Monday, December 5, 2011

Motivate Me Monday- Why Run?

I am so so excited for today's Motivate Me Monday
It is such a good motivator for me and hopefully
I am helping and motivating you as well

Link up and tell us what is going on in your fitness journey 
even if it isn't this weeks challenge we want to hear what is on your mind
about your health and fitness
we want to see your accomplishments
or help you through your challenges

Thank you thank you ladies 
for linking up last week
and for sharing and giving us some ideas 
on eating healthy and controlling yourself during the holidays
it is important to make it a lifestyle choice
You all really motivate me to want to do better
especially in the eating area

with MEAshley and Amanda

Today's Challenge/ Topic is:
This week is an open week!
You can post about anything health or fitness related that you want
I am excited to see what you all decide to share with us
Your story, tips, goals, how you are doing, etc.

I am going to talk to you today about Running
I am pretty passionate about running
I don't know everything about it
I am learning more and more benefits everyday
I haven't always liked it
I am not a professional
but I have learned to LOVE it
I feel so much better when I run
It is the best full body workout I have ever done
And I feel like anybody can do it
I mean come on if a 400 lb man on Biggest Loser can Run
So can YOU

Running is inexpensive in fact it can be as cheap as FREE
You can run whenever you want, wherever you want
to whatever you want
All you need is a good pair of running shoes
and you can head out your door to go for a run
From city sidewalks to wooded trails, there are plenty of places for runners to explore
at no cost
If you travel a lot, it's easy to pack your running shoes and run while you're on the road

Running is one of the most effective ways to lose weight
As one of the most vigorous exercises out there,
running is an extremely efficient way to burn calories and lose weight
If you're already at a healthy weight, running can help you maintain it

 Running improves your health
-Running is an excellent way to strengthen the heart
and ensure the efficient flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body,
which helps decrease your risk of a heart attack
-its one of the best ways to naturally reduce your blood pressure if it's above normal
If you have high cholesterol, running can also help keep it in check
-Running also improves your immune system,
so your body functions are more effective and efficient at fighting off germs
-Running and other weight-bearing exercises increase bone density,
which can fend off osteoporosis

Running also fights off diseases
Runners have lower risks of cancers, strokes and heart attacks
It uses parts of the lungs that you don’t normally use,
and this is very helpful in improving resistance

 Running improves your energy levels
When you're feeling sluggish or tired, 
running is a great way to boost your energy
Runners who run in the morning report that they have improved energy levels during the day 

Running will help you feel good about yourself
It gives you a sense of accomplishment
It can increase confidence and self-esteem

 Running can help with stress relief
emotional strain and even mild depression
Research has shown that healthy adults who exercise regularly
are generally happier than those who don't
This is also known as the runners high

I have gone through stages of running outside
and running on treadmills
Currently I have been running on a treadmill at my gym
I love it because not only can I do my consistency long runs
but I can also change up to the speed
or incline for some interval runs 

Interval runs are very important!
When you are getting more comfortable with running
but are maybe starting to feel bored
you can start doing interval runs by

Changing up your speed like in this example
It is bursts of increase in speed with a short recovery time
but the recovery times are not stopping they are just at a lower speed so
you are still working out sweating and tired
Interval runs can actually make you work harder than a constant speed
because you are going up and down and your body has no time to
get used to it
I actually really like it
It challenges me and pushes me

You can also change up speed and incline or just incline
like the example above
changing the incline is an amazing leg and bum workout
you will be feeling it the next day that is for sure

Interval running can result in less boredom, increase muscle mass
and is actually very beneficial in losing that belly fat 
I have just started interval training and can't wait to see the results from it

Next time around I will be doing this when I am pregnant
Why not run?
 Even if you hate it learn to love it
I promise you will
and the health benefits are worth it
You will start to enjoy the you time and thinking time

This WEEK:
I only worked out 3 days this week
which I am not happy with but for a busy week
I just have to tell myself at least you worked out 3 days
and not zero right?!
Monday: Run 15 min, elliptical 15 min, bike 10 min, arms, abs
Friday: Run 15 min, elliptical 15 min, bike 10 min, arms and abs

My Goals This Next Week:
 1. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day 
(I know I put this every week but I want to continue 
to drink enough water)

3.  eat more fruits and veggies each day
4. Consume more protein right after my workout
5. workout 4-5 times this week

Next weeks Challenge/ Topic
How many push ups you can do at one time?
Then let us know how you did, how you felt and how you improved through out 
the week.

Now Link up and share whatever you want about health and fitness
what are your goals? how are you doing? Why are you passionate
about fitness?
Grab the button and follow along with Ashley and Amanda!
Our goal is to help motivate each other! So let's have fun and get motivated!
Share anything you want! Or ask us questions and we'll help find an answer!


  1. I love running...well actually I have a love/hate relationship with running! =) And I did run with my last pregnancy (baby #5) and I loved it! But I would caution against running much after 20 weeks...doc didn't recommend it...not that it would hurt baby but that it messes up your insides!

  2. you posts are always amazing! thanks whit:)

  3. I love running too! I'm hoping to do my first marathon this spring! Speaking of running and motivation, you should check out "The Long Run", if you're a reader, it is an absolutely amazing story! I'm just finishing it now.

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