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Motivate Me Monday- Did you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year


with MEAshley and Amanda

Two weeks ago we challenged you
to have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
Did you?
I did

It all started when the hubby took his last final it was a party
Not really but we were so happy and totally needed the break
It is nice to have my hubby home with me
He has been home all day with me and Maddux for two weeks and
He still has one more week of his break left
I will be sad when it is over
Ty will be going back to school on Monday Jan 9th
and I don't know if you know this but I will finally be finishing on teaching license
and will be working on my student teaching starting Monday January 9th
until Friday April 20th
I have to be honest I am not very excited
I know it is only a few months and then I will be back at being a stay
at home mom but I am dreading not being home with Maddux
I am probably going to cry everyday but I just need to get through
until April and I will be done
and can just stay home but will at least be all the way done
and have my teaching degree for if one day I need to or want to work
but for now I just want to get it done and be home with my little Maddux
So here is to hoping that the time goes by really fast

Anyway back to Christmas the first week of his break was spent
shopping and busy getting ready for the BIG day (Christmas)
Ty did all his shopping on Tuesday I did most mine on Wednesday
and we worked on Maddux's tool bench all week together
It was just so nice to spend so much time together

Then on Christmas Eve we spent then night playing games, wrapping presents,
eating, playing Santa, the kids doing a nativity, PJs,  talking and laughing with the Ulrich Family
We even slept over at Ty's parents so Maddux could be with his cousins
on Christmas morning
I did not eat so well, I had it all even some yummy pure sugar yams

Christmas morning was of course a blast! We watched Maddux open presents
opened our presents, played with all our new stuff, Ate a delicious Christmas Breakfast
and went to church.
I do not feel guilty about the Christmas breakfast because although I did eat
too much and it was not healthy I feel like I deserve it on Christmas
We got home from church laid Maddux down, opened more presents
and then headed to my grandparents house for a while
Then the rest of the night was spent at my parents house
playing games, opening more presents, and snacks
We spent the night at my parents on Christmas and the next night
Went to the temple square lights on Monday and just hung out with the family.

Oh and I forgot to mention my amazing hubby got me
New Nike (super light for running) Running shoes, running pants 
and a Nike plus for Christmas!
I am so spoiled and so excited for it all

The rest of the second week has just be spent hanging out together
totally relaxing and doing whatever we want including a little shopping
girls sushi lunch with my friends 
and a fun game night with our friends Marcus and Maria

New Years eve was so much fun and was just spent the three of us together
it was quiet, simple and just what I wanted...PERFECT
We started the night with eating at in and out, did a little shopping,
laid Maddux down for the night
and then watched a movie together all snuggled up
ending the night with a new years kiss

New years day did not start out so happy
I have been sick so that wasn't fun I spent most of the day on my bed
sleeping or on the couch

The rest of this week we don't have big plans
Just want to get our bums in gear and start going to the gym again
and spending the whole week together as a family
enjoying every minute of it
I am going to have a hard time when we have to go back to reality
I like spending every day with my hubby!

This Week
So when it comes to food I didn't do horrible on the during the 2 week break so far
except on the actual days of Christmas eve, Christmas and New Years Eve
I didn't do so well
For eating I give myself a B-

Now exercise on the other hand was completely horrible
I haven't done anything except walking around the mall and stores
since Dec 12th. Yup you counted right that means
I have not exercised in 3 weeks
I know horrible right
I feel guilty enough already
but I am planning on going tomorrow
and so is hubby and we are ready to start the new year out right
I am excited to try out my new running pants, running shoes, tank top and nike plus 
I give my self a F for exercising
Also I have no idea if I have gained weigh over the holidays because
I have been avoiding the scale but I always do this time of year
Good thing January will work it all off if I did

My Goals This Next Week

 1. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day 
(I know I put this every week but I want to continue 
to drink enough water)

3.  eat more fruits and veggies each day
4. workout 4 times this week
5. Run 4 miles at least once this week

 Next Weeks Topic/Challenge

 I want you to think of some new years resolutions 
Make some realistic goals and tell us how you are going to maintain 
those goals throughout the new year
You can share all of your new years resolutions 
but make sure to include some health and exercise in there as well
I can't wait to read your goals
and help to get me motivated for the new year

Now Link up and share how you did during the holiday season
Grab the button and follow along with Ashley and Amanda!
Our goal is to help motivate each other! So let's have fun and get motivated!

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