Thursday, October 18, 2012

{Day 18} Favorite Health and Exercise Apps

{Day 18}

New here? Make sure to check out day 1  and my introduction to my 
31 day of Health and Exercise series for the month of October
Thank you for reading and coming along with journey with me
I hope to inspire and motivate you through this series 

Today I am going to talk about some of the apps that I like to use on my phone
and/or tablet to help me with working out, eating healthy and keeping track of it all

Run keeper 

with this App you can track the time, distance, speed, pace, calories, and path on a map for your fitness activities using your GPS on your phone

Myfitness Pal

Whenever you read about healthy living or weight loss, one of the things most often suggested is food tracking Study after study has confirmed the benefits of keeping track of the food you eat and the activity you do. It's simple - the more consistently you track your food intake, the more likely you are to lose weight. That's why every successful weight management program suggests that you keep a food diary and/or an activity log.At MyFitnessPal, they focus on making sure you can log your meals as quickly and easily as possible. Because the easier it is , the more likely you are to stay on track, and the more likely you are to succeed in your weight loss goals.
  It has a food database with over 1.1 million foods that is easily searchable and available offline. It incorporates a bar code scanner for when you are shopping, and it can remember your favorite foods and save entire meals. It can track your progress and compare it with your friends. Additionally, it has over 350 exercises for cardio and strength training.

Instant Heart rate pro

 For tracking just how much fat your body is burning, I recommend  Instant Heart Rate. It shows your heart rate measurements, a real-time PPG graph and your heart-rate history
Crossfit travel

 If  you spend some time on the road for work or just for fun this is a great app for you. Time on the road means time for you to forget about your workout. CrossFit Travel comes to the rescue with an impressive list of exercises that can be done in a hotel room or other small space.
This is also just good for those of you that just have a hard time finding time to
get your workout in and can use this app to do some amazing workouts in your own
home while the kids nap, or just whenever you can find the time. 


 Here's a bodybuilding app for the muscle-bound. JEFIT Pro is a highly-rated app to help you track your progress, time your workouts, and beat your own records, all without the hassle of pen or paper.

Fast food calorie counter

  Even when you’re trying to watch your weight, it’s sometimes impossible to resist the allure of fast food. Whether you’re in a hurry or have a sudden craving for a Frosty, this app can help you minimize your fast food fried snacks. The app tracks and serves data for almost 9,000 items from 72 fast food restaurants. Data includes calories, fat grams, fiber, carbs and protein. The free version is Fast Food Calorie Counter Lite.

Workout trainer 
Your coaches guide you through exercises with timed, step-by-step audio, photo and video instructions -- complete with encouragement! Whether you’re doing bodyweight workouts at home or lifting weights at the gym, Workout Trainer will help you get fit with 1000's of free workouts. You can also choose your area of focus and use it to get a six pack, lose weight, improve your running, practice yoga and more.Workout Trainer is ideal for people who want to get in shape without using any exercise equipment. Also great for those who enjoy Tabata, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), timed workouts and CrossFi. There are instructional photos and videos that explain each move in detail.

Daily Workouts FREE

I love these apps they have one for pretty much every target area including
Butt, abs, arms, legs, cardio and ball daily workouts
Daily workouts provide great 5 to 30 minute daily workout routines for men and women that step you through some of the best exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.
These provide exercises, demonstrated by a certified personal trainer and target all major muscles. Spending minutes a day can strengthen and tone your body.

I CHALLENGE you to download and try at least one of these awesome FREE apps
on your phone or itouch or tablet

 Come back tomorrow for another Health and Exercise Tip
And make sure to check out the previous posts of this series HERE
You don't want to miss anything :)


  1. Thanks for all the great tips so far! I had no idea you could get your heart rate from your phone.

    1. your welcome thank you for reading and for the support. I hope you check out these apps they are amazing. The heart rate one is so cool

  2. Really Nice Work and i would like to thank you for sharing. I really need for this type of apps..

    Health Club



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