Sunday, August 26, 2012

Holden David Ulrich

The Story:

So it all started out on Monday morning 
I was to be induced Monday but didn't know when I would be going in
They told me to call at 9:00 am I called and there was no room for me yet
I called at 11:00 and they still didn't have a room and were 
even going to maybe cancel my induction appointment for that day
but we didn't know either way
It got a bit frustrating just waiting around and not knowing if we were 
going to have him that day or not when we were planning on it 
I felt really bad too because Julie (Ty's mom) took off work
to be able to watch Maddux and then we didn't even end up going in in the morning 
So we decided to just keep waiting until we heard but I 
had come to grips that it probably wasn't going to  be happening that day
we sent Julie off to work and decided to take Maddux to the mall 
for lunch and to just hang out 
Then right as we were about to get out of the car at the mall 
my phone rang at about 11:45 and they told us to come in
Oh great we had sent our babysitter away and had plans 
oh well so we called Ty's grandma and grandpa Kjar to 
come and watch Maddux while we went to the hospital
We went back to Ty's parents house fed Maddux lunch while 
we waited for Ty's grandma and grandpa to get there 
then once they got there we headed over to the hospital 
while Maddux laid down and took a nap with great grandma and grandpa 
watching him 
I felt so guilty leaving him it was sooooooo hard I cried alot

We got to the hospital at about 12:30 checked in 
and waited in the waiting area for about a 1/2 hour while they finished getting 
the room ready someone had just gotten out of it 
they said it was a really busy day and lots of baby's were being born 
We got in the room at about 1:00 
I got in my gown, peed in a cup and answered some medical questions 
while they hooked me up to the IV and pitocin 
It was such a weird experience to be induced this time 
I felt like I was going to a hotel or something walking in with no pain, my 
bag and my room being cleaned haha
I started out before they gave me anything at 3cm and 75% effaced 
so they said I would probably be having a baby by dinner time :)
Dr. Kaelberer came in and broke my water at about 1:30
and the contractions started pretty fast and hard
I was talking to my mom on the phone when my first one 
hit and man was it weird to not have them be gradual but just all of a sudden there 
I started feeling them in my stomach and then he flipped so I had some back labor 
I tried to hold off for a while for the epidural but decided I needed it at about 2:30
After I got the epidural Ty and I watched some Friday night lights on 
Netflix and just waited for me to progress
I progressed so fast she by the time she checked me at about 4:30 I was at a ten and 
100% effaced The nurse said he was posterior so they would probably have to turn him
(same thing happened with Maddux that is why I had back labor)
 then we just waited about 15 minutes for my doctor to get there 
He got all ready and at about 5:00 I started to push
Luckily Holden wasn't posterior anymore he had flipped himself 
I pushed for 2 contractions and he was out 
It was amazing I didn't even know I was done until they told me to look at him haha
He was born at 5:09 pm Monday August 20th, 2012
  He weighed in at 8 lbs and 2 oz and measured 19.5 inches long

I feel super lucky that even being induced from the time I walked into my room
until he was born was only about 4 hours and 10 minutes
I move quick!
I also didn't have any tearing and they said I was recovering great
My doctor, Ty and the cute nurse Mindy were amazing 
I loved my experience so much 

I can't even put into words how I felt when they first laid him 
on my chest It was amazing to realize 
I gave birth to another little baby boy
That I was a mother of two and that he was just so beautiful 
I cried and just soaked it all in 
He looked just like Maddux did as a newborn
Seriously they could be twins 
It will be interesting to see if they look alike as he grows 

After I was cleaned up a bit and decent 
My mom, dad and little sister Emily got to come in and 
see me Ty and sweet baby Holden 
It was so nice to have them there right away 
I loved it it really was so special and I can't even put into words how much it meant
to see all of them hold him and go all gaga over him 
My mom also brought me and Ty a Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcake 
I was teasing with her that all my visitors have to bring me one of those 
amazing cupcakes and on their way to come see me they really
stopped there and got me some 
I love my parents so much so cute 

