Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy One Month Holden Bug

Our Little Holden Bug is one month old already
as of Thursday September 20th
I seriously can't believe how fast this last month has gone
I feel like I was just at the hospital 
And here he is growing like a weed

He went to the Dr. at about 10 days old
He weighed 8lbs and 14 oz and was 20.5 inches 
He also got circumcised that day
and took it like a champ, he didn't even cry
He cried a little when they pricked his heal and 
got his blood samples 
But he was also hungry by that point so I think that is why

Here is a little bit about Holden at one month old

*He grunts all the time, but when he does cry
 he sounds like a little sad puppy
*He slept in our room for about two weeks, 
but we moved him to a port-a-crib in another room 
and everyone is sleeping better that way he wont go
 in his crib in Maddux's room until he is sleeping through the night
*He sneezes a lot
*He is always getting the hiccups 
*He very rarely spits up
*He is a little fussy at awake time 
*He loves to be cuddled and we love cuddling him

*He loves to sleep and snuggle his daddy, Sometimes Ty is the only
one that can calm him down
*Patting him bum or back also calms him down
*He his a pretty good sleeper just waking about 2 times a night now
*He is awake more during the day, but still sleeps a lot
*He naps good
*We are already training him to soothe himself so he sometimes cries 
himself to sleep, but it is usually only for 1-2 min and then he is 
sound asleep
*He loves the movement of the TV and always turns his head toward it
*Holden is starting to like his swing in the day

*He has become such a good little eater, he is nursing like a champ and 
is really quick which is nice for mama
*He has taken a bottle twice and took it really good when it was my milk
and did not like formula 
*He has very expressive eyebrows and always looks grumpy
*He looks like a little old man
*He was born with tons of hair but now he is balding in the front 
and on one side...so sad...but he still has a ton of dark hair in the back
He has a little baby mullet (love it haha)

*He likes the car most of the time and it puts him right to sleep
*He has already been on two road trips to St. George and did great
both times in the car and when we were there
*He likes to be swaddled in a blanket but doesn't like the swaddler 
because he likes to have his right arm out and the left one wrapped up
*Holden is not shy about his toots and when know when he has gone poop
because of this which is kinda nice
*He is a very loud eater as well, he gulps and gulps really loud and fast

*Holden has had such a strong neck from the moment he was born
and is always lifting up his head
*He is indifferent about his binky right now sometimes he will take it
and sometimes he hates it
*He has long beautiful eyelashes like his brother and daddy
*He falls asleep in the shopping cart 
*When he is unwrapped he kicks his legs like crazy and wiggles around

*Holden is wearing size one diapers
*He can fit into some newborn clothes but is already starting to fit
into 0-3 month clothes really well
*He has a cute double chin and chunky thighs and rolls on his arms
We love it
*He has the cutest little feet and toes and I am always kissing them
*He is very patient with Maddux smothering him and kissing him all the time

*He loves to shower with us and is still not sure about baths
*He has already had two poop explosions up the back
*He is a really good burper most of the time
*He gets boogey eyes a lot which is so sad
*He looks like Maddux and Daddy but has mommy's chin
**We love love love to have his sweet little spirit in our home
We are all obsessed with him including his big brother Maddux
Maddux is always wanting to give him loves and kisses
*I feel so blessed to be Holden's mommy and that heavenly father trusted
me with raising my two adorable boys

We love you sweet little Bug!!!


  1. aw, he is SOOOO darling!!! are babies are so close. i just did embers one month post too...crazy how fast time goes by huh

  2. Lovely post - he is adorable! I have just over 5 weeks til my little guy makes his appearance! Can't wait, your list reminds me of all the lovely things newborns do!

    Take care and enjoy him, Estelle xx

  3. How cute! You can't really tell just how tiny he is until you put him beside his cutie blonde brother. Enjoy that sweet family, Whit!



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