Friday, May 25, 2012

This Weeks Pinterest Loves #20-Baby Boy Edition

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I know it has been a while since I have done one of these
But it is Friday and Friday means....
This Weeks Pinterest Loves over here 
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This week I decided to go with a theme
I haven't done that before in all 20 times of doing it 
In honor of the little Baby Boy, Holden, currently dancing in my tummy
This week I am going to be showing some of my favorite
Baby Boy pins and Loves

Ok I found this months and months ago
and am in love with it more and more each time I see it
I just love the rustic and masculine feel it has to it
And I love Peg board 
It is a new obsession of mine
I even have some left over in my garage from a past project
(check it out it is pretty sweet probably one of
 my favorites me and hubby have done)
Maybe I will see if I can squeeze this project into
my boys room wall space
We shall see but I really hope so
 Source: Project Nursery
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Aren't these adorable baby announcements?!
I am literally drooling over them 
I don't think I have ever seen such a cute boy one before
I think I might be purchasing these when Baby Holden makes his arrival 
Speaking of I totally only have 3 months to go 
It is zooming by I can't believe I will have two kids in 3 months
I am so excited!!!! but a little nervous too
 Source: Sprinkled Joy
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I hadn't heard of these gauze swaddle blankets 
when maddux was a baby but have recently heard they are
the best blankets for babies on the market right now 
you can get them online, I have also seen them at target
But this cool tutorial shows you where to get the fabric
and how to make your own 
Put this on my baby project list for this summer
 Source: Dana Made It
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I will for sure be getting some adorable newborn pics of
baby H and i am dying over these pose ideas
So excited to hold a newborn again
and to see Maddux smother him with kisses
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This is my dream diaper bag!
I NEED it I am pretty sure!
Now just to convince hubby that it is a must
We for sure need a new one and I think
if we spend the money on one like this it will last
and be worth every penny
Do any of you have this bag?
tell me about it
Do you recommend it?
 Source: Sassy Babies
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This is genius and oh so adorable
Make a Baby night gown out of an old graphic Tshirt
Who doesn't love to upcycle and have adorable all at the same time
I am loving this idea
They even have the flaps to go over their little hands
so they don't scratch their little faces
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What a boy doesn't need a football blanket?
Gotta get my hands on one of these
or try to make one of my own 
 Source: Totsy
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Loving these month onesie decals 
I did something similar to this for Maddux
They made for adorable month to month pictures and it was fun to
see just how much they were growing each month
with how old they are right on them
So fun I better get making some for baby H too
 Source: Tip Junkie
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Another fun project that I should get started on
These carseat covers are life savers
They keep the cold, wind and germs out of the carseat
and away from baby
We have one that I love but want to make another so we can
switch them up a little
 Source: Cluck Cluck Sew
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So putting this saying in my little boys room!
Pinned HERE

Ok yes this pose is a must for my two boys
I know I have said it before but I just cant wait
for Maddux and Holden to meet for the first time
This picture melts my heart
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I just had to share this! Yes that is me wake boarding last Monday 
6 months Prego! It was a blast 
I mean come on I couldn't let a summer go by without 
some wakeboardng
just don't mind my chubby pregnant lady body 
Here is to a GREAT SUMMER!

Hope you had a  fun Weekend!
This weekend I will be hanging out with my family,
celebrating memorial day, hopefully going to the new park
by our house, and maybe go on a date with my hubby!
What are you doing this long weekend? 
Thank you for reading, your support and for following! 


  1. I also am in love with that peg board idea and just might be stealing the idea! So so cute!



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