After I got up to the recovery room my family came up there
to visit some more and my little brothers were now able to see him and hold him 
Then at around 7:00 pm Ty's mom and dad came and brought Maddux with them
to come and see us and meet his new little brother

I will never forget how Maddux entered the room
I looked over and he walked in the room 
with a vase of two yellow roses and said mommy with a huge smile on his face
he ran up to me and gave me the flowers 
I snagged him right up gave him a huge hug and smothered him with kisses
Ty took Holden out for Maddux to see and we just all bawled 
It was such an incredible moment I could not control my emotions 
and how wonderful it is that Maddux gets to be a big brother 
and that I get to be a mom to two sweet sweet amazing little boys 
Maddux was loving him all night and just kept saying Hi Holden 
Hi Holden and giving him a bunch of kisses

Holden also gave Maddux a gift which M thought was really cool
He got him bullseye to go with his woody and buzz toys 
He was so excited and whenever we ask were that toy is from he 
says baby cute
He is also going to be getting a pet fish from baby Holden 
I can't wait until he sees it He loves fish right now

My family left around 8 
and Ty's parents and Maddux left around 8:30 
Maddux slept over at Ty's parents for the night
It was so hard to see him go I missed him so much 

After they left I tried to breastfeed Holden for the first time
He was quite the champ seriously he did so good 
 Ty also had to leave for about an hour 
to go set out his grandmas's pills, get a few things from home 
and get himself some dinner 

When he got back  he ate we watched some TV and then 
tried to feed Holden again so they could give him a bath
We had to wait a while before they came and gave him a bath so 
we decided we would snuggle and watch some Friday night lights 
we were so tired we kept falling asleep during it haha
exhausting day!
They finally came and gave him a bath at about 1:30 in the morning 
After his bath we all tried to get some sleep 

I got check up on a few times throughout the night 
and got a Rohgam shot and some blood drown during the night 
Holden was sleeping so good but decided I should try to feed him again around 
5:00 am well I felt bad waking up Ty so I tried to get him all changed and everything 
by myself which normally would not be a problem
But he started pooping everywhere then when I was cleaning it up 
he would go more then he peed on himself, the shirt and blankets and 
then he started choking on spit up so I woke up Ty to help me haha 
It was crazy he fed again after we got him all cleaned up and we all slept until about 8 

Ty went to go and get Maddux from his mom's house and I ate breakfast 
fed Holden and got checked 
Ty and Maddux got back to the hospital at about 9:20
we all hung out for a while, Maddux played, loved on Holden,
Held Holden, I got ready for the day and we spent the morning just us 4 as a family
Then Maddux started to get very restless 
He did not have a good nights sleep last night and he was 
bored being cooped up in the hospital room poor guy so 
Ty and Maddux went home to eat lunch and to get Maddux a good nap 
I have a hard time being alone sometimes but especially right after I have a baby
I had post pardum depression after Maddux and I feel like I 
might have it again
I bawled and bawled and didn't want Ty to go but he had to get Maddux a nap 
cuz he was screaming 
so I talked to my sister Traci and my sister Amanda to help cheer me up 
and so I didn't feel alone 

Ty's grandma and Grandpa Kjar came to visit around noon so that 
helped me a lot to not be alone 
they stayed to visit for a bit, hold and meet Holden, 
give a little present and went then it was time to feed him so 
that kept me busy for a little bit 

I did start to get lonely but tried to blog, look at pictures, hold my sweet baby
and keep my mind off of being alone
but I was either in tears or on the verg of tears the whole time they were gone  
Crazy hormones 
I also talked to my mom for a while until Ty and Maddux came back
As soon as Maddux woke up from his nap Ty and M came back to the hospital 
and we all hung out together 
I got dressed and M and I walked around the floor for a while
I needed to get out of my room so it was nice to walk around a bit 
Grandma and Grandpa Kjar came back to visit to see Ty and Maddux 
and to give maddux a little gift too 
Grandma, Maddux and I went down to the cafeteria to get Maddux some dinner
and we all ate while we visited

