Monday, November 28, 2011

Motivate Me Monday- Thanksgiving Week

Link up and tell us what is going on in your fitness journey 
even if it isn't this weeks challenge we want to hear what is on your mind
about your health and fitness
we want to see your accomplishments
or help you through your challenges

Thank you thank you ladies 
for linking up last week
and for sharing your tips and tricks on drinking more water
I love to read what you do and your stories

with MEAshley and Amanda

Today's Challenge/ Topic is:
lets challenge you to stay healthy this Thanksgiving
Only eating a reasonable amount
  and getting plenty of exercise to make up for those extra calories
Let us know your techniques on portion control
and how you felt this week

Let me start out by saying I didn't do horrible on thanksgiving 
I did pretty good BUT the next three days after thanksgiving 
were not the best I am not so proud of those days
It makes me nervous for Christmas week
We had family in town from a couple hours away
it was a lot of fun 
a lot of time was spent visiting, playing games which brought on the snacking 
Then we went to a movie, ate lots of popcorn with extra butter on the top
and I went to a family members mission homecoming and
hate way to many desserts  
I had no control from Thur-Sun
I really wanted to do better this week but I kinda forgot it was thanksgiving
I would love to hear your tips and tricks 
on staying healthy during the
holiday season with all this delish food surrounding us
Please and thank you!

Here are a few tips I found on portion control
This is more up my alley for during the holidays or anytime really
I love food
It is much more attainable for me to just have good portions of food
rather than cut them out completely

 Just keep them in mind
Portion control can make a huge difference 
Especially when there is are feats 
during the holiday season
Have hat yummy food
But just have a little 
This WEEK:
Again not the best week in the world
But not horrible I was still able to squeeze in 4 workouts 
during the week
even with all the family stuff going on 
which I am pretty proud of since 
I really would have rather just spent more time 
hanging out haha
Monday: Run 4 miles, Legs, abs
Tuesday: Run 4 miles, Arms, abs
Wednesday: Run 4 miles, Legs, abs, arms
Friday: Run 4 miles , stretch 
I upped my millage to 4 
and on Wednesday and  Friday I got up to running my 4 miles 
at 7.0 speed the whole time 
I got to 34 min and 28 seconds 

My Goals This Next Week:
1. Work out at 4-5 days this week
2. Run 4 miles at 7.0 speed at least once this week
3. Stretch before and after every workout
4. Drink 8 cups of water a day 
5. Eat more fruits and Veggies 

Next weeks Challenge/ Topic
This week is an open week!
You can post about anything health or fitness related that you want
I am excited to see what you all decide to share with us
Your story, tips, goals, how you are doing, etc.

Now Link up and share how you did on your thanksgiving 
portion control, your holiday week workouts 
and how you are doing on your journey to being healthy
Grab the button and follow along with Ashley and Amanda!
Our goal is to help motivate each other! So let's have fun and get motivated!
Share anything you want! Or ask us questions and we'll help find an answer!


  1. Whit! You are so buff! I wish I could run that far right now!

  2. wow, i wish i could run that are break makes me nervous too!!! WE CAN DO IT!!! love ya

  3. wow! that chart is really something! thanks

  4. Love the portion control chart! I definitely will use that.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Im your newest follower :)



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