Friday, September 28, 2012

This Weeks Pinterest Loves #23

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Today is Friday and Friday around these parts means.... 
This Weeks Pinterest Loves 
at A mommy's life...with a touch of Yellow
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Pretty much about every other Friday or at least one Friday a month
I get a collection of my favorites from pinterest and share them with you
and this week is week #23

Sit back, Relax and enjoy

Aren't these absolutely beautiful!
I am so in love with the distressed look and those
beautiful matte colors
Yes it is a must I am making some
for my home decor
Now there isn't a tutorial on these because they are from an etsy shop
But I am thinking I am going to whip one up for you guys
so you can make some of these too
What do you think?
Is that something you would like?
Source: Beach Blues Etsy Shop
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My little Maddux is almost 2 1/2 and it is time
to start thinking about potty training
He is finally starting to get more interested in the potty
which I think is a very good sign
I really love this article it has some great tips
on potty training and I need all the tips I can get
since this will be a first for me
Here is to potty training and not having
two kids in diapers at the same time anymore
When did your little boys get potty trained?
I heard boys are usually older than girls is this true?
Source: Doman Mom
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I don't know about you but homemade caramels are my favorite treat
They remind me of the fall and holiday months
I have never actually made my own before
so I am excited to try out this recipe
and maybe give them out to neighbors this year
Source: I Heart Nap Time
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This outfit is so simple yet I am kinda in love with it
I really love the denim shirt trend right now
and the leggings and flats just bring this
omfy stylish look all together
Now I just need to find me a denim shirt
Where did you find yours?
Source: Unknown
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Have you ever heard of Ana White?
If not you have to go and check her out right NOW!
She is amazing.
She makes her own furniture and then shows you how
She has plans fr just about everything
I haven't ever made any of her pieces yet
but I am really hoping to make this beauty soon
What do ya say hubby?
Ready to help tackle this project next spring????
Source: Ana White
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I have been meaning to make a cute book for
Maddux to look at during sacrament meeting and at home
that can help teach him about the gospel
and then I found this Gospel ABC strapbook and it is
I am excited to make one
She also has a printable version which makes this even easier
for all of us
She does all the work and we get to enjoy
Source: Oopsey Daisy
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 I am so excited to try this out
Have you heard of this already and I have just been left out in the dark?
come on people you have to share this awesome stuff!
It is a website that you take your instagram pics and
they turn them into magnets for you
You get 9 different instagram pic magnets for $14.99
I think this would be so cute to
have pics of my boys and me and my honey on the fridge
the boys would love it too
Also this could be a cool gift
Oh and there is free shipping
Hello that is AWESOME
 Source: Stickygram
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I am so excited I found this tutorial
We have a used baby rocker that we got for free
but it is in desperate need of recovering
but I just didn't know how to do it
so here we go
time to follow this tutorial and get to work
I love the zebra print but I will be picking
something more masculine since I have boys :)
 Source: Lil Blue Boo
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Super cute printable
go check it out
I will be printing this out and placing
in my home this October for sure
 Source: Lovely Little Snippets
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So my hair is about this length
and I am loving this style
So pretty
I think I will try it and if I fail
I might need one of my cute hairstyle friends
to help me out cuz I kinda love it
I also wish I could do my makeup like that
Hailey? :)
 Source: Google
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