Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Letters 11-16-12

Dear Friday, 
I have been waiting and looking forward to you all week
Although it has been a really good week 
I am always excited for the weekend whether we have plans or 
are just snuggling on the couch and playing with our boys all weekend
I love spending time with my Ty and the boys love it too 

Dear Carters,
Thank you for having adorable clothes and for 
making it possible to have my babies match :)
I love that you have some items in toddler and infant sizes that are the same
It makes this mom very happy 
not to mention your amazing prices and sales
Whoever said boys aren't fun to dress clearly has not had a little boy

Dear Maddux,
You melt my heart
You are the best big bother and Holden is so lucky to have you in his life 
I love to see the way you interact with him, the way you are so protective of him,
the way you look at him, the way your face lights up when he wakes up from his nap 
I love that you told me this week that Holden is your best Friend 
you really know just what to say to pull at your mamas heart 
You make me laugh every single day and there is never a dull moment with 
your shining personality in our home 
You are fun to play with
Your imagination is amazing and I love to watch you play pretend 
I love you and I am so glad we get to spend so much time together

Dear Holden,
You have the sweetest most precious little face I have ever seen
The way you look at me when I talk to you is amazing
I love to watch you smile t and watch your big brothers every move
I love to snuggle you tight all day long
I love to take care of you
I love your smile, it brightens up every day
I can't believe you are almost 3 months old 
Where has the time gone you are getting big so fast 
and are interacting more and more everyday 
You are such a good baby 
I love you my sweet Holden and am so lucky to be home with you

Dear Tyler,
You are my rock 
my love my best friend 
I just want you to know that and that you are appriciated 
thank you for all you do for our family, thank you for taking care of 
me when I have a cold, when I get hurt, or when I am just sad
Thank you for watching the boys by yourself when I need some me time
thank you for being an amazing daddy to our little boys
thank you for working so hard in school 
thank you for supporting me and my blog
thank you for believing in me

Dear H&M,
I kinda love your guts 
Thank you for the amazing deal on the black skinnies 
and amazingly cute striped top 
Thank you for the 40% off coupon I used it on both
items of clothing here I just had to go back the next day to use another one :)
So worth it!
I got this outfit for only $15.00 ok maybe $15.50 with tax 
Skinnies w/coupon: $6.38
Shirt w/ coupon: $9 
Hope to see more of you this holiday season and feel free
to send me some more coupons that was fun!

Dear Hostess,
I am so so sad that you are going away
No more twinkies, cupcakes, wonder bread, fruit filled pies 
ding dongs or ho hos 
My little boys will not have the joy of such yummy treats in their sack lunch
Ok so that was a bit dramatic but really I am going to miss you
So in honor of you I will be indulging in one more pack of hostess cupcakes 
I feel like I should head to the store to get some more to freeze

Dear Friday mail, 
I am happy you brought me a few treasures today 
I love good mail 
Thank you for bringing me my new carseat canopy that I got for FREE
ok well I actually paid $15 on shipping but it was so worth it and that 
is such a good deal, It is cute, stylish, warm and the minky fabric alone 
is worth the $15 My Holden Thanks you too 
now he is able to stay nice and snuggly warm 
when we are out running errands this holiday season and winter 
Thank you Utah for sending me my new license 
no more temporary paper license for me
Weird I have been driving for 10 years 
Thank you DMV photographer dude for taking a decent picture of me
since I am stuck with this for five years :)

Dear Target,  
I LOVE you seriously I could live there and 
probably live off you just alone you have EVERYTHING
food, clothes, jewelry, home supplies, decor, office, cards, toys, electronics, 
accessories, books and so much more 
Thank you for these amazing Earrings and hat 
Well thank you Ty for buying them for me for my birthday
Thank you target for supplying them 
You made me feel quite cute this week 
Also thank you for having such great deals
that amazing hat was totally under $2 sweet huh

Dear Kneaders,
Thank you for having such delicious food
I was able have a lunch date there with my mom and a couple blog friends 
this week and let me just say it was so so yummy
 I have to contain myself and hold back going back everyday
Not to mention your cinnamon rolls and bread are to die for
now I just need to go back for your french toast sometime
I hear it is the best around