After dinner they left and then 
Dave (Ty's dad) came to hang out 
and when he left Ty took Maddux to his parents house to lay him down 
and then Julie (Ty's mom) came to visit with me while Ty was gone
She snuggled Holden while I got ready for bed 

When Ty got back we both snuggled in the hospital bed and watched some 
Friday night lights and went to bed 
After I fed Holden we had them take him to the nursery so we could get a 
good nights rest 
they brought him back after his bilirubin test at about 4:30 am
I fed him and we all went back to sleep 

Ty had to go to his first day of school at 7:30 am on Wednesday 
I woke up around 8 hung out with Holden 
went to a breastfeeding class, showered, got ready, got Holden dressed
talked to my mom and just waited for Ty 
He got done with school at noon 
and came and picked us up and we were able to be discharged by 1:00

We then went over to Ty's parents to pick up Maddux to go home
Our cute sister in law Jessica watched Maddux that morning for us so he didn't
have to hang out at the hospital 
Thank you Jess you are a life saver 
After hanging out there for a while we all came home as a new family of four
Maddux wanted to show Holden our house so we took him on a little tour

It was so nice to be home finally after laying Maddux down for a nap
Holden was asleep so we all took a nap until dinner
Ty's parents came over and brought us Lion House turkey dinner 
and some presents 
It was so fun to visit and the dinner was so delicious
After dinner we all ran to Walmart to pick up my prescription
and to get out for a bit 
Then we watched some STYTCD

On Thursday Ty had school from 7:30 until 5:00 
so I was of course a little nervous but mostly just feeling lonely
But the day ended up being really good
The morning was great I had really good Holden and Maddux time 
And then my mom and brother and sister came to visit us for a while 
and brought me some lunch
It was so nice to have my mom there 
there is just something about moms that just make everything better you know 

So far Holden has had really good nights except one night
and we think it was because I had a coke slurpee
and he didn't like the caffeine because ever since then he has had good 
night again 

We have been really well taken care of and have had some fun visitors
my Visiting teacher and friend Tara brought us dinner on Friday
and some adorable clothes for Holden, Also on Friday Grandma 
and Grandpa Kjar stopped by to visit, Friday night we went to a baseball game
so the Rogers were able to see Holden then 
And Yes Holden stayed asleep through the whole thing even through all 
the loud cheers 
Maddux was in heaven at the baseball game and the fireworks at the end 
were his very favorite 
On Saturday my other visiting teacher, Erin, brought us dinner and 
we visited for a while 
Today Grandma and grandpa Jacobs, Niki and McKenna came to visit 
and see Holden 

We have been be so lucky for all the dinners and visitors 
Holden has been such a blessing 
and Maddux adores him
The first thing Maddux asks when he wakes up from naps or in the morning 
is "Where is Holden"
He loves to kiss him, hold him and tickle his toes 
He is the best big brother our little Holden could ask for 

 Now Holden is 6 days old I can hardly believe it

Now time for the Picture over load :)

 This is the night before the induction
We decided to have a mommy, daddy and Maddux movie night just the 
3 of us
We watched Lion King in bed and snuggled 
I cried when we laid M down knowing it would be the last night it was just the 3 of us 
I love my Maddux so much 

 M playing on the swing at Ty's parents house 
We were there waiting for the call to go in to be induced
on Monday and Julie (Ty's mom)
was watching M for us
I cried again when we left him

 Last belly picture 1:00 pm right before being all hooked up 
I was so nervous I have never been induced before

All hooked up and starting the pitocin

 Right before they came in to break my water 1:30 pm

My cute Ty just waiting with me 
We watched some Friday night lights while we waited for 
Holden to come

Got my epidural when I was dilated to a 5
at 2:30 pm

About ready to push dilated to a 10 and all the way effaced 
Goodness I love epidurals

Two contractions worth of pushes and sweet baby Holden was here
5:09 pm

8 lbs 2 oz and 19.5 inches

This little man is just perfect 

Just snuggling my sweet boy 

My mom and dad were there just minutes after Holden was born
and brought Ty and I Sweet tooth fairy cupcakes 
My favorite!!!!

