Friday, October 28, 2011

This Weeks Pinterest Loves #17

Today is Friday!
Yahoo! I love Fridays 
Cuz they are the start to the weekend,
because hubby doesn't have school
and because it is time for
This Weeks Pinterest LOVES
so get comfy and enjoy!

Ok seriously what is not to love about this idea
I am so doing this and putting it in our bedroom
then every day we can see what we love about 
each other that day 
I know I will love it
and it is always nice to see and hear what your honey
likes about you 
and why they are still in love with you
Keepin it fresh and romantic
I can't wait to have my own
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white chocolate macadamia nut blondies 
I love white macadamia cookies
and love blondie brownies 
so I am pretty sure these are going to be pure heaven
I can't wait to try these out 
I think I will make them sometime this week
it is ok to have a delish treat every once in a while right?!
Please tell me yes
Cuz I am trying to justify it some how :)
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 I want this print 
or this saying in vinyl in my bedroom
so cute 
and it is just how I feel about my hubby bubby
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 So now that I have super short hair
and it is the same everyday
I feel like I need something to spice it up every once in a while
and this idea would be so cute on my short hair I think
A scrap of stretchy fabric makes cute headband 
Yes please
I will be going to the fabric store ASAP to get me
some cute stretchy fabric
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 This seriously cracks me up
it is exactly the story of me and my hubby
We start out all lovey and snuggly
and end up with me all over the place 
and him in a tiny corner 
trying not to fall off
He seriously tells me this all the time
so I can't believe I found this yesterday
Poor Ty
What can I say I am a crazy and a very deep sleeper
I can not be held accountable for what happens when 
I am sleeping
Source: Acidcow
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 I LOVE this idea
We have so many bins in the garage
and this would be so much easier to get to everything in them
we have them stacked up 3 or 4 on top of each other
but if we want the bottom one 
we have to move all the tops ones first
annoying right?!
well this solves that and seems so easy
There is a video on how to do it
This is going to be a me and hubby project in the spring for sure
I can't wait
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 Love everything about this door
The color is perfect
the lines are amazing
the hardware is stunning
and the address numbers are so elegant
I Need this door
when I have a home one day
Yes yes yes!
It is a must
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 Adorable fabric headbands
I love them
You can choose whatever amazing fabric you 
want and any flower you want
and they will look amazing
I need to sew some of these very soon
These will also be very cute
and are a must to spruce up 
and make my super short hair 
more feminine
Source: JuJuB
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This is awesome for two indecisive people
like me and Ty
it will take some planning at first 
but then when it is date time
you just go and pick one out
and that is what you do
only put in dates that appeal to the two of you
and that you will want to do 
even on a whim
This would be a good project for the new year
and then fill it back up with new ideas the next year
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 Since my knee has been feeling better 
I have gotten back into running 
This last week I have been running 3.2 miles (5 k)
everyday and will be gradually upping my mileage
to train for some races and to push myself
but to give myself a little variety
which will be good for my cardio 
and for building muscle mass
I am going to change up my running routine by 
changing my speeds and inclines 
at least once a week
Here is the one that I am going to try out today
I will let you know how it goes
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 Remember: If you see something you love
don't hesitate

And Remember if you have a fun project, tip, or recipe you would 
love to share don't forget to link it up to my 
 and my health and fitness link up every Monday

Have a fun Weekend!
Today I will be working out,
finalizing mine and hubby's costumes
for our ward Halloween party and trunk or treat on Saturday
Taking pictures of Maddux in his Lion Costume,
Making some delish honey lime chicken enchiladas for dinner,
maybe going on a family date to gardner village
(I have never been but heard it has cool shops
and is fun this time of year with their witch decorations)
maybe carve some pumkins
and watchsnuggled up to my honey
What are you doing this weekend?

Happy Halloween on Monday!


  1. Thanks so stopping by and commenting on my ring box tutorial! Great choice on pins, I'm fairly certain I pinned most of these as well :)

  2. Yes, you have been to Gardner Village. Do you not remember anything from your childhood? Quick, what's the name of the school you went to in West Jordan?

  3. These are great! That door is amazing! And those headbands are adorable!

  4. whitty i jsut love you! and gardner villiage is so cute you will love it up there! its a definant must see.

  5. Hey my name is Tara. I am your newest follower on your blog site would you be so kind & follow me back it would mean so much to me. Thanks :) Feel free to Like or Follow me on my facebook fan page & my Twitter!!!



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