Monday, October 1, 2012

Dear October

Welcome October! 
You are my very favorite month every year for many reasons
 Here are the things that I am looking forward to
 and am excited for and cannot wait for this October!

#1. Decorating for Halloween-
 I started getting all the Fall and Halloween
Decorations up on Saturday and will be finishing them up this week
I love it! Maddux is scared of half of it haha

#2. Hubby's Fall Break- 
At the U Ty gets a Week long Fall Break
in October this year it is Oct. 8-12th
and even though he will be busy working on a paper
I plan to spend lots of time with him and
my other two boys, playing, snuggling and just being together

 #3. 31 days of Health and Exercise-
This October I will be writing 31 days worth of posts
about Health and Exercise full of tips, tricks, recipes
and workouts
Make sure to come back every day to see
what I talk about that day
See Day 1 post below or HERE
#4. My Birthday- October 20th
October is my birthday month so of course it is my favorite
I LOVE my birthday
I am like a little kid and count down the days
every year and I swear it is even more fun
now that I get to spend it with an amazing hubby
and my little boys 

#5. General Conference-
I look forward to general conference every
April and October and I think there is a reason it is twice a year
But the time it comes around I am always in need of
some spiritual words and up lifting
I am so excited to hear our prophet speak this weekend
To learn more about my faith go HERE

 #6. Vampire Diaries
Do you watch Vampire Diaries?
I do and can I just tell you how amazing and addicting it is
 I started watching it on netflix the beginning of this year
and can't wait for the new season to start this month
Who else watches this out there???

#7. Holden's blessing
Sunday October 14th we will be blessing our sweet little Holden
I am so excited for his special day
and to spend time with our family and friends 

#8. Running Scared 5k-
I signed up for this fun race it will be October 27th
Its a 5k or 10k and they encourage you to dress up to run it
I am super excited and it has fun family activities afterwards
What should I run as? A Pirate????
To win a FREE entry into this race go enter my giveaway going
on right now HERE

#9. Halloween
 I am in love with Halloween and cannot wait for the actual day
Getting dressed up and trick or treating with my two little guys
We are still deciding between two different themes for costumes
But it will be so cute either way

#10. Bangs cut- Nice little change
 Today I will be visiting my cute friend Nat (in this pic with me)
to see her adorable newborn little boy and
she will be pampering me with waxing my eyebrows,
and cutting my bangs like the picture above
I needed a change
so this is what I am doing
Fun right?! I'm Excited anyway!

#11. Fall Weather-
I am in love with summer
but I also LOVE fall
it is so beautiful and the weather is perfect for
outdoor activities without burning up

#12. Fall fashion-
So excited to break out my fall clothes,
full of leggings, tunics, scarves, cardigans, Boots,
hoodies and sweats  

#13. Days at the park and the zoo
Fall is the perfect time to go to the park and zoo
the weather is beautiful, the slides don't burn the children
\anymore, and at the zoo the animals are much more active
We will be headed to the zoo for sure a lot this summer including
during fall break and maybe for my birthday :)
We have a pass so we go a lot
if you wan to come just hit me up :)

#14. Boots
I am so excited to get out my boots
I have black ones, tan, brown and I am thinking
I need some grey ones for my birthday...yes????

 #15. Lagoon 
We might be going to Lagoon Frightmares
this month. I was pregnant the last two times we went to lagoon
this summer so I wasn't able to ride anything so
this will be a fun date to hang out with hubby and ride my favorite ride wicked
over and over :)

#16. Halloween festivities:
crafts, black island farms, pumpkin carving,
gardner village, corn mazes
And everything inbetween
I LOVE this month

What will you be doing in October this year?


  1. Ah! I'm so excited for Vampire Diaries! This post just reminded me that its on this week!

  2. October is one of my favorite months!! I cannot wait for all things fall :)

  3. So funny, we are so meant to be friends! This is so similar to my things that I am looking forward to in October. Bring on TVD!!!



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