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{Day 14} My Favorite Leg Exercises

{Day 14}

New here? Make sure to check out day 1  and my introduction to my 
31 day of Health and Exercise series for the month of October
Thank you for reading and coming along with journey with me
I hope to inspire and motivate you through this series 

Today I am going to talk about working out your LEGS
I really like to workout my legs
 There is just something about it that makes me feel STRONG
I think I like to workout my legs because I feel like they need the most work
You see I was a gymnast and even though I had buff legs 
I had the thunder thigh type buff legs which was great then
since they were pure muscle BUT
I am not diggin the thunder thighs anymore
I want more toned and skinny thighs 
I want to have the gap between them
So I have been trying to get those thighs in better shape 
Say NO to Thunder Thighs 

I do a lot of different leg workouts I like to mix it up 
so I don't get bored with just one
This is one of the leg workouts 
that I felt like worked really good for me
I was fillin the burn

 30 squats
 I love the good ol regular squat 
it gives my legs such a good burn
I also sometimes have a weight bar behind my head to add some resistance
Start standing up 
and squat down keeping your back in a good line
and your knees behind your toes
making sure to sit back a little 
Do them slow and squeeze your legs and tummy

20 lunges (on each leg)
 start standing up 
and put one leg out in front
with your body straight up and down
and your front knee staying behind your toe
lunge down and go back up straightening your legs 
continue until you get to 20
then switch legs 
You want to make sure you are going up and down
not so much forward

30 tuck jumps
 These are one of my favorite leg exercises
I got it from the workout DVDs Insanity
Thank you Shaun T
start with your legs apart in a squat 
and jump up front your squat tucking your knees 
so they meet up with your hand
like shown in the picture above
Make sure to jump from the squat position
and to land back in the squat position to be ready for the next one

20 (double count) jump lunges
 This is just a twist on the lunges
start in the lunge position we talked about above
jump up with your feet together at the top and
switch legs into the opposite lunge 
This will keep your lunge in the up and down motion 
Keep your back straight 
and push yourself
get as high as you can

20 (double count) low mountain climbers
 start in the high plank position 
then you are going to bend one knee bringing it your your chest 
and your foot on the floor
switch feet until you have done 20 on each leg 
Keep your back straight
and your bum tight
No bums in the air girl

30 jump squats 
 it pretty much describes itself
you are going to do your squat jump up
as high as you can pushing off your toes and land
back into the squat position lightly 

50 abduction machine
 These next two machines are my very favorite
if you don't already do them you have got to try them out
The hip abduction is the one that your legs 
go inside the pads and you push your legs out
against the weight 

50 adduction machine
 This one you sit with your legs on the outside of the pads
and you push your legs inward toward each other 
against the weight
These are amazing 
and will hopefully get my inner thighs the way I want them eventually

20  (each leg) Step ups
Go to the weight benches
or to a step stool and you are going to put one foot
on the bench and step up
using your leg muscles to get all the way up 
then step down and continue 
until you get 20 on each leg

1 minute Wall sits X2
 These bad boys work wonders I tell you
This will give you that burn you are looking for
go against any wall and sit like you are sitting a chair
with your back against the wall
and your legs bent to at least a 90 degree angle 
hold for one minute without putting your hands on your legs
the best way to do this is to put them to your sits
touching the wall 
or hold a weight out in front of you 

 10 Straight Leg Dead Lift
These will work the back of your legs
 Keep your legs pretty straight (shoulder width apart) 
the whole time but don't lock your knees
 Bend until you feel the back of your leg being stretched
Then stand up with a straight back the whole time

15 Frog Squats
place feet a little more than shoulder width apart
 point feet and knees slightly outward
 squat like picture 1 
 lift hips up like picture 2 
then lower back to starting position (picture1)

100 calf raises 
20 regular
20 toes in 
20 regular
20 toes out
20 regular 
make sure to do them slow 
and to do them all the way down and
up as high as you can go
feel the burn and work through it

Last but not least
running is an amazing leg workout
Running is so amazing for the whole body
Just do it!

So this week I CHALLENGE you to try some of these leg workouts 
You could be hooked   

Come back tomorrow for another Health and Exercise Tip
And make sure to check out the previous posts of this series HERE
You don't want to miss anything :)

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