my favorite 
and I think M looks the cutest in it :)

Waiting in line for the hayride to the pumpkin patch

Finally on the Hayride
Maddux LOVED it
It was pretty fun I have to admit
Times like this bring out the inner kid in me
I love this stuff 
and now that I have little M
I have an excuse to do all this fun stuff

He was not your typical farmer
He was the modern day farmer haha
He had gauged ears and a flat brimmed hat 
and talked like a gnarly dude
But he was cool and you could tell he LOVED the farm
They are going to be adding on to a highway here in Utah called Legacy high way
and they are going to be going straight through this farm
Sad huh?
so he was telling us all about that and that they have been here for 50 years
and telling us to vote against it. 
I would be sad if we couldn't go to the pumpkin patch anymore 
I hope they go around it or something

My little fam picking out our pumpkins 
I love getting them straight from the vine 
there is just something more special about getting them at a farm

Maddux says "Thumbs up" to his little pumpkin
It was just his size 
and he LOVES it
He wanted to hold it on his lap the whole hayride back

Did you know Cows love pumpkin?
Me either but our farmer dude opened some up
and threw them over the fence
and all the cows ran over to get some
It was pretty cool
and Maddux loves to moo so he was in heaven watching them

I got myself some tiny white pumpkins
They are hard to find
and I love the white ones
especially for thanksgiving decor

Ammon and Em playing tic tac toe with mini pumkins

After the hayride and putting our freshly picked pumpkins back in the car
we came back over to all the activities 
played some tic tac toe, looked at some baby cows, and 
then it was corn maze time

It was fun
we all stuck together
But kinda cheated since we had the kids with us we used a map
and it still took us a while

We love corn mazes
Oh and there were three different mazes and
they were Twilight theme 
there was bella and edward 
and I think a Jacob one
We did Edward
Ty was thrilled with the theme

Oh and can I just say I am so freakin 
excited for Breaking Dawn part one
Only a few more weeks
I watch the trailer daily
What can I say? I am a nerd!
Who wants to go to it with me?
Haha who am I kidding I always make Ty come :)

I LOVE this boy

and this Lady :)
She is one pretty mama don't you think?!

My mom and Ty made me sit by this for a pic
I am not blonde I am a light brown there is a difference haha

My adorable parents
I love them so much
Thanks for inviting us to come with you guys
We love living by family

After the maze it was onto the slides
They had three different sizes 
and of course we did them all 
Even my Mom and dad did them

M was having a blast all night 
I loved watching him so excited 
and smiling all night

What a fun night
We were there for like three hours 
It was fun for the kids and adults
as you can see we even stayed past dark!
If you live by Syracuse, Ut
You should definitely go


  1. Hey girly girl, don't you complain about me putting pictures of you on my blog. That one with the corn in my face is not pretty. Thanks for coming with us! We had a great time and happy we didn't get rained on.

  2. Looks like a fabulous night! And how nice to have your family there! That hat on little M is totally awesome! I have got to get one for Zac. :) Great pictures--you have a really cute family!

  3. Oh My Gosh! This looks like a super un night!
    Love all the photos you took - they all show your joy and happiness!



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