Grandpa Doug (my dad) holding Holden just minutes old

My sister Em and brothers Zach and Ammon 
surrounding Holden and giving him loves 
They are such fun aunt and uncles 
Holden is so lucky to have them

Me, Ty and Holden in the recovery Room

There is just something about a newborn 
that just really touches your heart
They are just full of the spirit fresh from heaven

My sweet Maddux meeting little brother Holden for the first time
Yes I am crying
It was the sweetest moment

My boys

First Family picture

Look at M's eyes
He is such a cutie

Our handsome bug
just a few hours old 

Visit from Grandma Julie and Grandpa Dave
Just hanging out playing on the Ipad :)
gotta keep him entertained

Grandma Julie, Grandpa Dave and Holden

Such a sweetheart

First bath after he fed he wasn't so sure of it 
this was at 1 in the morning we were all tired

He liked it once he is was in the water

Fresh and Clean

Time to get some sleep 
First night

Tuesday Grandma and Grandpa Kjat visiting while 
Ty and Maddux went home to take a nap

Wednesday morning I just had some mommy and Holden time
while Ty was at his first day of school and Maddux 
was with aunt Jess

All ready for the day and waiting for Ty to come and 
take us home on Wednesday after noon

Home at last 
Wednesday afternoon
Maddux loves to Hold Holden he asks all the time
I love their Big Brother/ Little Brother shirts awwww

M also loves to give him kisses 
He will just kiss him over and over 
it is the sweetest thing

Wednesday night in his little ducky jammies

Thursday wearing the outfit that grandma Julie and Grandpa Dave gave him
so cute and the pants have a little bull dog on the bum

Loves to hold him

Already trying to make him laugh 

I love the way he looks at Holden 

Playing with his little fingers 

Maddux still thinks the bouncer is his 
While I was feeding Holden Maddux got in the bouncer to watch TV
by us

Uncle Zachy holding Holden he was so excited to hold him
so cute 
Maddux was so excited for Zach to play with him too

Aunt Emmy and Holden 
My boys are so spoiled when it comes to such 
amazing family surrounding them 

My beautiful mama with her 8th grandbaby 

Thursday when Ty came home
He was gone from 7:30 am-5:30 pm 
Maddux was so happy to have him home
I missed him too
Thursdays are going to be my least favorite day this semester

Maddux enjoying an apple while I fed Holden

We decided it was time to get outside
it was such a nice day 
we even went for a little walk 
and tested out the double stroller 
it was perfect 
M loves his skateboard isn't he a stud 
Holden liked outside too he was so calm

Good morning little bug
Saturday morning all four of us snuggled in bed for a little bit 
before breakfast it was perfect 

Maddux watching Holden swing
I'm tellin ya he wont let our little bug out of his sight

Playing fire trucks at grandma Julies house
Our dryer isn't working right now so we went 
to Ty's parents to do some laundry

Sunday nap while the boys were at church and mama
was showering  ahhh it was blissful 
and doesn't he just look so peaceful

My boys side by side 
Best buds

My cousin Nikki, her little girl and my grandma and grandpa Jacobs 
came over today after church to meet our little bug

Grandpa Jacobs 

I am feeling very very blessed 
and thankful for my little family
and for all of our family and friends who have helped
and visited us this week 
Welcome to our family and the world little Holden Bug 


  1. What an amazing post - congrats to you and your lovely family! Your boys are adorable! xx

  2. Congrats! What a sweet time! BTW Your Mom looks so young!!!

    You have adorable boys! I think those first few days with a new baby are so precious, I miss them.


  3. He is adorable! congrats:)...I love your blog, You have so many fun projects.

  4. congrats congrats congrats to you my dear! so happy for you!



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