Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear Friday, I am greeting you today with wide open arms
Oh how I love Fridays 
Just something about you makes me want to dance 
I think it has something to do with the fact that you are the 
start of a weekend 
I am excited to be playing with Maddux today, 
Maybe sew some pillows, go to a Dr, apt and 
even an old friends wedding reception 

Dear Tyler, you are pretty much the best husband in the whole world
Thank you for putting up with my crazy pregnant self
Thank you for rubbing my back every night 
thank you for working so hard for our little family
Thank you for being the sweetest daddy to our little man
Thank you for teaching Maddux all about being a boy and sports 
I can't wait to see you hold our little Newborn baby Holden soon 
i am super excited for you to be starting your third year of law school
and I know great things are coming your way 
You have worked so hard, you are smart and you deserve the best and to be happy 
Thank you for loving me I can't believe we have been married 
for 5 years the end of this month :) Here is to to eternity with my best friend 
I love you Ty Ty

Dear Maddux, What do i even say? Just thinking about you right now
in the room next to me snoozing away just tugs at my heart
When you are sleeping or even when I am just away at the store 
I miss you. I love to be around you 
You brighten up mommy's day
You have such a sweet spirit and I love to hear your little voice
jabbering on and on about nothing at all
I love to watch you learn and play
You are so smart 
You hold a very special place in mommy's heart 
that can  only be filled by you 
You will always be my baby and I think I am always going 
to be very protective of you
I love when you just come up to me and say "Lobe you mommy"
Your loves and kisses are what I look forward to every single day 
You are going to be the best big brother Holden could ever ask for 
Thank you for making me the luckiest mom in the world my little M

Dear Sweet baby Holden, I haven't even met you yet but I
already feel so much Love for you 
Your little family is so excited to meet you
I have loved all the movements and jabs I feel all day long 
I can't wait to kiss your little toes 
and snuggle you all day long 
I am so excited to be your mommy 
to take care of you
to teach you and be there for you 
I am excited to see your little personality shine 
I am so excited for you to have a big brother like Maddux 
and hope you two will grow up to be great friends 

Dear Dr. Apt, I hope you go well today
I am excited to be able to hear my little mans heart beat 
again it is really weird  knowing I am just about 2 weeks 
away from holding my new little baby boy
Lets hope for some more progression and that he will be coming to 
our family soon
I am excited that Ty will be able to come to this appointment with me 
and that we will be able to get some questions answered 

Dear self, I am needing some motivation
I have felt so lazy these last couple of weeks 
I feel like I have so much I want to get done before Holden is 
born but it just seems like it just doesn't happen 
Bring on some motivation to get my to do list done 
some of which includes, finishing my bedding, making pillows 
putting decor back on our walls, finishing up the boys room 
and so on and so on 
Yeah I will be happy if two of those things happen before baby 
Well at least the house in clean, laundry is caught up
and all of Holden's stuff is washed and ready
That is what is important I guess the rest will come with time 

Dear Blog, I know I have been neglecting you and I am 
so very sorry and a little sad about this 
Although it has been summer and I have been pregnant there are 
no excuses and I miss you
So I will do better I will get back on my 
crafting and creative wagon and share 
I will be a better blogger not only for you but for myself 

Dear Parade of homes, I am super excited to be getting a ticket 
and to be seeing all the amazing decor ideas out there right now
Here is so finding some really sweet ideas for 
my own apartment 
Can't wait to go with my hubby and parents 

Dear Sweet Tooth Fairy, You are the death of me right now
seriously I feel like I can't even function if I don't have at least one 
of your cupcakes a week, believe me I would like one a day
but this momma is not allowed to spend all her money 
in one place :) But seriously why do you have to be so good
I am requesting a cupcake from each of my visitors after I 
have baby Holden (There is a sweet tooth fairy shop
right across the street from the hospital)
Thank you very much

Dear Friday Night Lights
, You are a very addicting show
You make me want to live in Texas 
in a small town where football is what it 
is all about and everyone goes to the Friday games
Where every one knows everyone
Coach and Tami are my favorite 
They are the sweetest couple and I hope Ty and I 
stay that cute and we grow older together 
If you haven't seen the show I strongly recommend it 
it is on Netflix and there are 5 seasons 
you will thank me later I promise 

Dear Sunburn, I am ready for you to he healed now 
I had an amazing time on the boat on Monday 
I have been patient all week with you 
but it is Friday now and I am ready for you 
to feel better and go away now 
please and thank you

Dear Fall, I am ready for you 
I didn't think I would be since I am a HUGE summer lover 
But I am!
I am excited for all the events and fun that you are going to bring
I am excited for a little bit of cooler weather and 
cute fall clothes

Dear Costco Muffins, You are amazing 
Thank you for being my favorite breakfast this week 
Thank you for being 2 packages for $6
thank you for being so humongous and delicious

Dear Olympics, I have had so much fun 
watching you and actually still have some catching 
up to do on the DVR
I am going to be a little sad when you are over 
Thank you for being so entertaining 
thank you for reminding me what an amazing sport gymnastics is
and how much I miss it and treasure all my memories 
and years spent doing it
Thank you for entertaining hubby, me and my little man for 
the last 2 weeks we have loved it

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  1. Oh boy- this pregnant lady has those same two packages of costco muffins on her counter this morning too! Yum!

  2. We love Friday Night Lights, too! We were so sad after we finished all the seasons. It totally made me want to live in a little town like that too! lol!

  3. I usually do this link up but didn't today. And I love the olympics. I wish there were more gymnastics to watch. Definitely sad it is almost over. :(



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