Friday, June 8, 2012

This Weeks Pinterest Loves #21

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Today is Friday and Friday around these parts means.... 
This Weeks Pinterest Loves 
at A mommy's life...with a touch of Yellow
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Pretty much about every other Friday
I get a collection of my favorites from pinterest and share them with you
and this week is week #21

So relax and enjoy some fun ideas, inspiration
and pretty things :)

I am in love with this picture
Seriously isn't it adorable 
It actually made me all emotional 
and I really want to have a picture like this to look 
back on of this sweet pregnancy and my little man M
and future daddy of two little boys 
Hint hint Kati ;)
Source: HERE
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mmmm Watermelon Lime Frosty 
(nonalcoholic version of course)
Doesn't this sound like THEE perfect summer drink?
yes I think I will be giving this a try very soon
I will be needing some cooling down being 
in my last trimester of Pregnancy in the blazing hot months
of July and August 
Wish me luck people I am a little nervous
and hope I survive
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I am totally wanting to make 
one of these sunbathing towel/pillow and tote in one 
Isn't cute and oh so practical
there are even pockets on the outside to carry your drink,  sunglasses, oil, 
magazine and whatever else you want to bring with you sunbathing
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I am obsessed with these floors seriously
so stinkin fun and beautiful
If I had some wood floors that needed some care 
this is what I would do!
Source: Whatever
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Please hubby can I get some?! :)
I feel like my feet are the only thing on my body
that hasn't changed this pregnancy 
so bring on some cute shoes
Source: HERE
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I NEED the yellow pillow and lamp shade fabric!
I am on the hunt 
so I can make some pillows for my new room 
Reveal coming soon 
I just have a few things to finish up
so if any of you know where I can get this fabric 
please leave a comment telling me where 
I will love you forever
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I love this idea for a gallery wall
to put up paper the size of your frames so 
you can get them perfect before you put holes in the walls 
I will be using this tip soon in my living room
Thank you
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Isn't that the most adorable baby boy hat you
have ever seen?!
The problem is this cute etsy shop does not sell them
already made it only sells the pattern and I don't know how 
to crochet so.... who would like to make my 
baby Holden one of these?
I will pay you :)
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Oh yes I am so doing this of my two little boys
When H gets here 
Perfect adorable and sentimental decor for my little 
boys shared room
and those colors are perfect even
Their room is brown, blue and Red :)
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Hello adorable hairstyle
and doesn't it just scream summer
I know obviously my hair is not even close to long enough
to do this but hopefully one day it will be
and until then all my long haired friends enjoy :)
Source: HERE
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Love the lamps 
I will for sure be using those for inspiration for
the lamps in my room
I am also loving that bed skirt
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I got featured this week :)
So thank you thank you to 
and Easy Maxi Dress Tutorial (I was even the most viewed link on this one)
and Six sister Stuff for featuring my cupcake stand :)
It means so much to be to be featured

Hope you have a  fun Weekend!
This weekend I will be hanging out with my family,
watching and cheering on hubby at his alumni rugby game,
getting some sun, snuggle hubby, hopefully buying some grey paint (EEEK)
and going to the Home and Garden Club
Summer Soiree

I love you two!!!!! I hope you have a fun day together today.

What are you doing this summer weekend? 
Thank you for reading, your support and for following! 


  1. Whit...once again love all your loves this week! And I am so craving one of those drinks.. They look delish! That's so funny you posted about the floor and the fabric today cause I found an answer for you cause I have been on the hunt for fabric like that to make for the boys crib...I found some exactly like that at or it might just be premierfabric.. Anyways so cute!! Also I saw on this girls blog how she painted over concrete you could easily do the striped floor over the concrete...such a cute idea!!

  2. You can get the pillow fabric at I used some of that fabric for my couch pillows. Here's the link
    I'm loving yellow and gray right now too!

  3. Whitney - your family is just so adorable! and those are some GREAT finds! :) Thanks for sharing with us on "Strut Your Stuff Saturday!" We'll see you next week! -The Sisters



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