Dear Adorable Old Man, 
You totally made my day actually I take that back you made my week
You were so sweet and I just wanted to keep you 
 While I was at Kneaders this week this adorable old gentleman 
came up to me while I was waiting for my food
and told me him and his wife had been admiring my hat since I got there
and he just had to come and ask me where I got it 
and that I looked beautiful in it
I told him and he was back on his way to tell his adorable wife
I just wanted to hug him especially cuz it took him about 20 min to get to me
and back to his table
so so sweet

Dear Eighteen25,
Thank you so much for this Christmas planner idea
I am loving mine so far this year and I 
will be making a new one every year
It was so much fun to make 
To see how I made mine and the inside come back 
it will be on the blog soon :)

Dear Christmas Season,
I am so excited you are right around the corner 
I cannot wait to finish putting up the rest of the Christmas decor next week
I couldn't help myself and just had to put up the Christmas lights in the windows 
Yup I put them up and they are on before thanksgiving 
Don't be hatin 
Aren't they pretty
Maddux told me they were beautiful :)
I have to agree

Dear Twilight Saga,
I cannot believe you are complete 
It is kinda sad but very exciting all at the same time
Although I did not make it to the last one yet 
I have gone to many midnight showings in the past and they were so much fun
such good memories and I cannot wait to go and see the last one 
Hopefully this weekend 

Dear Garage Stairs,
I don't know how you did it but you tricked me yesterday 
and now I am paying the price for it 
I thought I was on the last stair but was very mistaken and biffed it onto 
the cement bare foot landing with all my weight with my toes curled under 
ouch My foot is killing me 
Like throbbing, can barely walk, cant bend my toes, tears in my eyes, 
crying, ice pack type of pain 
Please heal soon, please don't be serious and 
please pain go away

Dear Walking Dead,
I have a love/hate relationship with you
But mostly LOVE
I am addicted
So I hate you because you are so intense and sometimes I just can't handle it
but at the same time have to know what is going on
So I cover my eyes but with my fingers open so I really see everything
Its not the gor that bothers me its just the chase
and I just get so stressed out when characters I like are getting attached
stressful I am like sweating every episode
But really I love you it is such a good story line
and it sucks you in
We are half way through the second season so no one spoil it
If you want to watch it it is on Netflix 

Dear Brooke's Chicken,
I LOVE you, my family loves you and hopefully
tonight our friends will love you
This is the BEST marinaded chicken I think I have ever had
We love to make it for get togethers and parties
and every time we do we get tons of compliments and everyone is asking for the recipe
so if you would like it go to my sister in law
s blog All Things Thrifty and tell
her thank you for sharing
I am so excited to be having friends over tonight and enjoying this for dinner

Dear Followers and Readers,
I am so so so excited to be announcing a super fun 
giveaway to tell you thank you!
You my readers and followers I want to thank you for your support 
I am only 11 away from 500 followers 
That is HUGE for me!!!
Once I hit that 500 mark I have some exciting things to give away 
15+ items which means 15+ winners 
and multiple chances to enter 
Above is a sneak peak of a few of things I will be giving away
Are you excited???
Do you follow me?
If you don't make sure to do so on my side bar 
so I can get this giveaway going 
not to mention you will have one of the steps of entering complete 

I am so thankful for you my readers. You make me want to blog
You make me want to create 
I have had such fun opportunities to meet some of you 
to meet other bloggers, to learn from you and I just hope you 
continue to read, enjoy, learn and connect with me through this blog

I sometimes have moments I feel like I should just stop blogging
that no one is reading or no one cares and then I get a comment 
or a message or email that makes me feel so blessed 
to have this blog to be able to share my experiences, 
my loves, my creations and to connect with so many amazing people I wouldn't have met otherwise
So thank you 
thank you for sticking with me and for being there when I needed you

Have a beautiful Friday and Weekend


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  1. Great letters today! I love that Ty told you that Holden was his best friend. Tug at the heart strings!!!! I heart your blog and congrats on almost 500 followers!




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