Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Holden's Blessing Day

 Holden was blessed on Sunday October 14th and the day couldn't have been more beautiful
Holden was blessed by his daddy with the sweetest words 
It was amazing to hear and the spirit was so strong 
I was reminded of my testimony of the gospel, of eternal families
I was also reminded of how blessed I am to be a mother to these
two amazing boys and am so grateful for the spirit they bring into our home
I love them soooo much and I was so excited to celebrate our little Holden
After the meeting everyone came back to our place for some lunch
in the backyard, the weather was beautiful, the food was delicious and 
the company was the best filled with people that love our little Holden so much

Picture overload warning....

  My friend Amber's baby Brynn was blessed the same day as Holden 
in the same ward
They are soul mates :)

 The blessing circle

 My dad, Ty, Ty's dad

 My grandpa, Ty and his grandpa

 Our attempt at a family picture 
Holden was so tired, and Maddux would not put those dang drum sticks down
and just wanted to play with his cousins
so this is what we got haha

 4 generations: Holden, Ty, Ty's dad and grandma
H is NOT happy 
Poor little man after pictures he fell asleep in my mom's arms 
for about an hour while we talked it was precious 

Isn't he is so handsome in his little blessing outfit

 Love the hat
The shoes were Ty's when he was blessed
Cute huh

 Brotherly love

 Haha best big brother ever
He was so funny we said smile big for a picture 
and he put it hand in his pockets and gave us this precious cheeser 

My heart is so full of love for you sweet little Holden
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  1. His outfit is precious! Where did you find it?

    1. We got it at Sundays child in Cottonwood Heights, Utah it is in SLC in a strip mall at about highland drive and 7200 S. They had good prices and a lot of other really fun baby and toddler stuff there.

  2. I love blessing days! What adorable boys you have.

    1. I know aren't they just so happy :) It was perfect. Thank you I tink they are pretty adorable too :) I am going to go and check out your blog thank you for leaving it for me



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